Despite President Biden’s recent description of an “economy strong as hell” and his questionable efforts to lower prices at the pump by tapping the country’s strategic oil reserves, voters are taking a differing opinion, which looks dismal for Democrat candidates in the midterm election.

A recent article by Scott Brown, former U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand, appearing in the Daily Caller noted that the president’s description of the economy may be a disastrous phrase for the both his presidency and the Democrat party.

“Presidencies are often defined by slogans,” Ambassador Brown writes. “Barak Obama had ‘hope and change,’ Donald Trump promised to ‘Make America Great Again.’” In the case of President Biden, Ambassador Brown suggests the response he gave to a reporter about inflation and a possible recession maybe his defining mantra.

“Strong as hell” was his response as he bit into a Baskin Robbins ice cream cone while on a campaign stop in Oregon.

The connection of the economy to that of hell which is defined as “a spiritual realm of evil and suffering, often depicted as a place of perpetual fire where the wicked are punished” makes for an interesting metaphor. Right now many hard working Americans are suffering from rapid inflation that is straining their ability to pay rent and utility fees, let alone enjoy any of the casual activities they did during President Trump’s years in Washington.

At the same time the President is claiming a strong economy, economists of all political persuasion, as well as financial advisors, are predicting a recession in the coming year. One economist is predicting a long period of stagflation, which is a combination of both inflation and recession, an economic event that brought down the Carter administration after only four years.

The president, along with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and the Democrat leadership in Congress, continue to ignore the clear signs that the economy is struggling. These denials bring to mind the mantra that the administration and Mrs. Yellen promoted at the beginning of the year that “inflation is only transitory.” To be fair, if the time line they were viewing is a 100 years, then yes, inflation is certainly transitory. But for the near term, say three years or so, we can expect to feel the pain of inflation which is stealing the hope and dreams of most Americans.

In an almost fanatical fashion the president is doubling down on his economic policies that have created the financial disruptions now in place. After aggressively initiating giveaway programs such as the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act, which he followed with the $433 billion Inflation Reduction Act, he is now dipping into the nation’s coffers with the student loan forgiveness program which is estimated to cost $400 to $700 billion. All of these are designed to create voter support in the November elections.

Earlier this week President Biden authorized the release of over15 billion barrels of oil, which according to the Associated Press, “is an effort to stop gasoline prices from rising.” But wait, didn’t the president say the “economy is strong as hell?” This action says otherwise, and the public apparently sees the politics behind this decision.

AP reporters David Koenig and Cathy Bussewitz confirm this observation noting, “The administration hopes that tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a move that comes just weeks before the midterm elections, will bring relief to voters who have been struggling from high gasoline prices,” which in turn will result in voters’ support for Democrat candidates.

The oil reserves are stored in underground salt caverns in Texas and Louisiana. They were created in the 1970s after the Arab oil embargo, which nearly brought the nation to its economic knees. To assure adequate oil supplies in cases of emergencies, the caverns can hold up to 700 million barrels of oil. Last year the strategic reserves amounted to 617 million barrels, but Biden has drawn down those reserves to around 400 million barrels, the lowest number recorded since 1987, to prop up his administration and the Democrat party.

But the combined financial decisions of give-away programs, the growing disregard for an unstable world economy brought on by the war in Ukraine, and the anti-oil policies of the administration continue to burden the American public.

Ambassador Brown notes that, “more than two-thirds of Americans believe our country is on the wrong track according to the RealClear Politics average. In a New York Times/ Siena College poll, nearly half (44%) of voters describe the economy or inflation as the most important problem facing our country.”

The 2022 America Family Survey, by the left-of-center Washington think tank Brookings Institute, shows 89% of respondents are “somewhat worried” about inflation and 56% are “very worried.”

The president’s confidence that the “economy is strong as hell” falls flat when compared to these surveys, all of which have been produced by liberal organizations.

At the same time the president tries vainly to put “lipstick on a pig” to make the economy seem stronger than it is, he is also working diligently to divide the country with a campaign to promote abortion on demand, including up to the moment of birth, and to heighten ethnic issues. All this shows the dishonesty of his inaugural speech in which he promised to work to bring the country together.

One political pundit has described the up-coming midterm elections as an “enough election,” where the voters have decided they’ve had enough of the current political debacle.

Ambassador Brown concludes his opinion piece noting that Democrats running for office or currently serving will be forced to explain “their point of view on the ‘strong as hell’ economy.” “It’s not an enviable political position,” he notes. “Come January, it’s likely to lead more Democrats in search of more than just a new message, but also a new messenger all together.”

