Pandemic threatens voter integrity

Monday’s lawsuit by Democrat legal groups to loosen North Carolina’s rules for mail-in absentee ballots is part of a nationwide effort to reduce the integrity of the country’s voting system and should cause all voters to be concerned, particularly in North Carolina.

The state’s voter rolls are already suspect as a result of a large number of inactive voters still being maintained contrary to the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NRVA). Adding the possibility of absentee ballots being used, these inactive voters, many who are no longer active residents or deceased, can be used effectively to sway elections, particularly highly contested elections as we are expecting in November.

In early April, Judicial Watch, a non-profit conservative group seeking government transparency, initiated a lawsuit against Guilford and Mecklenburg counties contending they have violated the NVRA. The voter registration act provides for the removal of the names of registrants who have failed to respond to an address confirmation notice and then have also failed to vote in the next two general federal elections. Federal law makes the removal of these inactive voters mandatory.

According to Judicial Watch about 17 per cent of North Carolina’s registrations are inactive, making the state the fifth highest in the nation for inactive voters. Nineteen counties have 20 percent inactive voters, and three counties register 25 per cent inactive. According to Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch president, “Large proportions of these registrations have shown no activity for over 5 years and that was before the 2014 elections!”

Now because of the pandemic, groups across the country are pushing states to ease up on rules regarding absentee balloting by mail, which can easily accommodate ballot abuse or harvesting by individuals or parties. With relaxed mail-in-ballot rules, ballots sent to inactive voters can be intercepted by individuals or groups which can vote, sign and return the ballots without any need for identification other than a signature. In most cases the harvested ballots won’t be contested since most election boards lack the sophisticated technology to compare signatures. And unless the formerly inactive voter does seek to cast a ballot there is little chance the bogus vote will be stopped.

A recent April AP-NORC poll shows that “America’s support for mail-in voting has jumped amid concerns about the safety of polling places during the coronavirus pandemic.” The poll further indicates that there is a partisan divide with Republicans opposed and Democrats far more supportive of conducting elections exclusively by mail, 29 per cent versus 47 per cent respectively.

The North Carolina lawsuit promoting easier mail-in balloting was filed Monday in Wake county by the Right to Vote Redistricting Foundation which is affiliated with former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s group, the National Redistricting Committee.

Using the excuse that the COVID-19 pandemic will result in a potential health challenge for those casting ballots at the polls, Holder’s group contends that mail-in balloting will become a widespread practice nationwide. Among the provisions sought in the lawsuit are prepaid postage on all absentee ballots; a nine-day extension beyond election day for receipt of the ballots; and a means for voters to fix signature discrepancies before election officials reject ballots where signatures appear to be inaccurate or in error.

The former Attorney General has a willing accomplice in this effort. Karen Brinson Bell, Executive Director of the State Board of Elections, has asked the legislature to enact a slate of measures to further loosen absentee ballot rules beyond those sought by Mr. Holder’s group.

Ms. Bell is proposing the elimination of a “wet signature” on a piece of paper whereby the absentee ballots can be examined to assure that signatures match. And to make the process even less traceable, she is proposing that absentee ballot requests be available through an online portal.

Expressing frustration with the growing efforts among state boards of elections to promote mail-in balloting, Judical Watch President Fitton notes, “I don’t consider this a right-vs- left issue.” He contends that removing voter identification procedures and failing to keep clean voter rolls creates a “pool from which bad guys can draw to commit voter fraud.”

The iconic New York Times 2005 photo of three Iraqi women holding up hands stained with indelible ink showing that they had defied death threats, mortar attacks and suicide bombers to cast their first vote in over 50 years stands in stark contrast with efforts underway across the nation to promote mail-in balloting for the sake of convenience.

The integrity of our electoral system demands a fearlessness as demonstrated by those Iraqi women, otherwise our democratic republic as we know it, is doomed.








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If you don't believe mail in votes will open the doors to more voter fraud, I've got a beachfront property in Idaho for you. Roy Cooper knows this is the only way he will win re-election. He's going to ride this Pandemic for all it's worth.

