North Carolina’s dismal implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination program is further proof of Governor Cooper’s poor leadership as the state reels from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The recent disclosure of the state’s poor response in providing vaccinations statewide should spur the legislature to review the state’s Emergency Management Act and become more involved in crisis situations.

As of Monday, North Carolina had administrated 966 vaccinations per 100,000 people which, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ranked the state as the sixth lowest in the country in the process of vaccinations.

Responding to this recent ranking the governor mobilized the state’s National Guard to assist in distribution and in some cases the administration of the vaccine. The program is short on details which the public should know.

The question that needs to be answered is why is the state so ill-prepared to implement a statewide vaccination program?

In October last year, the governor’s COVID-19 Vaccination Planning Team created a 140-page document detailing all aspects of implementation of a vaccination program once the vaccines arrived. The plan included five “guiding principles” assuring equitable access to vaccines; planning and distribution which would engage state and local government utilizing public and private partners; transparent and frequent public communications; tracking guidelines to assure equitable access and to track progress; and then finally “appropriate stewardship of resources and continuous evaluation…” Yet we learned this week that the state is very tardy in delivering the needed vaccines to such a degree that the governor is mobilizing the state’s National Guard.

We have noted in the past that Governor Cooper lacks awareness of the impacts of his mandates. Now he has proven he lacks strong leadership in implementation of program developed by his teams.

Last summer his lack of decisive leadership left the state school system in total disarray. He announced that he would determine the procedures for opening public schools by July 15 but delayed the announcement until the end of the month. This delayed decision left local school boards and administrators scrambling to meet his last-minute mandates with only three weeks before the state schools were required to open. The result was confusion for parents, teachers and administrators and a totally unsatisfactory educational experience for students.

Adding to his indecisiveness, Cooper has shown a lack of empathy for those businesses seriously, and in some cases terminally, damaged by his cavalier mandates that he initiated under the state’s Emergency Management Act. He has consistently initiated restrictions without any discussion with the Council of State, as required in the act, and with little to no participation with the legislature.

Wednesday he announced his decision to maintain until Jan. 29 his “modified phase 3” mandate that he initiated Dec. 8 and was to expire Jan. 8. That mandate sets a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew for residents statewide and requires restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, personal care businesses and more to close at that time as well.

As the state’s small businesses struggle to survive under the governor’s draconian mandates, we now learn that the state’s vaccination process is one of the lowest performing programs in the country. As already noted, a special task force had already established plans and procedures that included transparency and regular evaluation which obviously did not happen at the outset and, we question if in fact it is happening now.

It is incumbent upon the N.C. General Assembly, as it begins the long legislative session in a few weeks, to address the Emergency Management Act which the governor has abused. He, along with the Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen, Director of the state’s Department of Health and Human Services, continue to set mandates and now direct vaccination programs without any accountability to the legislature or the Council of State, which is contrary to the act.

The legislature’s participation and oversight in future statewide crises involving implementation of the act, as with the current pandemic, is critical for the physical and economic health of the state.

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Hes a tin pot troll, who needs to be removed.


Get up a petition....I'll sign it.


Time to impeach him. Or recall. That would work.


Not to worry Coop, President-elect Biden reportedly said his team pledged to administer 100 million Covid vaccines in his first 100 days in office.

I’m guessing it won’t happen, but hope it does. Could be one of his first failures in office, that and the $2k stimulus. Time will tell.


In case Gov Coop missewd this:

Transmission of the COVID-19 virus has been “extremely limited” in public schools that have reopened in North Carolina, a team of researchers from Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill have found.

A new study published this week says only a handful of coronavirus cases can be traced to schools, and no children were found to have transmitted the virus to adults.

morehood city res

i am sure Lt. dan would have done much better right. i am voting for one of you guys next election. please run. thanks


The New lt gov's bio is only lacking loretta Lynn wailing in the background. I am sure he will get the backing of our fine local citizens who find fault with Cooper.


You folks been had. (sometimes continuing to do the same thing, ie: elections , and expecting a different outcome , which is what we all do from time to time, is called INSANE) According to every Psychologist on the planet. [sleeping]


The Gov seems short on smarts. But he is only the handle on the spear. The bureaucrats who do his bidding are the problem - they are at the hurtful tip. We need to demand these paper tigers respect the Constitution and oath or be fired. We need some legislation to grease the skid and make this happen and happen quickly.


I just saw new numbers on the Covid vaccine in NC. We have received 649,150 doses and have administered 178,136 doses. Only used 27 percent of doses available for North Carolinians.

We are 7th from the bottom of all states in administering the vaccine.

This is on you Dr Mandy…..and your boss.


Its simply meant to sew division there jeep. This is not 'mandatory' therefore, there are some who would love to get it, and those who simply do not, thereby conflicting with the public in an already hated contempt for a short lived flu. Also, alot of the folks in the know on the CDC have in fact done podcasts explaining the logic behind the case numbers, vs the sick, and the actual death count. Best i can tell, its way overblown , in cases because they are actively trying to track EVERY INDIVIDUAL IN AMERICA THAT HAS IT . Now, the main issue with the cdc is that every state has different rules and regs on healthcare, etc. This was helpful to me, 10 min clip on someone actually looking at the covid


Apparently we have an abundance of Covid vaccines in NC.

Why can’t we use the empty Kmart building to administer Covid vaccines.

Set up an assembly line and get ‘er done.

It’s a huge building with plenty of room for social distancing. Could probably knock out at least 500 vaccines per day.


This small clip , would appear to me that the actual folks investigating this are actually trying to link this to the original SARS? (without saying so much) You can watch, bout 8 mins. , but somewhat helpful....


Very interesting video.....did you die From Covid or did you die With Covid?

Thanks for sharing.

David Collins

All about the money mp , all about the money .


Seems to me that Trump set up a Covid-19 task force. Then dismantled it, sorta, kinda. Then said the virus was short term. Then he got it. Recovered with the help of medicine (science, imagine that), but then it did not interest him and he moved on leaving every American for themselves. What a guy. So spread the blame, but it starts at the top and Trump is now sinking...think he was heard saying..."ARRRRRGH! — ...LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE! I'm MELTING! Melting! Oh — what a world, what a world! Who would have thought (the American voters) could destroy my beautiful wickedness?! ARRRRRGH! I'm gone! I'm gone! I'm going!...


All he did was get ALL AMERICANS and more including ALL those haters like yourself a vaccine in record time saving who knows how many lives may be including your own. What a guy indeed.


No, money and science got the world vaccines. Trump was not even a factor.


Of course not. Fauci collected all that brain power & govt $ he had left over from the CCP project & invited them all to his lab & he & they worked diligently 24/7 only going to an occasional baseball game. Were you there videotaping it all for fake news?


BTW, how scientists told you if could be done in less than a year & you believed them right?


Add "many" after "how".


The scientist or at least premier reseacher/medical expert extraordinaire Fauci promised you he would have a vaccine out in under a year while the president contradicted him and while the fair & balanced media lobbed softballs at the president and while Fauci & Leftist governors & mayors were trying to devise a way to open up their cities & the country for it's very sustainability/survivability. Is this true? Of course not no more than the lies Leftists have perpetrated & continuous told to try & make this president look bad no matter the stakes for their cities, states & the country. Rather, to make a point that they'd lie even when many lives depended on the truth & a reasonable degree of cooperation with the president. Highly immoral if not criminal conduct especially with nursing homes.

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