Liberal mayors in major urban communities are now on the receiving end of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and the resulting civil unrest and the timing couldn’t be better. Initiated as a protest of community disengagement and dismissal of racial divides in the large cities, the movement has become a Marxist endeavor to foment civil unrest with the expressed purpose to destroy our democratic republic.

The BLM attacks of these liberal mayors bring to mind the famous Mary Shelley novel, Frankenstein. In that novel, young scientist Victor Frankenstein creates the “Creature” from non-living matter that destroys those who care for it and eventually turns on its creator, Dr. Frankenstein.

That same story, considered the be the first of the science fiction genre, is now being played out on the stage of reality in urban communities as rioters, using BLM as their shield, are targeting the mayors and local officials who have supported them. In two cities, Portland and Seattle, the mayors have gone out of their way to facilitate the BLM demonstrations including participating in the demonstrations, only to end up being attacked by the very protestors they supported.

Emboldened by these liberal mayors’ timid responses to the BLM protests that have regularly degraded into riotous anarchy in commercial districts, the demonstrators have moved their actions to residential communities, singling out those districts where elected officials live.

A recent Washington Post article noted that “in city after city, crowds have marched on residential streets calling for racial justice and police changes, prompting pushback from elected officials and some of their neighbors.”

The Post reported that “Protesters and police clashed outside the Pittsburgh mayor’s home for a second consecutive night Wednesday in an encounter that ended with tear gas, as the American summer of unrest made its way to another public official’s front door.” Yet, that event had little impact on Mayor Bill Peduto, who complained after a protestor was arrested, that he had concerns about the actions of the police protecting his and his neighbor’s homes from unruly demonstrators.

Protestors in Seattle marched to the home of Police Chief Carmen Best; she denounced them as “aggressive,” taking “direct actions against elected officials” according the Washington Post article.

The article points to other instances such as demonstrators targeting the homes of D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and the vandalism of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s home despite the displayed Black Lives Matter poster in a window.

And then there are the attacks on the mayors of both Seattle and Portland, two cities that have seen support and even participation from these senior elected officials.

It is ironic that these elected officials see the need to protect themselves and their neighborhoods with the very police departments that they support defunding. “I have an obligation to keep my home, my wife, my 12-year-old and my neighbors safe,” Chicago Mayor Lightfoot reportedly stated in a news briefing. “The deployments that are there (in the mayor’s neighborhood) are there when they are necessary….I have a right to make sure that my home is safe,” according to the Post article.

President Trump was pilloried for his calls to these mayors demanding that they take aggressive actions against these demonstrators as their “peaceful protests” degraded into riotous anarchy. Now the scene has changed as these urban leaders who criticized the President for his efforts to counter the civil unrest and anarchy, are themselves the target of the organizations they publicly supported.

Former Vice President Joe Biden identified four key planks of his campaign Thursday night as he accepted the mantle of the Democrat nominee in the upcoming presidential election. He noted the need for recovery from the ongoing pandemic, recovery from the subsequent economic disaster resulting from the pandemic, recovery from the racial discord (promoted by his party) and renewed relationships with America’s allies.

It is worth noting that the Democrat nominee did not mention a solution to the civil unrest that is threatening metropolitan communities, driving residents and businesses to consider relocating in safer, more stable communities.

Maybe now that the liberal elected leaders in these metropolitan communities are on the receiving end of the anarchy they’ve helped create, the Democrat nominee will have incentive to focus on law and order as a fifth issue of concern. Or maybe the civil unrest festering in these communities is what liberals want, which will restrain the Democrat candidate from providing a solution.

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David Collins

As long as these elected officials get free protection courtesy of the taxpayers nothing will change . Same goes for Biden Harris . No one needs a dose of reality more than those clowns .


Can't believe the good editor is quoting the Washington Post. Haven't you heard it's all "fake news."


The Washington Post may not be "fake" news, but they are certainly considered by most to have a liberal bias.  

They often publish information that utilizes loaded words to favor liberal causes.  