Livin in Paradise

Five states currently conduct all elections entirely by mail: Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah. I suggest that you look to determine if these states have any statistically significant fraud claims, before you state it has fraud.


Why change anything? Voting by mail would be an obvious disaster. Move on

David Collins

Freedom is never free or convenient . There are so many ways that mail in ballots can be tampered with . Just think of a worst case scenario and chances are it has already happened . In person voting is the only way to be reasonably sure that one person casts one vote . Anything else is just whistling in the dark . Plus , seeing that the Democrats are pushing this as hard as they are should set off alarm bells . Hopefully someone is listening .


Common Sense is what's threatening these TDS wacko's!


Holder & his old boss have continued full steam ahead their crooked schemes since they left office. Anything they're pushing should be suspect. Fitton is right that this shouldn't be a left or right issue because either could & have used it to their advantage. The fact that the left is pushing it & the right isn't is all you need to know.


If you failed to vote in the previous two general elections then you should not be allowed to vote by mail. Simply do not provide that person a mail in ballot. No different than absentee voting.


No matter who you vote for President in the next election, it will be the wrong choice.

David Collins

Had one of those annoying texts yesterday , supposedly from a gal I have never heard of , extolling the virtues of voting by mail , including a pitch for support for the cause . All the more reason not to have voting by mail .


The writer implies voter fraud is limited to one side of the political spectrum or to one party. Not so. Remember the 2018 election where the Republican candidate and his campaign staff in the sand hills area of our state were caught tampering with absentee votes.


No, the wrong choice is voting for socialism/communism or not voting which in effect is voting for socialism/communism.


Correct. The only voter fraud in this state with absentee ballots was in the 9th congressional district, by Republicans. Our president votes by mail. Our military votes by mail.

David Collins

Fraud knows no party lines . Let’s not give fraud a chance . Would be really nice to be able to have faith in something these days .


Fear, Credibility, and the Threat of a Police State [ ]

David Collins

Heard on the local news today that the D’s are seeing the state to allow mass voting by mail . No surprise at that but it gets better . The ballots do not need to be witnessed or mailed in , so no postmark necessary , and will be counted for up to 9 days AFTER The election . Yeah , no opportunity for fraud here ! Once again , the truth is stranger than fiction .

David Collins

Suing not seeing . Darn that quick fill .


OH MY GOD , BIDEN DROPS OUT!?! (Cedes WIN TO TRUMP????) [ ] <----- Strange...


Allowing this type of voting indicates we have lost our collective minds. The fraud potential is vast, indeed. Regardless of what some other states have or have not done, this is an insane idea. Do we really want to jeopardize our liberties due to laziness?

Livin in Paradise

You do realize that vote by mail currently works in Utah, a Republican stronghold !!! The only ones that can cheat of commit fraud are the poll workers and people serving on election boards. Plus how would multiple precincts collude to fix an election. Finally, I'm guessing you have no idea how vote by mail actually works.


NO NEED THIS YEAR, trump is the only live candidate, SO, ITS KINDA POINTLESS, SORRY. (we'll talk about it later when it's relevant)

David Collins

I have heard that some states use mail in ballots as well as absentee ballots . Do I know if it works , heck I don’t know . I do know that it is used in a limited number of cases here in N.C. . Never done It myself . Guess there is a procedure where you identify yourself and request one . At the point of issuance a notation is made that you will be using a mail in ballot . Should your smiling face show up at the polls you would be turned away .

Now , if we switch to a total mail in ballot system the ballots would be sent to your last known address . People die or just move away . You may or not be at that address . So , now we have a ballot in the hands of someone that can fill it out , send it in and then go forth and vote again . Pretty simple thing to do . Especially with no voter IDs required . Some states are quite well known for allowing the dead to vote . A tradition , if you will . There is no perfect way to do this but why open the process up to inevitable fraud . There are scamsters all around us and that is a fact . No one political party has a lock on fraud or honesty as well . Way too much money and power riding on your vote .


"Mail-in is ballots make voter fraud easy. I know because I did it." By Margaret Menge.

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