Along with Democrat presidential candidates striving to be noticed, impeaching President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, abortion and rejecting journalistic standards in pursuit of an agenda, supposed rising temperatures and the “global warming crisis” are among these subjects competing for attention  

Regarding the “global warming crisis” and the mistaken belief that man is responsible, Thomas Lifson, publisher of American Thinker, writes of Dr. Mototaka Nakamura, a Japanese scientist, who is the subject of Tony Thomas at the Australian site Quadrant.

Dr. Nakamura is, says Mr. Lifson, “a highly qualified and experienced climate modeler with impeccable credentials” who rejects “the unscientific bases of the doom-mongering over a purported climate crisis.”

At Quadrant, Mr. Thomas writes:

 There’s a top level oceanographer and meteorologist who is prepared to cry “Nonsense!” on the “global warming crisis” evident to climate modelers but not in the real world. He’s as well or better qualified than the modelers he criticizes — the ones whose Year 2100 forebodings of 4degC [4º Celsius] warming have set the world to spending $US1.5 trillion a year to combat CO2 emissions.

The iconoclast is Dr. Mototaka Nakamura. In June he put out a small book in Japanese on “the sorry state of climate science.”

It’s titled Confessions of a climate scientist: the global warming hypothesis is an unproven hypothesis, and he is very much qualified to take a stand. From 1990 to 2014 he worked on cloud dynamics and forces mixing atmospheric and ocean flows on medium to planetary scales. His bases were MIT (for a Doctor of Science in meteorology), Georgia Institute of Technology, Goddard Space Flight Centre, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Duke and Hawaii Universities and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. He’s published about 20 climate papers on fluid dynamics. 

Today’s vast panoply of “global warming science” is like an upside down pyramid built on the work of a few score of serious climate modelers. They claim to have demonstrated human-derived CO2 emissions as the cause of recent global warming and project that warming forward. Every orthodox climate researcher takes such output from the modelers’ black boxes as a given.

Pointing to incompetence by Environment Canada, which discarded historical data and substituted models of what it thought the data should have been, Mr. Lifson said Dr. Nakamura writes:

Climate forecasting is simply impossible, if only because future changes in solar energy output are unknowable.  As to the impacts of human-caused CO2, they can’t be judged “with the knowledge and technology we currently possess.”

Mentioning ignorance about large and small-scale ocean dynamics and CO2 changes, Dr. Nakamura writes:

It is impossible to correctly predict even the sense or direction of a change of a system when the prediction tool lacks and/or grossly distorts important non-linear processes, feedbacks in particular, that are present in the actual system …

… The real or realistically-simulated climate system is far more complex than an absurdly simple system simulated by the toys that have been used for climate predictions to date, and will be insurmountably difficult for those naïve climate researchers who have zero or very limited understanding of geophysical fluid dynamics. I understand geophysical fluid dynamics just a little, but enough to realize that the dynamics of the atmosphere and oceans are absolutely critical facets of the climate system if one hopes to ever make any meaningful prediction of climate variation.

Concerning the sun, he says solar input is stupidly modeled as a “never changing quality,” but It has only been several decades since we acquired an ability to accurately monitor incoming solar energy. In these several decades only, it has varied by one to two watts per square metre. Is it reasonable to assume that it will not vary any more than that in the next hundred years or longer for forecasting purposes? I would say, No.

Mr. Lifson adds there is much more and we should read all of what Dr. Nakamura writes.

Bottom line is the church of global warming is a socialist plan to redistribute wealth. And the “global warming crisis” is the invention, an illusion, to do just that.

We can’t appease what the sun will do, nor can we calm the oceans. We can talk about it. And that is all. 

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Hmmmm, if only we lived in an area of the country where we have demonstrable effects from climate change and could see the transformation taking place each year. But luckily we live in NC, where the Republicans elected to put their heads in the quickly eroding sand and forbid climate modeling being used to drive policy. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Dr. OilCompanyShill from Tinfoil Times sounds like a voice of reason in these confusing times.


Factual article.

