Democrats on the N.C. State Board of Education voted Thursday to drive a political agenda focused on social and cultural engineering designed to tear down America’s greatness with the intention of promoting a more globalist perspective. The result of this decision, combined with the current frustration with the state’s response to schooling during the pandemic, provides additional impetus for parents to consider educational alternatives for their children. (This is not an endeavor unique to North Carolina as George Will notes in his column appearing on the opposite page.)

Despite requests from over 30 thousand petitioners asking the board to delay and reassess a proposed major rewrite of the state’s social studies standards, the seven Democrat members voted to support the changes to be used in designing the state’s public schools curriculum. The five Republican members voted in opposition to the changes.

The dispute centered around terms such as “systemic racism,” “systemic discrimination” and a directive to “compare competing narratives of the historical development of the U.S. and North Carolina in terms of how each depicts race, women, tribes, identity, ability and religious groups.” The Democrat proponents defended their support on the grounds that it provides a more “honest” review of history while the Republican board members were concerned about the negative image it will create of the country’s history.

Republican board member Dr. Olivia Oxendine, a Lumbee Indian, acknowledged during a recent interview on the TalkStation WTKF/WJNC, that she supported disclosing the “warts of our history” but she expressed fear that the intense focus on just the country’s failures will overwhelm the successes that are unique to America.

Parents, students and even teachers are already frustrated with the state’s failure to address public education needs during the pandemic. Granted this has been unprecedented event. But because of Governor Cooper’s timid and confusing leadership, along with the absence of interest on the part of the State Board of Education and the Department of Public Instruction, there has been no progress in adjusting the system to create a viable public school program. This has resulted in declining public school enrollment.

A review of the state’s records for Average Daily Membership, the calculation used to determine public school attendance, shows declining enrollment statewide despite continued population growth. Comparing the 2013-14 in school participation to the 2018-19 numbers shows only 13 out of the state’s 100 counties reported increases in enrollment and 12 counties reported static numbers over that same period. Seventy-five counties, including Carteret, Craven and Jones experienced declining enrollments in the comparison of these two periods.

These numbers indicate that parents and students are already leaving the public school system to attend public charter schools, private schools and home schooling. Two of these alternatives are showing unprecedented growth.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, 18,800 N.C. families applied to operate home schools over the past 6 months. Charter school enrollment increased 8% to 109,389 students this year and that number has caught the attention of the State Board of Education. Applications for the creation of charter schools, currently at 184, is rapidly expanding according to Lindalyn Kakadelis, Executive Director of the Coalition for Charter Schools.

Thursday’s board of education decision will only serve to increase distrust in the state’s public school system and its leadership, resulting in further erosion of student enrollments in those schools.

One alternative for parents to gain control of their children’s education is to demand that local school boards ignore the state board’s dictates. But that effort has little chance of success since the state board will determine the standards required for graduation, so teachers will be forced to teach the new social studies curriculum.

The only other option for parents who are opposed to these curriculum changes bordering on political indoctrination is to begin now to determine if they will accept “cultural Marxism” as Mrs. Kakadelis describes the new standards, or will push to emphasize an education that celebrates America’s history of freedom and opportunity.

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Your county officials will do nothing about this. In point of fact, i have a theory , despite the party affiliation , their all in it , and sold the public sown the river, PROVE ME WRONG! [whistling]


sorry, meant Down the river. (anyhow, you folks get the picture)

Big Fat Drunk Republican

I agree with the editor.

We believe it’s okay to leave confederate statues up because that way we can teach our children about history and how it “should” have been.

Instead of teaching actual. History in school.

I mean, I mean why should we discuss Jim Crow laws and other national policies designed to

“Make America Great”

I like my racism hushed, did you hear me?

Let’s not discuss how white privilege evolved.

Instead let’s “Keep America Great!” I would hate for social studies to call our country out for past racism. After all we have statues to remind us, I mean teach us about our past.

If only those pesky liberals would stop making us move them from the twin square.


Please, do not approach a SCHOOL.[scared]

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Town square

Big Fat Drunk Republican

The editor is genius, genius with his Marxism quote.

I mean, I mean he for surely knows how systemic racism gained so much traction in the south after civil rights laws in the 60’s.

Calling civil rights and equality activist Marxist is nothing new. Nice nod to history!

Big Fat Drunk Republican

You see, the editors story is spot on, simply put parents need control.

I mean, if you want religion taught in school, you gotta take control of your child’s education at home.

