President Joe Biden’s mandate that all hospital staffs, first responders and frontline workers must be vaccinated with one of the three recognized COVD-19 vaccines, is confounding, illogical and legally questionable. But the worst part of this executive decision is its obvious vilification of America’s selfless frontline workers, threatening them with financial punishment and shame if they don’t acquiesce to his bullying executive order.

For over a year hospital staffs, first responders such as police, EMT’s and firefighters have, at great personal risk, provided needed care and service to the public despite the threat of becoming infected with the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. In many of the hospital settings these doctors, nurses and support staffs worked tirelessly for weeks on end without taking any rest days. In some situations they worked well beyond their normal shifts handling the overwhelming case loads.

Though the vaccines were available, many healthcare providers and first responders opted to have the public receive the shots first, contending logically that if the pandemic could be stopped or at least ameliorated, it would reduce the number of hospitalizations, thus removing the stress on medical services nationwide.

Now these very same selfless workers are the target for shame and punishment. This is illogical and despicable.

In some cases these workers are choosing not to be vaccinated either out of personal concern or philosophical reasons to include religious beliefs. They’ve spent the past year treating patients suffering from Covid-19 so they are very aware of the threat posed by the disease.

It is interesting that Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, supporting the mandate stated, “We’re seeing a lot of places that this is working, it’s effective. It’s creating more certainty and protection in their workforces.” Where was this concern a year ago?

To bully medical staffs and first responders into submission hospitals and states are threatening them with temporary layoffs without pay or outright dismissal. This after these very same workers have been so diligent and selfless in their jobs. These actions make no sense and are dismissive of their success and service.

The current vaccine (regimen) does not eliminate the virus but does seemingly reduce the severity of the disease. And since it is a fact that the virus, particularly the Delta variant, can still be passed on by those who have been vaccinated, the conclusion is that it only helps those who have had the shot. So why not leave this decision to the individual and not to the state? Those in the healthcare services are very aware of the consequences.

But, as the President is wont to do, like a bull in china shop, he is crashing through yet another crisis heightening disruption and distrust without the benefit of solutions, as if Afghanistan, the southern border and a collapsing economy are not enough.

The ramifications of this effort to vilify the essential workers is threatening services in critical need creating another potential disaster. California Hospital Association spokesperson Jan Emerson-Shea told the AP, “We are concerned about how it (the mandate) will exacerbate an already quite serious staffing problem.”

New York hospitals, concerned that they will come up shorthanded due to resistance to the draconian mandate, are preparing to cut back hospital services, limiting nursing home admissions and drawing up plans to call in the National Guard members with medical training. Dozens of Massachusetts State Police are resigning as a result of the mandate as are police, firefighters and even teachers in other states that are demanding compliance to the vaccine mandate.

As of Monday, one major N.C. hospital system has fired 175 of its 35,000-plus work force for failing to be vaccinated

Troy Bruntz, president and CEO for Community Hospital in McCook Nebraska, told AP reporters Heather Hollingsworth and Tammy Webber he is worried that it will be difficult to hire new workers when his hospital organization is already shorthanded. Twenty-five of 330 employees, just shy of 10 per cent of his work force at the hospital, have stated they will resign while 100 others, including nurses and maintenance staff, were undecided what they will do.

Mr. Brunz noted presciently “It (the staff dismissals and resignations) doesn’t make us feel too confident that this (the mandate) isn’t going to turn into something short of a nightmare for American health care.”

President Biden’s effort to shame and bully those who have served so willingly, selflessly and diligently is shameful of its own accord. Because he is losing the trust of the public he can no longer cajole or sell the public on the benefits of the vaccine, so he is now turning to his only other recourse - bullying with fear, shame and the threat of job loss.

Shame on you Mr. President. These first responders, front line workers and hospital staffs deserve your respect and appreciation, not your abusive threats.

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Can’t get in line and vote with ID in hand, but Biden/Cooper wants us to get in line with ID in hand to get the vaccine. Hmm. Just mail my shot and I’ll fill out the paperwork and send it back.


