N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper, working to enhance his credentials as a potential vice president candidate for future Democrat campaigns, is leading a national effort to enlist big business and the capital markets to intimidate legislators into not passing voting laws that enhance voter integrity. Considering his disinterest in the economic impacts of his past year’s mandates closing thousands of business across the state, it comes as no surprise that he has no concern that his national endeavor will have the same impact on small businesses and their employees.

Cooper has joined with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to lead a nationwide effort encouraging businesses to publicly oppose states, to include creating financial hardships within the state, to stop election reform laws. “We are asking the business leaders in our states, and throughout the country, to add their voices to the growing chorus of corporations standing on the right side of history,” their letter states.

The two active governors, both Democrats, are joined by former Republican governors, Arne Carlson of Minnesota, Bill Weld of Massachusetts and Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey all of whom are commonly referred to as RINO’s (Republican in name only) and not true conservatives. Their presence as signatories is no surprise.

In the 2016 gubernatorial race Cooper benefited from corporate intimidation of the state after the legislature passed HB 2, known as the “bathroom bill,” restricting the use of public bathroom facilities based on gender at birth. The bill was initiated when Charlotte and other left leaning metropolitan communities sought to allow individuals to utilize public bathrooms based on self- identification, not on the science of biology, an example of how the left are the actual science deniers, but that is a topic for another time.

Protesting this legal action by the General Assembly, the National Basketball Association pulled out of its contract with Charlotte and the city’s colosseum to punish the state. Colleges nationwide were forced to join the intimidation by pulling out of contractual arrangements for playing in the state and even playing state university teams that were scheduled to play at the opposing team’s facilities. The final analysis was bad publicity for the state and a rush of campaign funds supporting Cooper that overwhelmed McCrory’s effort to remain governor.

Governor Cooper, remembering the sweetness of that first gubernatorial victory and smelling blood in the water in Georgia, is now leading a similar effort nationally for the progressive left. Of course there is an additional incentive since he will be out of a job in three years, to enhance his political credentials for a chance to be a vice presidential candidate for Kamala Harris’s administration once President Joe Biden announces he’s stepping down.

Georgia has been through this in the past so invigorating corporate action may not prove as successful this go around. Georgia was targeted in 2019 by the Hollywood elite, Disney, Netflix, and Viacom just to name a few, threatening to leave the state if it passed the “Heartbeat Bill” prohibiting abortions once the baby’s heart begins beating. That bill was struck down by the court last year and appeals have been filed.

Following recent passage of election reforms enhancing voter integrity, the progressive political left went apoplectic and lobbied the private sector to punish the state by crippling the state’s economy to force the state’s legislature into reversing course and loosening voting system regulations.

The effort worked momentarily when the Major League Baseball executives moved the All Star Game from Atlanta to the predominantly white city of Denver as a form of punishment. The impact was felt by thousands of Atlanta businesses and their employees who have been suffering through a major down economy because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hypocrisy of the media reaction was apparent when, two weeks later, the Professional Golf Association proceeded with the renowned Masters Golf Tournament conducted annually at the August National Golf Course. Obviously, there are some iconic events that are too deep-rooted to change, and the MLB All-Star game was easily sacrificed for political value and the crippling impact it would have on the city of Atlanta. Hats off to the Masters for not bending to this corporate blackmail.

As North Carolinians we should be concerned for two reasons. First, this effort shows that Gov. Cooper sees no problems with crippling small businesses and the state’s economy for purely political gain as he has done over the past year in the state. And secondly it indicates that he is willing to use any tool, including enlisting big corporations, to do his dirty work.

Stephen Soukup, publisher of the Political Forum, in his book, “The Dictatorship of Woke Capital” best describes this action as the political left “harnessing the power of business, and especially capital markets, to advance overtly and exclusively political ends with an eye towards unconstrained control over every aspect of our lives.” It is obvious that our governor, Gov. Cooper, is a leading adherent and acolyte of this new unholy political alliance.

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Unholy political alliance?

The GA. "voter integrity laws" include making it a crime to give food or water to people in line to vote.

Close down polling places, making it harder for specific neighborhoods to vote then deny people waiting to vote water?

Best check with jesus on this one. Voter suppression, and denial of water to the thirsty waiting in long lines you created. Hmmm

The GOP loved the supreme court decision that corporations have the same rights as individuals when dark money & super pac funds were flowing into their coffers, now if corporate entities want to show their displease its wrong/bad and UNHOLY.

