“On this January day, my whole soul is in this: bringing America together, uniting our people, uniting our nation. And I ask every American to join me in this cause.” Those were the words of President Joe Biden on January 20, 2021 in his inaugural address after taking his oath of office as the nation’s 46th President.

That speech stands in stark contrast to his comments just a few days ago in Statuary Hall in the Capitol Building during which he accentuated the political and social divide that has become so visceral in the country that it is affecting friends and family.

During his inaugural address, President Biden sought to be a unifier and with the initiation of his administration sought to avoid the controversy swirling around his contested election. But as his administration and policies began to collapse either through heightened congressional disputes or failed leadership, his advisors pushed for a more forceful and reactionary response from the President to growing criticism of his administration.

That pugilistic response was most obvious Thursday during his celebration of the January 6, 2021 riots in Washington D.C. that resulted in hundreds of people arrested after forcing their way into the Capitol Building and in some instances just walking in with the apparent approval of Capitol guards as seen on digital recordings.

The use of the word ‘celebration’ is intentional because that is exactly what took place as Democrat legislators surrounded the raised podium erected in Statuary Hall Thursday to hear remarks from the President, the Vice President and Congressional leaders. The sole purpose of the event, one that should have invoked retrospection of all elected leaders considering the very division that is apparent at every level of community and government, was designed to highlight the growing national political divide.

That January event has been and continues to be described incorrectly as an insurrection when in fact it was an emotional, and by all indications, spontaneous reaction by President Trump’s supporters who felt that the election was fraudulent. The subsequent breach of the Capitol Building was quickly politicized by Democrats and the major media as a way to damage the support for President Trump who had lost the election by a fraction of votes, and in the process further enhance what is now recognized as a weak alternative – President Joseph R. Biden.

But rather than use the January 6 event as an opportunity to bind the political wounds that continue one year later, as he promised in his inaugural address, the president sought the deepen the continuing national divide.

He and the other speakers, using hyperbole and religious metaphors, worked to create a scene that even historians will question in the years ahead. Describing that day, the President noted, “…one year ago today, in this sacred place (obviously the President sees Statuary Hall as a religious structure) democracy was attacked ….the will of the people was under assault. The Constitution faced the gravest of threats.”

And what were these threats? They were an unruly mob that had no clear objective other than to express frustration and anger at an institution that they considered to be uncaring or deficient in leading the country. There is no question that the outburst and destruction were wrong. The participants are being charged and will pay dearly for their mindless actions.

Describing the scene of that day, the President noted, “This wasn’t a group of tourists. This was an armed insurrection.” Yet moments before that statement he noted that the rioters were armed with “flags on poles being used as weapons, as spears. Fire extinguishers being thrown at the heads of police officers.” Hardly the weapons of an armed insurrection.

But for the president to paint a picture totally divorced from reality does little to solve the underlying cause- a distrust of government- and furthers the growing distrust of the president, Congress and government at every level.

This January 6 event played into the hands of the president’s advisors as they’ve sought to distract the nation from his expanding failed policies to include his failed promise to corral the COVID-19 pandemic; a failing economy exacerbated by the highest inflation in 40 years; a failed departure (some would say retreat) from Afghanistan that left hundreds of U.S. citizens and allies behind; and now a growing threat of international conflict with China and Russia. These failures are adding up to a national disaster for the president, his administration and particularly the Democrat party.

Now the president can add yet another failure to this list- his failure to unify the country as he promised just 12 months ago.

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It's hard to find words. This latest tirade by the good editor is surely over the top. He has firmly positioned himself with those who support the violent over-through of our government. To put in otherwise, traitors. How someone in his position can preach such distortions of fact is not only disgraceful but dangerous as well. For him to state that the January 6 attack on our Capitol was not an insurrection, but an emotional, spontaneous reaction, is not just shutting his eyes to the truth but siding with and supporting those rioters, the riot, and the violent over through of our government. He has firmly placed himself in bed with the traitors. There is no other way to interpret his piece. How sad for him and our country.