To quote, "The current vaccine (regimen) does not eliminate the virus but does seemingly reduce the severity of the disease." That is such a distortion of fact that it borders on an outright lie. A distortion obviously intended to feed the deniers, the ill informed. No claims were made by any responsible individual that the vaccines would "eliminate" the disease, but would shield individuals from contracting it, and not just "seemingly" reduce the severity of it. The effectiveness of the vaccines is clearly, overwhelmingly, supported by fact, not just here in the U.S. but in nations across the globe. The good editor knows all this of course, but chooses to use the virus as a scare tactic to attack the current president, but not the past. It is very doubtful this page would or will attack businesses, large or small, that employ the very same tactics used by our governments, large or small. This is a time for all of us, including editors, to work together to unite us all to fight a common enemy, not to use this terrible disease to further tear us apart.


Amen! I’m a little surprised (not) that the editor has discontinued the comments regarding Covid deaths. They didn’t hesitate to print that lady’s letter complaining about mask mandates-the same lady who insists that the most deadly phase of mortality in Carteret County is “deaths coming down”….😢

Always A Teacher

There is NO understanding of the science behind the vaccine here. I, for one, do NOT want to be seen by a physician or nurse who has NOT been vaccinated. Sorry, but I value my life and do not want to get exposed. Stop signs are mandated, taxes are mandated, grocery store etiquette is mandated, etc. Yes, people break the mandates but must deal with the consequences. Biden had no choice dealing with STUPID people who do not want to get the vaccine. The vaccine works and, if all these STUPID people would get vaccinated, we would be OVER this mess. Please understand the science before writing an article about vaccine abuse. Biden is NOT a bully, there are just ignorant people. I know the police force could say a few words about stop sign mandates. Why should I HAVE to stop if I don't see a car coming?????


This editorial is no surprise, bang the panic drum, beT up the dem president. One thing, perhaps the only thing it gets right is " legally questionable" A federal mandate should not pass constitutional muster, state public health and vaccination mandates are already settled law.

Meanwhile gop led legislators are doing their best to limit or eliminate the govenors emergency powers.

In a crises where instant action is required. Do you really want a dithering state house delaying action whist they grandstand for the cameras?


Lowe’s Hardware thanks first responders with a special discount offer while woke hospitals and schools fire their staff, many of who did work through the height of the pandemic in 2020.


If the vaccine works, why you scared of someone who isn’t vaxxed? Why are you still wearing a mask?

Why can a vaxxed person still transmit the virus? Why can a vaxxed person still get covid? Why would someone ride around in their car, alone, wearing a mask?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

People still think the mask is to protect the person wearing the mask?

It’s to protect others if you have it and don’t know it. It keeps your germs from spreading out..

This is why the mask is important.

(Edited by staff.)


A vaccine is not a magic potion. Answers to such questions would be best from a family doctor.


I want to commend the President for having the patience to wait so long.


I agree with Jeep…. Showing an id is racist…mandatory vax is racist. Not my words… theirs


Biden’s HHS Secretary Becerra will not recognize that natural immunity exists.

Although he is a lawyer with no science background or medical degree, even when many studies show innate immunity protects individuals at higher rates than vaccinations.

Another one ignoring the science.


"when many studies show innate immunity protects"

With so many studies perhaps you could provide the links to a few?


Google it


United Airline mandated all its employees to be vaccinated. Faced with the prospect of loosing a paycheck, 99.5% of United Airlines employees got vaccinated. Good for United.


Don’t know if the virus was intentional or not but it’s working if the intended consequences were to turn the country into a bunch of dingdongs.


Seriously bully. Remember John McCain, how much he was bullied. John his father and grandfather all dedicated their lives to USA. John was always a good person. John was bullied by a man with zero class. He was bullied by a man that never showed public respect to any US military officer he employed. He referred to our military officers as stupid. He uttered disrespect of John as someone he disliked because he got caught and imprisoned and tortured. He was a pig as president. He was a bully every day as president. He bullied women, he bullied military officers, he bullied doctors, he was and is the prototype bully. Give me a break. Bully, lol.


All this back and forth about vaccines makes me really mad with the Eisenhower administration and my parents for infringing on my freedom and right to die from polio by forcing me to take the vaccine.

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