Just as President Biden found it difficult and disastrous to extricate the US forces from Afghanistan, he now faces a similar domestic crisis as he attempts to extricate the federal government from the nanny state that he and his Democrat minions have created with COVID-19 public assistance programs.

In late August, the president’s illegal extension of the national eviction moratorium ended and now landlords are demanding outstanding rental payments and in many cases proceeding with eviction notices. This past weekend, ironically Labor Day weekend, the $300 federal unemployment stipend ended, which will now force approximately 7 million recipients to head out to find a job, of which there are many.

Congress will begin meeting next week to hash out details of a $3.5 trillion safety net program that will include a variety of social programs designed to soften the blow of requiring Americans to once again fend for themselves rather than rely on government programs.

Currently there are more jobs waiting to be filled than there are people to fill them but this fact seems to be of little concern to the liberals in Washington and in various state capitols.

In addition to the $3.5 trillion program, Congress is also planning a $1 trillion infrastructure bill that, if the theory holds, will create millions of jobs as state and local governments improve roads, water systems and buildings that are in need of repair. We must hope that this effort will lead to real jobs, unlike the “job ready” experience that President Biden’s mentor, Barack Obama promised but failed to deliver.

All of this will come at a cost that has many liberals in Washington concerned since there is insufficient revenue in the form of taxes to pay for the growing debt these programs will create, let alone the current national debt. As Dame Margaret Thatcher, Great Britian’s second most influential prime minister behind Sir Winston Churchill noted, “The problem with socialism (such as the federal programs that have been initiated) is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

As of today, if the country were forced to repay the current national debt it would require

$86,217 from every man, woman and child who are citizens. This equates to $228,322 from every taxpayer. So obviously Dame Thatcher’s observation is being proven accurate today and will be even more apparent once the national debt hits an expected $29 trillion after additional programs are initiated.

Those debt numbers and the subsequent financial weight to be borne by the public are of no concern to Congressional Democrats as they are poised to raise taxes for all Americans under the guise of taxing corporations and the rich. The description of the latter, the rich, is open for description but there is a good chance that many in Hollywood and other liberal groups will be magically excluded from this designation.

As for taxing corporations, that is one of the greatest canards or false concepts ever created by the Washington elite. It is the consumer, not the corporation, that eventually covers the hidden tax increases. Corporations or private businesses do not pay taxes, they simply add the corporate tax into the overall cost of the product or service, which subsequently raises the sales tax as well.

At the same time that the federal government is seeking to extract more money, from those American citizens who are working to be productive citizens, to underwrite their vote getting federal largesse for those who are not being productive, we are seeing a degradation of what has made this country great – individual initiative.

Not only have we experienced the dark side of socialism as seen by the tens of thousands of jobs waiting to be filled as millions of capable workers have rested on these numerous social programs, we are also witnessing the incompetence of our elected officials who are being cavalier with these federal programs.

As the country struggled with various quarantine restrictions, forcing businesses to close and putting millions out of work, the federal government initiated the rental assistance program to be used by tenants who were unable to stay current on their rent payments while the quarantines were enforced. Over $46.5 billion was set aside to help these renters and subsequently the landlords who were also dependent on rental income.

As of July only 11% ($5.2 billion) of those funds have been distributed to renters who qualified for assistance. The program has been in operation for more than year and yet the federal government has not found a way to distribute the funds.

Now that the various federal programs are coming to an end we can expect a national cry of outrage from the millions of recipients of these earlier programs. This potential outrage is concerning liberals at every government level, which gives them additional motivation to let the federal dollars flow to a plethora of social programs regardless of the cost.

If the experience of the past year with rental assistance and unemployment stipends are any indication of the functionality of government leaders and their agencies, then the country can expect another disastrous effort by President Biden and the Democrat majority in Congress. Only this time, unlike the disaster in Afghanistan, the impacts of incompetent leadership and long range planning will be felt on our shores by our citizens.

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David Collins

Always a promised safety net , a net that never seems to materialize to give “ much needed “ aid to the seething masses of unfortunates . But these welfare bills pass with alarming regularity under the bungles Biden crown . This begs a question , where is all the unspent funding hiding ? Does it degenerate into a slush fund of gargantuan proportions ?