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Purse strings do motivate voters, Strong voter turnout for early voting, and of course the editor does everything in his power to boost the MAGA aligned candidates, with a 70/30 mix locally i am not sure why he beats the drum so hard? I am wary of polls, certainly leery of editors with an agenda. Let us see what the midterms actually bring. Many important races are simply up in the air until the votes are counted.


Stretching it a bit to try and make Biden's statement literal, instead of figurative. In the terms Biden used, it meant extremely powerful. The lingering belief that DJT made America great again is hogwash. (slang- meaning complete nonsense, lies, or ridiculous actions.)

America has always been great, pre Trump, post Trump.

David Collins

Hummmm . Could be because it is really important to rein in the idiots old bungles has unleashed upon us ? Other than that , no reason at all .

Life is still good , just way more expensive than it should be . Come the first of the year we will be needing all those Penny’s in the jar by the door .


Biden is not competent enough to be president, but only honest folks will admit it, especially the ones who claim to be conservative but are, in fact, far-left. You can see it in their writings.

I cringe whenever I hear him speak, which is not often.

When Joe was inaugurated, the economy was growing at 6%, the inflation rate was just under 2%, and in the next 18 months, he took that economic boom and turned it into a recession.

By my quick calculations, groceries, utilities, and gas are over 20% inflation. A liberal genius, for sure. I bet Jill tells him what flavor of ice cream he wants.


Yet another recent, short sighted, and detrimental policy of the Maga wing. If you dare disagree with anything we say, even a single word.. you will be labeled, rino, lib, loser.lower.. and cast out. This policy comes right from the top of the Maga wing. We have seen it over and over. Many Republicans disagree, many fear to speak out lest the mouthy mob attack.. perhaps they speak in the voting booth? Perhaps the gop splits over the conduct of the Maga wing? In any event you can't build concensus with " counter punching" name calling or Maga tactics in general. Continue on this path and watch the party continue to shrink.


When you ask a Trump hater to name it they can't.


There's nothing he's done to make it strong.


If only things were actually as simple as blame biden..Biden.. Inflation is a worldwide problem. Forbes magazine has the list, in first world nations USA is near bottom, turkey is at a unbelievable 80%

Actual facts matter, real data is readily available. Assuming one prefers fact over opinion.

David Collins

Actual fact and it matters ! Things started going down hill just as soon as bungles was led into the White House by his handlers . Still on the down hill slide at this time , with no end in sight . Most every day that passes yet one more bungle falls from his mouth . Much to the glee of his handlers . Only a mid-term turnaround can stand a chance of leveling things off . Just a chance but I for one will take it .

The world is full of incompetent so called leaders . Why do we have to be stuck with one of them ?


Actual fact.. Biden has considerably more legislative successes then his predecessor.

Infrastructure, gun legislation, vaccine roll out, to name a few. Some folks think the man who looked up into an eclipse, and publicly stated we captured the airports in the war of 1812.. has more on the ball then biden? Lol. Sure, sure he does.


Shows how dumb some legislators are.

David Collins

Legislative success is easy when one is surrounded by like thinkers and I use the word “thinkers” loosely . All about them in the here and now , not long term . Not for the worker bees and their children's future .

Please tell me about guns and what has actually been accomplished other than talk . Please add to that infrastructure , not that we are working on it but actual deeds . Just throwing money about Willy Nilly with no focus other than dependency .

Truly a burned out geriatric’s folly .


As always, a simple Google search will often answer questions. Infrastructure projects is the place to start. Plenty is going on. Same with the watered down gun law, first one in 30 years.. actual deeds, nary a willy nilly in sight. I know some folks are simply incapable of admitting a dem accomplished anything.. funny thing about facts it nary matters if you believe or not.

Doc Epoch

“We chose truth over facts!” -accomplished Democrat

David Collins

Oh , one more thing .

After watching bits of the Fetterman/Ozz debate , it occurred to me that Fetterman and bungles biden would make excellent running mates . Perhaps even replacing Cackles Harris in the VP slot for the remainder of this term . They would certainly compliment each other in words and deeds . A match only made in heaven , as the saying goes .


yes fetterman and oz, i am watching the race with interest as well. Sometimes stroke victims make a full recovery after a time sometimes damage is permanent.

Is the damage mechanical or cognitive? Is fettermans brain functioning properly but the connection to his mouth has damage. is he a prisioner in a damaged body? I am not qualified to say.

Will PA. vote for TV huckster OZ who when asked about shilling miracle drugs that don't work replied " it was a television show just like this is television"

America seems to have an unhealthy fascination with celebrity..

I am definitely watching with interest.


Biden ( AKA Bernie Lomax) a frail old man speaks just as many old men do telling lies on the porch of the corner store.

Nobody can take him seriously.

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