David Collins

That dog and pony show on Thursday was rather sickening . So carefully scripted , for the most misguided drama and negativity , it left a lasting effect on all who watched . Hopefully lasting into the midterms and beyond . These folks gotta go , just go away from whence you came .

Led off by #2 , cackles Harris in mock seriousness hardly suppressed a laugh as she dutifully read from the teleprompter in mock seriousness the frightful events of that day . Gross misrepresentations of what actually occurred leaving more questions than answers . Root causes ?

Then the highlight was when she introduced the #1 “ our beloved president “ as if no one knew who he was . Perhaps many still can’t believe that he is actually president and in charge of our nation . So he totters to the podium and focuses on the teleprompter to regurgitate pretty much what #2 just stated , with his most serious face mask on as well . Sure he went on to other subjects , none new or enlightening but his real knowledge of much is lacking . Needs more time to think these days with his new dog on the beach . Certainly not here where decisive leadership is needed . Heck , he has over 400 staffers to make any decisions necessary for the well-being of our country . All he has to do is what he is told to do and on that day it was make a mountain out of a bump in the road brought on by severe dissatisfaction whit is going on in government . The same government he has been a part of for what , 35 or more years ?

Oh yeah , it is all Trumps fault .

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Russia, China, Iran, B Korea now use propaganda from right wing radio host like Sean Hannity and Fix News clips to spread lies about America to their people.

See, told you us Republicans knows what’s best for the world.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

The goal of the rioters was to Stop the Steal.

What does "stop the steal" mean? Shoplifting?

Hmmm. It's almost as if the plan was to delay the certification so that GOP legislators would have time to force hearings and and allow 7 contested States to be decided by state legislatures.....ultimately keeping Donald Trump in power.

Wait. I just realized that is that Bannon and Navarro and Trump and Josh hawley and gomhert were thinking the same thing! So it WAS an attempt to steal the the presidency after all. Interesting.

Several Republican and Democrat leaders made a point that they would return Jan 6 to make sure that didn’t happen, so keep downplaying it.

Keep saying it’s all a sham.

But Trump almost got away with making the constitution really cause a problem for the election.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Is the good editor going to do a piece on Sean Hannity and Fox News serving as State media?

Some very interesting text messages were exchanged between Hannity, Jim Jordan and Mark meadows, i bet Trump isn’t too happy with them boys talking junk about his mental capacity and pointing to the Coning insurrection.

Here’s s little something from one of Trump’s aides in regards to Jan 6, can’t believe the good editor left it out. Quoted from Stephanie Grisham.

“He was in the dining room gleefully watching on his TV as he often did, [saying] ‘Look at all the people fighting for me’, hitting rewind, watching it again, that’s all that I know,” she said.

Only the facts mam!


"make a mountain out of a bump in the road brought on by severe dissatisfaction whit is going on in government . "

It seems the rewrite of history is almost complete in least in some minds. That angry mob whipped up by then president trump attacking the capitol should just be forgotten about " tou heal and unite the country"

Hogwash! the gop would like us all to forget about jan 6th, poor ted cruz called it a terrorist attack and has been wimpering in remorse ever since.

Biden called it accurately, trump still continues to push the stolen election narrative, the balance of his 3 pacs reflects it. Trump cannot stand the word loser, and can not admit ever that he lost anything. Always a reason,always an excuse, always others to blame. When rational arguments fail lets make a comparison to the riots over the summer. many of the capitol riot defendants have changed their tune and blame trump for their actions. They are saying what all folks say when finally confronted with the truth of their own behavior.

" I didn't know, I was misled"


There is no reason to try and reason with Trump zombies. No brain activity. They just continue to try validate the sickness they have succumbed to with a fairy tale version of events. They do not understand why everyone cannot see that the dirty democrats have plotted and carried out every ill we suffer? So obvious to them even though their proof is opinion only, no facts to support their claims.

Although, there was a glimmer of hope with the statement "...it is all Trump's fault."


More have been killed and injured at rock concerts. What a joke.


So it's ok to desecrate property and injure Federal employees? You say the election was close, but don't mention the recent Republican presidents who won despite getting less votes than the Democratic nominee. George Bush Jr in 2000 and Donald Trump in 2016.