Moving on . Now the executive pivot from Afghanistan is , drum roll please .

to the Climate Change Scam . While it is true that the climate of land masses will change over eons due to tectonic plate movement , today’s climate change laments can be traced to changes to the flora and fauna by rampant , unabated , irresponsible development . Think about it . Cities in the desert that steal resources from other areas . Turn our deserts into lush farms irrigated by distant rivers . Clear cutting vast forests in order to create subdivisions that are resource intensive where there are few resources to draw from . I could go on and on .

Now we will be attending the much ballyhooed Climate Summit where bungles will get really serious now . He was just sort of serious yesterday and the day before . The concerned leaders of state will dither about , slapping each other on the back for doing nothing and attempting to vote on a international climate change tax scheme . That is what it is really about . Money changing hands . Your money goes to them . All overseen by a barely cognizant president and none other than John “swift boat” Kerry . Yeah , he is still around and wants to save you . Apparently Al Gore was too busy counting his convenient money to make the trip but he will be cheering them on from afar .

So , we will be going from one debacle to another at warp speed , to borrow a phrase , completing nothing along the way . Wonder what the president in waiting kamallahara’s role in all this is or is she still dutifully searching for a root cause .


Sounds like the same objections you naysayers put up in opposing Social Security, or for that matter any program that benefits the people and not just big business.


Climate change is not an "existential threat" to the United States. That is total hyperbole. Just a way for Biden to deflect from the real issues facing the U.S.

Change is what climate does and always has. There has never been a constant climate on the earth since it was formed, but it's still here.

All climate change requires is us to adapt. That's what humans have been doing for hundreds of thousands of years.

David Collins

That was a typical response with no real substance . Climate change is Very Big Business these days with little to no return on investment . Just like the global cooling hoax of the 60s on steroids .


And suddenly just like that the editor is concerned about the huge deficit. Where was this hue and cry when the previous admin and their " minions" added 2 trillion to deficit for tax breaks, or kept quantitative easing going night and day to inflate the stock market. The debt is a serious issue, too bad the editor could not break down how it got to its current absurd state. hint it has to do with gop fiscal policies, and wars like afghanistan. the dems share some blame, but 75% of it is right there on the elephants nose.

David Collins

Gotta respond to that Social Security thing .

Social Security turned out to be a good thing when enacted . A forced savings account for a retirement supplement . This covered all that contributed and their surviving spouse . Not your partner , live in or shack up . Your legally married spouse . Over time , the Democrats have used this trove of cash to include ,payments to any proven children , even those not living in the home should the wage earner die before they are of legal age , even this has been expanded to include those in school till graduation . Disability Social Security that pays the lame and lazy into perpetuity . How many of those disabled folks that work on the side every day do we know ? The great nebulous world of Supplemental Security with a massive staff ready for all your other needs .

Sure , a great plan but ruined by politics . Who said that the closest thing we have to perpetual motion is a government program ? Always growing into a uncontrollable blob .


Problem is all these "entitlements" and any other names the "sayers" attach are anything but what SS was intended for and that is a forced safety net especially for those who aren't inclined to plan for retirement years and future medical expenses which is probably the large majority. Would be more acceptable to all those who paid into the system all their working years and are truly entitled to the benefits. Put all the other unpaid benefits or charity funds in a separate pile and label it what it is (e.g. welfare, charity, etc.). Might even allow gazillionaires to contribute to such a fund to show the world where their hearts ready are).

David Collins

These billionaires , Facebook guy , Amazon guy and a host of others along with big business folks of all types are plowing money into various foundations that focus on what it politically acceptable these days . Can only guess this constitutes charitable donations which is a favorite tax reduction ploy for folks rich or not . Sadly these foundations largely focus and fund social justice groups that add nothing to the country . After fleshing out who and what they are , one quickly realizes that most of the funds go to “ administrative costs “ . In other words someone’s pocket . Which is why you seldom hear about them . Pretty good gig if you can get it .


Gone way off topic. Now closed.


Yep, and the wonder-boy genius fouls up all the "enlightened human progress" projects he and his ex undertakes. Can't manage a marriage but will save education, agriculture, etc at the expense of like-minded accommodating idiots and of course those who in the final analysis foot the overwhelming current, future, and unsustainable bills.



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