Playing the “politically correct” strategy, Democrats have stepped in a real mess — all of their own making — reparations.

Wednesday, before the Constitution, Civil rights and Civil Liberties subcommittee in Washington, D.C., contemplating H.R. 40, a bill proposing a formal study to consider reparations for slavery, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., a Democrat running for his party’s presidential nomination, were among those speaking in favor of paying the descendants of former slaves damages.

Among those opposed were former NFL player Burgess Owens and Quillette columnist Coleman Hughes, who, saying reparations was insulting to black people and a distraction from issues they face today, was booed for figuratively, said columnist Monica Showalter, “wandering off he plantation.”

The Democrats’ big problem is they were the party of slavery. From the Civil War through the 1990s, controlling the Southern states, they denied blacks the right to vote and enforced segregation through Jim Crow laws and the KKK. Now denouncing the late West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd, a Democrat leader in the 1980s and a KKK Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops, together with other Democrat senators James Eastland of Mississippi and Herman Talmadge of Georgia, they continue to reek of hypocrisy.

Commenting the U.S. government didn’t own slaves, nor did Republicans but Democrats did, Larry Elder, a black attorney and radio talk show host, asked if Democrats will sue themselves for reparations.

On the Daily Wire, Michael Knowles noted that Native Americas continued to own slaves ever after the federal abolition of the practice. Which prompted John Hirschauer in “The Morning Jolt” column to ask “Are the living descendants of Native American slaveholders (and 1/1024 of Elizabeth Warren, just for sport) required to pay too?”

Polls say 60% of Americans oppose reparations.

But if Democrat candidates running for the party’s presidential nomination think they can get political mileage out of the issue, they’ll pursue it.

It will be fun to watch. Because they’ll lose.

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David Collins

Pretty simple. If in fact slavery is unjust , those that actually committed said injustice should be held accountable. That would shake quite a few old line family trees like a September hurricane, for sure. Much tree trimming would be in order and ancestors would be purged from their discarded branches. But wait , are the sons and daughters legally accountable for the sins of the parents ? Youch ! That could be quite the thorny issue , Thorny indeed. Perhaps best to let this whole thing die and be relegated to the dustbin of history. The chain of culpability is quite long and leads to the African continent , where the whole thing originated and still thrives today . Am quite sure the folks over there would gladly pay for their part in all this. Or perhaps not quite so gladly.

Core Sounder

talk about a perfect example of politicians trying to buy votes, this is it. I would gladly vote for a politician that promises to send me 70,000 dollars if elected but then would wonder where is all that money going to come from. Its for sure that our gov doesn't have that kind of money to spend since I have heard estimates of 10 trillion dollars or so and we have already borrowed 20 trillion or so over the years and a lot of that money was used to keep these very same people fed, housed. clothed, along with medical needs over the years. So how much do taxpayers owe an individual that has been supported by working taxpayers since the day they were born? This whole idea is disgusting and would certainly create more problems than it would solve since throwing good money after bad has never solved anything.

David Collins

It would appear that the usual bunch of politicians have little to do these days and spend their idle time dreaming up ways to stir up dissent and fleece the taxpayers . That is what we have in DC and need to remember stuff like this come election time. Sadly, we won’t if history is correct.


This is a very complicated issue. You would think that back wages are owed. The problem is how that is calculated. Perhaps a lien on the property where they worked? My family never owned slaves but we do have a history of reconciliation. Should I get credit for that? Perhaps something more justified and with unbounded benefits is to start ostracizing bigotry. Black folks are our neighbors and many are our friends. Friends who we can rely on if we need help. They should not be isolated apart from us. My kids do not see race the way I grew up seeing it. That is the future. It is time to start calling a bigot a bigot and spend more time with different folks. Everyone knows different ways to have fun. The best restitution is to make sure everyone is on an even playing field. The government shouldn't have to mandate equal treatment, we should be demanding it ourselves.


I see someone gone totally well off the deep end buying into a huge pile of cr@p. Noone ALIVE TODAY had anything to do with any of this nonsense. Well over 60% of America , by now is in fact from other continents, PERIOD. The Democratic Party is responsible for American slavery in the US. To hold an ideal that you are going to pay for something you admit to NEVER BEING PARTY TO, well, um, i would suggest a therapist.


Here is a REAL LESSON ON HISTORY, it can probably be bought on amazon etc, ITS ALL VERIFIED. Now , where is at least an APOLOGY FROM THE DEMOCRATS ? YOUR PARTY IS THE PARTY OF THE PLANTATION. The other faction has gone insane with commie beliefs, Sorry, not going to happen.

David Collins

Son, just what is your definition of an even playing field ? Is it about paving this playing field with other people’s money , perhaps ?


Perhaps the fishermen of this area should seek reparations from the government because their ancestral way of life was irrevocably damaged from all of the rules and changes coming down from Raleigh.

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