Aside from all the calls on the political left for President Trump’s scalp through impeachment — which may come into focus soon — other subjects deserve comment.

Last week Mr. Trump rightfully said he will revoke California’s plan to set its own tailpipe emissions standards — all in the name of global warming.

Despite promises from California’s elected officials to take the issue to court with allegations that he is serving big oil companies, the federal government — not California, not Michigan, not Rhode Island, not North Carolina, or any other state, is the only entity that should have the power to dictate standards requiring vehicle manufacturers to adhere to nationwide standards. It should not, nor should it have ever been, an individual state that could legally decree its own specific, individual, criteria.

Were that the case, what is to stop each of America’s 50 states from creating their own climate regulations? Nothing.

Admittedly, California, and California alone, has been exempt from federal regulations setting limitations on pollutants from vehicles. While that should have never been permitted, it’s time for change.

Under the Obama administration, which is no surprise that such occurred, California lobbied and obtained permission from the federal government to set its own policy regarding vehicle emissions. Which, because acceding to California’s demands, vehicle manufacturers had to build cars and trucks that met California’s priorities, which were higher than national standards and thus a nationwide price hike on vehicles for all consumers.

Commenting that the waiver should go, National Review said the Trump administration should also nix the Obama-era rules that required fuel economy to hit nearly 55 miles per gallon on average by 2025, “a far-fetched goal that could force car companies to sell electric vehicles at a loss to bring down the average fuel economy of their overall fleets. Freezing the standards after next year, as the administration plans to do, could reduce the future price of a car by thousands of dollars — and also reduce motor vehicle fatalities because one way carmakers increase fuel efficiency is to make cars lighter and more dangerous.”

Pointing out that nothing stops car companies from making more fuel efficient cars if Americans want to buy and are willing to pay for them — and several companies have already struck a deal with California to do just that — “the government,” adds National Review, “should not force the industry to meet unreasonable standards, force customers to pay for it, or allow California to set national policy.”

America’s federal government should and must be the rule setter when it comes to national standards.

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David Collins

In true government fashion these standards are all mucked up. There should be standards for gasoline powered vehicles that are separated from LP power, diesel and electric. Each is measured separately and not combined to achieve a certain number. It is a confusing mess at the moment. To give credit to the industry, vehicles have never been better in all ways. Especially in increased mileage along with vastly decreased emissions. That is with the exception of the electrical systems. Today’s rolling computers are great until something acts up and then the nightmare often starts. Standardized systems could tone the repair bills down due to the savings of scale, eliminating specialized bits and pieces. The quest for something new and groundbreaking comes with a wallet braking expense.


"Admittedly, California, and California alone, has been exempt from federal regulations setting limitations on pollutants from vehicles. While that should have never been permitted, it’s time for change."

You've lost me. How is California exempt from federal regulations followed by "While that should have never been permitted." California has never been exempt from federal regulations anymore than Alaska. Read "federal." California instituted more rigorous regulations. Apparently the self serving Republican mantle/hypocrisy of states' rights doesn't apply here. Lastly, Trump's interference in this matter is now irrelevant. He's (Trump) toast.

David Collins

Not so fast, crabpot . At this time Trump is going nowhere but up.

California has a self created problem and is desperately trying to dig itself out of it. Good luck with that due to their total blindness to plain old common sense. They continually shoot them selves in the foot on most issues. Idealists without any real world experience due tend to do that. Let us hope and pray, if that is your thing , that the west coast disease does not arrive here.


I'm sure Gavin Newsome would find your concerns inspirational. Here's his contact info. so you can express directly -

Governor Gavin Newsom

1303 10th Street, Suite 1173

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 445-2841

Fax: (916) 558-3160

You can also e-mail him via this page -

Lastly, He's (Trump) toast.


Buh..buh..what about STATES Rights? California has every right to enact laws their voters approve of. Statutory (State) Laws can be more restrictive than federal laws. For example our state laws relating to air quality exceed federal standards. If Californians don't like the laws their elected officials are creating they can speak with their ballot, and elect new representatives. That's the way government is supposed to work! Put your partisanship aside, this is just another instance of Trump doing the bidding of his masters.

David Collins

Sounds like the Governor has his own problems as of today . Seems like folks have had enough .


Closest to toast currently is Joe. So, that's one down and how many to go? Eliminated one-by-one in the primary. Same plan will probably work with these clowns. Pocahontas most likely although HC is making her move to the inside again. Won't that be sweet?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA [ ] Trump raised over 5 million dollars on plastic straws alone in less then 19 hours............... hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


I demand that everyone in NC goes back to Horse and buggy! This will fix any problems, now and in the future! Problem solved, your welcome.


Trump is my President. I voted for him, I support him, I believe in him. I don't believe in the democrats to do anything but ruin our country. Leave my President alone. Advance at your own peril.

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