If you don’t like science and it’s reality, take control if your child’s education at hone and teach them an alternate reality.

If you don’t like history being taught based on books and facts. Take control of your child’s education by heading out to the closest confederate statue and revise it how you like.

Taking control of your child’s education is the best way to indoctrinate them to your households views. We are watching the world change, not just our nation. We are not in the world alone, just as you have neighbors in your neighborhood, city, county, state, country, continent, world and planet.

School has to be taught with a basic set of facts and rules. It helps when society is on the same page to the basics.

If you have a problem with the basics in society as a whole when it comes to race, science and history, then you may want to take control of your child’s education and begin the indoctrination process. No need to let them soak in knowledge and decide what sits on their belly right.

I mean, I mean we gotta look at it like this, we can’t be wrong. School agrees with us, Media agrees with us, elections are fair and we agree with them,

The scientific community agrees with us and we agree with them.

Wait a minute, now I’m confused. Are we for America or against?

I’ve gone off the rails. How can I agree with elections, media, science, school and racial equality and call myself a republican in today’s political climate, I’ve gotta get myself straight here.


Right on. and a third politicalparty in the middle would not be a bad thing for us unwashed masses. Local control of public schools is the best way to rid ourselves of PC and Zero Tolerance agendas.


You are 100% correct, dead.

My wife and I have started a Private School Savings Account for our 4 month old granddaughter. I'll teach her all she needs to know about systemic racism and not the Colin Kaepernick version.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

After all, what would a guy like kaepernick know about racism? I mean, I mean his version is about police brutality and the unnecessary deaths of African Americans at the hands of law enforcement.

We definitely shouldn’t talk about that. Shhhhh!


Kaepernick wrote about July 4, 1776, and July 4th being a white holiday: “Black ppl have been dehumanized, brutalized, criminalized + terrorized by America for centuries, & are expected to join your commemoration of ‘independence’, while you enslaved our ancestors. We reject your celebration of white supremacy & look forward to liberation for all.”

Kaepernick seems to forget that in America people have freedoms and opportunities that allow them to become successful, which is exactly what happened to him. However, there is another freedom in America that I think decent people everywhere would like to remind him of: the freedom to leave. He would not be missed.

Kapernick ignores the fact that he lives in a country that affords him the opportunity to have a net worth of around $20 million. And while they may not agree with everything that goes on in this country, we love our Country, love our Flag, and love our National Anthem.

Tearing down and alienating folks is easy... building takes skill and patience. So, Mr. Kapernick, until you decide to use your influence and time to actually build something better, I'll respectfully reserve my support for you.


So we shouldn’t teach or tell the truth about our past - US Govnt genocide against Native Americans, slavery, discrimination, and southern states’ suppression of the black vote, especially in NC. Or how about in 1974, in supposedly the greatest nation on earth, Hank Aaron received 3,000 hate letters a day on his way to break the home run record. Instead, we should just make sure our curriculums and text books only include the positives. Which is more Marxist - worse - sweeping actual history under the rug or teaching the truth?


Please point out in a few links a reputable description of the literature your referring to. ( crickets chirping). Mostly all of the things you mentioned are in fact covered in current 'HISTORY' , but YOUR EMPHASIS on the subjects simply show your true colors, nice try. [yawn]


The idea of the changes is to ask students to put themselves in the place of the relevant groups, understand how those events affected said groups. Somehow I doubt you know what is in the current curriculum. Once an idea has been demonized as Marxist or PC very little thoughtful discussion happens, just knee jerk comments from people with a poor grasp of the subject.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Just read the above article and your first retort.


Genocide against Native Americans is my issue because it happened and may will happen again to any group. These heinous crimes should be taught in detail and remind all of the awesome power of ignorant and corrupt government. I am Pawnee and I am sick and tired of all these disadvantage groups who make bad choices feel cheated somehow. Well maybe there are behavioral reasons at play That should wake up the censor!!


OH my , COURTS have more authority over your children and marriage, then you great parents! Really think this is POLITICAL? Looks PERSONAL to me? North Carolina Marriage Age Requirements

North Carolina marriage age requirement laws require parties to be 16 to get married with parental consent, while those as young as 14 may obtain license with a court order in the case of pregnancy or childbirth. Wow, no wonder you folks love the baby killing clinics too! (must be a commie thing) Yup, real history the commies are engaging in now, not 300 years ago! [yawn]


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