Hmmmmm. I have to agree. It’s their (libs) ugly they have to live with it BUT I promise you their personal security details are armed to the hilt with...wait for it...GUNS...ugly nasty man killing guns that we deplorables want for our personal defense of home and family. Biden...”just shoot a double barrel shotgun in the air from your porch”. You can’t make this stuff up!


Strategic violence with elected officials, corporations & many others supporting these self-proclaimed Marxists organizations that are well funded, well organized & well trained to carry out their destructive mayhem against innocent people & property. We all know or should know who they are & anybody who votes for politicians who support, agree with or remain neutral with these criminals are as anti-American as it gets. This election will be the most important of our lifetime.


100% agree, dc.

My mind just can't wrap around how some folks can ignore the destructive mayhem that is going on in this country.

I know we need some police reform, but to let our country go through so much violence, without supporting the police departments, is totally unacceptable.


There are extremist Dem/liberals that want to burn down the country/steal everything in sight/bring much harm to others etc etc and there are the moderate dems/liberals that want them to do this or at the very least will not condemn it.


That's right, sleep. There's a reason Martin Luther King didn't march at night.


The mayor in the burning city of Wisconsin is what? A dem...of course. The liberal fake news is claiming it’s peaceful protests...whatever, city’s on fire! A couple more years of burning down the holes and the parasites will be looking for another host. Much like katrina scattered the parasites to other parts of the country.


In the news a young lady in Georgetown, SC getting ready for college to pursue a teaching degree meeting with her stepfather & a friend of family happened to be on front lawn when a thug pulled in drive-way striking her car. He shoots all three killing her & stepdad & wounding friend. Sickening listening to constant news drumbeat ofthe sorry D politicians, ball players, etc. being concerned about police-connected shootings with seemingly NO regard for regular citizens & LE killed in cold blood. Only certain lives matter depending on your politics. Listening to crybaby KH is also beyond sickening. Hopefully, regular citizens will send message in this election to D politicians, Hollywood, sports world, etc that everyday citizens have had enough.


Yes dc and the guy that shot/killed this girl and her step-dad......his black life doesn't matter.


Exactly mpjeep. More TOTALLY innocent murder victims going about their daily lives doing NOTHING to cause their senseless murder & taken from their loved ones versus criminals like Floyd dying loaded with the deadly drug fentanyl while encountering LE responding to his criminal behavior. And, there's a woman vying for VP of greatest country on earth along with her sickening D Leftist brethren advocating for these criminals & their supporters while ignoring their innocent victims. Nothing short of infuriating.


A senator & his wife attacked by a mob in the nation's Capitol. Surely well-funded, organized & trained by Leftist organizations like by who do you think? Can imagine why there's no condemnation from one ex-president but where are Carter, Clinton, & Bush in not condemning these federal crimes? Will wait.


Not sure what the other Ex-Presidents said, but Clinton said :"I did Not have Sex with that Woman".


I sometimes feel that there are outside forces (China,Russia,Iran) causing some of this division in our country. Lots of fanning the coals to get the fire going again. I don't even think the major news corporations can get a grip on what's happening for sure, so much misinformation, not sure who is telling the truth.Something is pulling on our country's strings! ???


I keep asking my fellow citizens...the liberal is anyone supposed to sit down and have a meaningful dialogue with “those” folks? Another big city there was a rumor of a police shooting of a black dude...straight to looting ie stealing expensive clothes, tennis shoes and brown liquor. Come to find out the perp was indeed armed with a firearm and killed himself...suicide. this the way it’s going to be...if you’re black; you can basically do whatever you want with everyone knowing that if the police interfere that the community will steal everything and burn everything down? The $$$ counter is ticking away on reparations...I’m thinking the black community now owes the country.


The phrase liberty and justice for all represents the idea that each citizen is "equal under the law".

But Liberal Mayors, Governors and District Attorneys have changed that because they have changed the "Rule of Law".


When Biden finally came out of the basement to make a speech on August 31, 2020, he claimed that Trump was the problem for rioting across the country.

I doubt if anyone believes this statement, not even drewski.

How silly and absurd....Trump has offered federal support for riots, and for the most part, has been turned down by liberals.

And did you notice that Biden didn't take any questions from reporters?

Biden is like a Parrot.....tell him what to say and he will say it.

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