Trouble won’t leave former Vice President Joe Biden.

Now running for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, he faces questions on the past business dealings of his son, Hunter, in the Ukraine and China — and what he as vice president did in relations with those countries while Hunter collected massive checks from businesses willing to pay for his “expertise.” Though he had absolutely no expertise — none.

A video resurrected by Victor Skinner at shows then NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw highlighting an Aug. 25, 2008, Wall Street Journal story that pointed out “Biden’s candidacy … is bringing new scrutiny to his family’s business dealings, especially those of his son Hunter, 38 years old.”

Mr. Brokaw asked Sen. Biden about an arrangement with MBNA, a Delaware credit company, that “hired Hunter Biden on a six-figure salary and paid then Sen. Joe Biden hundreds of thousands more in campaign contributions to win his favor.

“Wasn’t it inappropriate,” asked Mr. Brokaw, “for someone like you in the middle of all this to have your son collecting money from this big credit card company while you were on the floor protecting its interests?

 “That’s a reference to your son being hired right out of law school by a big company here in Delaware that’s in the credit card business, MBNA,” said Mr. Brokaw. “He got about $100,000 a year, as I recall. You received $214,000 in campaign contributions from the company and from its employees.

“At the same time,” continued Mr. Brokaw, “you were fighting for a bankruptcy bill that MBNA really wanted to get passed through the Senate making it much tougher for everyone to file bankruptcy,” he said. “Sen. Obama was opposed to the bill. Among other things, you couldn’t in fact claim that you had a problem because of big medical bills. You voted against an amendment that would call for a warning on predatory lending. You also opposed efforts to strengthen the protection of people in bankruptcy.

“This is an issue that you’ve heard about before. Your son was working for the company at the same time. In retrospect, wasn’t it inappropriate for someone like you in the middle of all this to have your son collecting money from the big credit card company while you were on the floor protecting its interests?” Mr. Brokaw asked.

“Absolutely not,” replied Mr. Biden. “My son graduated from Yale Law School. The starting salary on Wall Street is $140,000 a year as a lawyer, options he had. “He came home to work for a bank, surprise, surprise.”

So as he is trying to do now, Mr. Biden maintained in August 2008 that there was no conflict of interest, that everything was on the up-and-up.

Those who refuse to acknowledge Mr. Biden’s bullying and coercion of Ukrainian authorities — to cite one example which we’ve reported — Dec. 7-8, 2015, when he said that if the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son and the company for which he worked was not fired the United States would not give Ukraine $1 billion in American aid, are blind.

Mr. Biden was clearly guilty of abusing his power as American vice president.

Caught in a trap, he is trying to deflect attention to President Trump and a charge that Mr. Trump asked the Ukrainian president to look into what Mr. Biden said.

Should he win the Democratic Party’s nomination, the shenanigans, to use a polite word, in which he’ll engage, will prove calamitous.

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Creepy Joe has been running hustles for about 40 years, this is no surprise to America. He would like to thank all the taxpayers for his lavish wealth, and all the steak dinners you folks have afforded him!


It's evident that our president and his minions see Joe Biden as a serious threat to his reign. So attack, attack. Disregard facts and civility. Just attack and attack and the unknowing, the uncaring, will believe and follow.

I imagine this page will be spending a lot of ink spreading whatever garbage the Trump campaign passes on in its attempt to derail the latest threat to the realm.


Trump Is WINNING Over The "Never Trumpers," Democrats And Media Continue Downward Spiral [ ]


Wonder why BO told him he didn't have to run? Serious threat to his legacy?

David Collins

Kenwood, Biden admitted he used his influence, a billion dollars worth, to get the Ukrainian prosecutor, that was investigating his sons involvement in a shady deal, fired. He bragged about it to the news media, on film. What is it about this issue you do not understand? That is all this is about. Geeeeze, crickets!


According to one source Hunter is resigning from that China-backed deal. Guess daddy can help what junior does when it affects the old man.


Harry has warned his fellow democrooks that our president is "very, very smart" and he will not be a pushover. He should also pass it on to the backstabbing RINO Mitt the nitwit that he helped BO to defeat by admittedly lying and later laughingly saying he lost didn't he.


Well , well, everyone remembers fast and furious, , this is what should have been going on for the past 40 years. [ ] [cool]


Our current president is trading favors for his daughter to get a patent from China while the rest of his entitled brood jet set around the world on the taxpayer dime drumming up business for Trump international. Business is booming for Trump now that he can scam off the govmt' test. Bending over for Turkey so they can slaughter Christians and other ethnic minorities in Syria. How's that Trump tower in Turkey doing? Maybe the news times can run a story about the 10,000 Isis prisoners now loose because of Trump. Fake news indeed.

David Collins

My, my. We do have a vivid imagination and fast and loose with the numbers as well. Folks have wanted us to exit from America’s longest war for years. Now Mr. Trump is trying to do just that. Still we hear whining and complaints about him doing what the folks elected him to do. Can not have it both ways! The Middle East is a totally mucked up place and shown no signs of changing. People will die, every day, all in the name of some God forsaken religion and a scramble to control resources. Just the way our world seems to work. Get over it, good by and good riddance. Sadly, am quite sure that we will be back in the thick of things at a later date.


CNN Whistleblower EXPOSES Hard Proof Of Networks Anti-Trump Bias, Project Veritas Reports [ ] Yea, ok there benelli, you been watching too much fake cnn news.


If you will elect him he promises he & his family won't be as corrupt as when he was VP. Son says he had bad judgement. Looks like it is a cloud over his head like that cartoon character. At least they keep it in the family.


"Missing the Bigger Picture in Kurdish Syria" by Robert L. Maginnis, Lt Col US Army, Ret.

David Collins

Corruption is in the eyes of the beholders and is acceptable as long as it meets the desires of those that would profit from it. China and the NBA appears to be a prime example.

David Collins

Apparently the cat is out of the bag on Biden this AM. More admissions of this for that. If all these secret Democrat only investigatory meetings are so secret, just where are all these transcripts coming from? This is what I meant earlier about the D’s never taking things seriously. To them all this is just fun and games. An excuse for not doing their jobs and that is itself criminal.


Most of the cr@p they don't want to admit. [ ] [wink]

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