David Collins

Once again I believe that these “experts” are confusing global warming-climate change and weather . Really not much we can do about the global warming thing , for the Earth has gone through several warming and cooling cycles . The weather is another issue and we can do something , albeit in a small way, about that. Has been noted that large cities do tend to produce , alter if you will , the local weather . All that asphalt and concrete absorbs the heat from the sun and all those reflective windows reflect the heat to other structures . This produces a thermal upwelling that draws in moisture from surrounding areas adding to the discomfort . Clear cutting vegetation for sprawling subdivisions just adds to the mix. Want to create your own local desert , clearcutting large areas will get the ball rolling . This is occurring more and more here in eastern NC as the quest to accumulate ever more residents , along with their strip malls and other amenities, continues unabated . Moving to another part of the world . Slash and burn in Central and South America is removing the heat absorbing forests that also provide moisture for the almost daily rains that are now becoming so infrequent that almost nothing grows . This is a change of the weather, not climate . The climate is still hot as it has always been. Just hot and dry . This affects food production and water for human consumption , power generation and even the depth of the Panama Canal . These governments better get off their hind parts and cease the slash and burn and get involved in forest restoration . No, we here in the US do not need to get involved financially. At least not now. Our financial aid plate is full to overflowing as it is . Just saying that we do not need to repeat the mistakes of others .


Spot on. The "green movement" is a mechanism to drive a political agenda. Their ability to persuade people to ignore their own surroundings and recorded history is pretty scary.

The first post here (cssmith) is a case in point. How many people believe the oceans have already "risen"? How many think beach erosion is new, and a consequence of the mythical "man-caused climate change"?


My my, another flat earther giving credit to a single obscure nobody versus the consensus of climate scientists and every credible major scientific org on the planet. What slays me most of all about these people and those that publish them is that the aforementioned pretty much makes it as clear cut a violation of Occam's Razor as one could ask for. Uncertainty about the sun's future role in modeling doesn't change the fact that it has had next to no role in the warming of that last 40-50 years, or that the cause, ever-increasing ghg concentrations, is ongoing with predictable results. But no, as some of my fellow commentators make clear, they'd rather "believe" in a worldwide "AWK AWK!!! SOCIALIST!!!" loonytunes conspiracy theory requiring collusion between millions and millions of scientists and govs alike, like the simplest explanation is that, not that their less than adequate brains have been filled with garbage by a few hundred industry industry owners and their shills. I would like to know when the day is gonna arrive where responsible media no longer publishes garbage like this article. His kind are a gross minority worldwide and in increasing one in this country as its citizens begin to live "climate change".


Man certainly contributes to discomfort on this planet to themselves by selfish means, but Earth could care less. Nothing we do will keep it from going on for millions of years. Those who are willing to live without all the conveniences of modern man, there are primitive islands still available. But unfortunately, the billions of humans left will indulge.


Sea level is not rising. There is too much on the islands making them sink. Time to close out any future development before there is nothing left. Drive down NC 12 to Cedar Island. What used to be pine forest is now dead stumps in a marsh.


"Democrats Expect Terrified Children to Lead the Climate Propaganda Push" by John Klar

David Collins

Son, you have a point that few have pondered. When dredging occurs and the sand is relocated, where does the sand that fills in the dredged channels come from ? The surrounding areas would be the most logical . That would make those areas “sink” due to sand starvation . When municipalities draw up water for public use the fresh water table is exhausted allowing salt water to flow inland to replace the fresh . This happened on Cape Cod in the 70s , due to too many fresh water wells . Mega farming , open ground farms and the like , use huge quantities of water for irrigation. Something has to replace it so the supply eventually turns brackish. Some trees can not live in a semi salt water environment. Areas along the Cape Fear River have the same problem although the salt water tidal boar that arrives with each high tide probably does not help the problem . In Asia , the cities of Jakarta , Manila , Mumbai and Shanghai are known to be sinking with areas below mean sea level. Sort of like the 7th parish in New Orleans . You are quire correct. Way too much development where development should not occur . We do this to ourselves , every day .



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