The random destruction of historic monuments, as a reaction to racism, is a growing threat to the nation’s history and its laws. Last week’s tantrum displayed by Raleigh protestors as they pulled down a Confederate statue was an example of the “heckler’s veto” which prevents public discussion. Sadly, the governor who should have stood against this childish destruction showed no courage or understanding of the pattern it is setting for future political and social discourse.

Friday night, Governor Cooper, failing to act either out of fear, disinterest or maybe political intent, allowed protestors to pull down bronze statues representing Confederate soldiers that have stood on the State Capitol grounds for over 100 years. One of the statues was hung, lynching style, from a light post after it was pulled from its base.

Cooper could have directed the Capitol Police, who work for his Department of Public Safety, to stop the mob tantrum. Instead he chose to stand silent, similar to the very statues being removed.

Saturday, Governor Cooper ordered the remaining three Confederate monuments removed from the Capitol grounds. He did so contrary to state law which requires approval from the state historical commission before any historic monuments can be moved. The reason given was for “public safety” since it was obvious the public was in a riotous mood.

Since that event the city of Greenville has removed a Confederate monument from the city’s courthouse square. In contrast to the removals of the monuments in Raleigh, done during daylight hours, Greenville leaders chose to do the removal between midnight and 5 a.m. Monday- a time frame that would “not interrupt activities” at the courthouse according to officials.

For the past ten years the governor and public leaders have expressed concern about bullying in our schools but now it is being accepted and in some cases actually promoted by political leaders as rioters tear down public displays and commandeer whole communities such as in Seattle, Washington. So are we to assume the concerns for civility are only important for children?

What does all of this get us? How do any of these actions improve the situation? None of these questions has been asked and as a result no answers provided. But the events of the past month show an anarchist movement begging for attention from political and community leaders. Attention that is woefully lacking.

The removal of statues has gotten to the point of comical. Now the famous statue of Theodore Roosevelt in the front of the Museum of Natural History in New York City is being removed because it is an example of imperialism. The fact that he led to the establishment of this renowned museum or that he is credited with the national park system, and of course was our 26th president is of no importance. Imagery and the subsequent assumptions of victimhood (the Roosevelt statue shows him sitting astride a horse with a Native American and African American standing on either side) are what count.

Another absurdity is the attack on the statue in London, England of Sir Winston Churchill who is arguably the greatest statesman of the 20th Century for his stand against Nazi Germany. Ironically his detractors describe him as a fascist as well as an imperialist.

All of this is an indication that there really is no focus on the supposed issues of racism. The anarchists are simply pushing community and government leaders to find the stopping point. The efforts began unofficially in 2011 with the “Occupy Wall Street” movement when protestors occupied and befouled Zuccotti Park in downtown New York City for two months. The occupiers were eventually dispersed by police in riot gear, at the direction of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but the effort successfully proved that anarchism would be tolerated

The assumption that this childish and destructive behavior will soon go away is wrong. On the contrary bullies are emboldened by cowardly reticence. Just as a child will continue to “act-out” and in the process become incorrigible, so too will these rioters who are disingenuously promoting themselves as peaceful protestors.

There is no question that social, economic and cultural changes are occurring. What is being questioned is who is really providing leadership in these difficult times. For sure we have one leader, Governor Cooper, who is standing silent as he did during the riots on the State Capitol. The question to be answered is why?

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David Collins

Convinced that this total lack of action and ignoring established laws by Cooper is all about creating havoc , which in turn makes President Trump look bad . All the while hoping that he will over react and give food to the Democrats for more endless criticism . We were warned that things will get nasty . Have a feeling we ain’t seen nothing yet , as they say .


Elections have consequences! We need to vote into office law and order candidates. Without the rule of law all is lost.

David Collins

Here is an interesting tidbit . Was reported that our very own Gov. Roy Cooper’s great great grandfather in Nash County , NC owned dozens of slaves . The Governor’s ancestral home is located there as well . Could a bit of ancestral guilt be in play here ? You know , don’t rock the boat , don’t rock the boat baby and so on . Life can be stranger than fiction , at times .


Cooper is a windsock politician if ever there was one. He wants to be praised by the mob for taking the statues down, but he didn't have the guts to act sooner. He took his photo op with the mob during his two block stroll around his mansion under the close protection of heavily armed law enforcement, while approving of the mob's demands to "defund the police" because they are all racists.

If only he would return the contentious statues to the party who installed them!

He knows how to contact them.


Governor Cooper is a Tyrant.


Civil War II is closer than you might think.


If participants in the destruction if the Confederate statues were held financially accountable, and/or had to pay for their removal, their actions would probably take a different route. Some protest because it gives them something to do. Some protest because their peers are protesting so I actually do not think the protests are about racism - it's about the enjoyment of protesting and watching their drama flash across the news. Why have the historical commission if the governor and others won't adhere to the commission's rules? I suspect Carteret is Corrupt is correct - there will be Civil War II. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the continual nonsense taking place in our country.

David Collins

Strongly suspect this is all about politics . Where does the money come from to support all these anarchists ? Anarchists are expensive . There is food , lodging , medical bills , bail money and or fines to pay , cost of anarchist equipment , you know , bricks , stones , glass bottles with gasoline and we all know that no anarchists worth his or her salt would not be with out Molotov Cocktails . How about travel to and from the various cities of least resistance ? That’s not cheap . Where do the long chains and cargo straps come from ? Who is providing the industrial quality fireworks . Everybody participating has a state of the art I-Phone with plenty of data space loaded in . These idiots do not work , they either are trust fund babies or paid for what they do . This whole thing is not about BLM any more , never was . This is sponsored terrorism . Terrorism that is well thought out and funded .

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