One of the more embarrassing editorials in this paper in a while.

Deny water to ppl waiting in artificially created long lines to vote.

Shame on GA and shame on the editor for not calling that out as just plain morally wrong.


MLB pulled the All-Star Game from Georgia because of voter ID laws. Even though the government said if you don’t have an ID, we will give you one for free. MLB says the required ID to vote is racist!

I’m not sure how players will get to any games in the country….have to show ID to board a plane (private or public), have to have ID to drive a car. Maybe they will go back to horse and buggy.

And don’t get hurt playing baseball, because you can’t go to a hospital without ID.

Now, according to liberals, it’s not racist to require ID to purchase a gun. Hmm.

Putting politics into sports, from either party, is shameful and ruining sports for all.


It is quite obvious. kenwood made an excellent point, the most scrutinized election in our history, no fraud, but the losers see fit to engage in voter suppression under the guise of voter integrity. this strategy could very well backfire making even more of the opposite party turn out to vote. How awful for the authors of voter suppression, he said with a mirthless smile.

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Just who is the good editor kidding? "Voting laws that enhance voter integrity" ,translates to voting laws that restrict a certain class of our residents from voting. The facts are that in all our states, North Carolina included, the last presidential election was conducted with virtually no irregularities, warranting no major changes to our voting laws as proposed by some. The problem with some who promote laws that "enhance integrity" is that so many of our voters made the effort to go to the poles and vote. The so called "voter integrity " laws are tailored to make it more difficult for a certain element within our society from voting, ensuring their voices not be heard. Let's stop kidding ourselves and others. The fact that big business recognizes that, and chooses to let their voices be heard, is a good thing, for big business knows that certain actions by our state legislatures hurt, not help big business. Why else would big business act if not for it's own best interest? Common sense, sometimes difficult to find in certain quarters, tells us that.


The voter suppression lie



Coop has zero chance of becoming a VP candidate. He does brown nose Biden and Harris as often as he can, but surely they, and others, know he would drag down any democratic candidate for president.

And could you see Coop’s wife in DC? Actually, she would fit in nicely with Maxine Waters.

His political career is over in about three years. Will probably go back to practicing law, and we can only hope he can be admitted to the bar in another state.

Coop was elected as governor because of his middle-of-the-road strategy and his virtually clean record as attorney general but has since joined the far left in all of his decision-making responsibilities.

North Carolina has, over the last hundred years, had more Democratic governors than any state in the country, But, with the bad taste that Coop has left with most North Carolinians, it’s almost guaranteed a Republican will be our next governor.


Actually Cooper won twice because he had more votes. Let's think a moment the city of Charlotte has a population of 900,000.

Carteret co has a population of 16 thou.

Now add the cities, and add the rural counties see the problem? The gop needs a bigger tent, or they will continue to lose elections. Voter suppression, and far right candidates will continue to be counter productive.


The Coop lacks charisma. He might pick up a nice ambassadorship - maybe Iceland. but he looks bad because he is bad.

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LOL. C'mon man I'm thirsty. Almost as tough as boot camp.

sick and tired

They were looking for a way to get out of Georgia. A way that wouldn't make them, oh how do I put this, look bad. They got one. Very smart and so noble on the part of MLB. How else could they leave a community like this that apparently is under attack by it's political leaders without cancel. Knowing the impact it will have on the already hard hit communities. They are not only being oppressed by their elected officials but MLB piles on economic strain with not a peep of cancel but again they are doing it for the noble cause. We'll give them a pass.


That’s what I’m talking about Deadbolt. That is the best comment yet.


Now, ... cooper is up in Pasquotank County , trying to enrage the public over a County Sheriff , who had a deputy doing his job. Back your Sheriff's folks!

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Using the GA Election Integrity Act of 2021 as the apparent new threshold for identifying racism viewed through the woke prism, I never realized our friends in so many liberal run states were such racists. Those of you wringing your hands over GA’s election reform effort should perhaps refocus your angst on libsplaining your concerns to your friends in the liberal run states that actually have much stricter voting laws, like CT for example. In preparation for that endeavor, you might want to watch the video of Lt. Gov. Robinson’s principled testimony before the House Judiciary subcommittee where he took them to school on election integrity so you can go in armed with facts instead of the cacophony of irrational talking points circulating within the MSM echo chamber.


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