One might wonder just what the widow of police officer Jeffrey Smith might think of the good editors' description of the January 6 insurrection as nothing but an emotional, spontaneous reaction. As well as others who lost loved ones as a result of the insurrection. An insurrection inspired, financed, and led by none other than the good editor's savior.


To hear VP Harris compare this day to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor turned my stomach. This, coming from the woman who funneled bail money to the BLM/Antifa thugs who burned our cities in 2020. I guess it just depends on whether the rioters are pro-Trump or anti-Trump.

Carteret Native 01

It's about time that President Biden stood up and described the insurrection and it's instigator, none other that Trump, for exactly what they are: un-American and anti-democratic. Biden speaks truth and the poor editor of this paper is wounded. Crocodile tears, mister editor. Trump continues with lies and is followed blindly by grown republicans who know better.


If only Trump's vaccine actually worked.

John Rickabaugh

While I do tire of saying to you "there you go again", you just keep going there.

If there has been a divisive and flailing failure in our White House in my lifetime, it is not Joe Biden, it was Donald Trump. A New York real estate shyster and compulsive liar who never wanted to be president in the first place and failed in every conceivable way with the exception of passing tax cuts for billionaires and making the USA the embarassment of the free world and a friend to tyrants and dictators everywhere. Coddling up to the likes of Vladimir Putin, Viktor Orban, Kim Jong Un, Mohammad Bin Salman, and Xi Jinping. Don't let those pesky China tariffs dissuade you, Trump was in the can for Xi as long as there was money to be made for his family business. Biden didn't negotiate with the Taliban and decide to cut and run - that was Trump who set those wheels in motion. Oil prices and inflation are largely tied to worldwide supply and demand, and last I checked the US government and presidency only run the US economy, not the rest of the world's. As for COVID, well ... we don't really even need to mention who bungled that from the get go, do we? Hint: it was someone who said it would be gone in April 2020 because of ... spring temperatures, and advocated bleach consumption and unproven pharmaceuticals, and who nearly died from the disease while being a one-man walking talking superspreader event. Credit where due - the Trump administration did shepherd the development of the vaccines, but then did a 180 and eschewed them to the masses through radical right wing media while getting vaccinated themselves. But, you know - hypocrisy and amnesia are litmus tests for the GOP these days.

Jan 6th happened. It was an attempted coup. The rioters' intent was to disrupt and impede the processes of government of these United States, and it was organized, supported, and carried out by radical right wing Trumpists. It was also sharply criticized by GOP leaders Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell in the aftermath, before they forgot what they'd remembered being a truly patriotic American really was about: preserving and protecting our nation, its citizens, and our constitution.

So say what you will about Joe Biden, but he is giving America a chance at not being an autocratic, nationalistic, myopic, xenophobic, intolerant oligarchy. It is unfortunate that we as a nation may squander that opportunity, but there's always a chance that democracy, compassion, patriotism, foresight, shared sacrifice, tolerance, and good governance of the people, by the people, and for the people will prevail. May God help us if it doesn't.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

President Biden beat Donald Trump by 7 million votes!.

7 million!

Conald got beat, and beat badly.

I like winners. Winners are what built America.

I don’t like people that lose elections.

Conald is just like all those other losers , except he not only lost.

He got fired! I know it’s hard for such a big ego to know one thing.

President Joe Biden!

David Collins

This is great . Everyone has a different take on this subject and no one will be hauled out of bed and locked up for voicing it . That is the difference of living here or over there . Any problems with that ?


Whatever your station in life equating Pearl Harbor and 9/11 to 1/6 sends a message of sickness.


Very true statement, dc. Jan 6th was nothing in comparison.


JB doesn't even know he's president. Occasionally, he thinks it's KH but he's not sure because they both are controlled by BO through SR and her memo to file and their infamous insurance policy. VJ most be somewhere nearby whispering in BO's ear that he's the smartest in any room. The Left radicals must be beginning to worry because MO is mustering up the crooked crew with at least that one so far unindicted D gunslinger who was let go by the PC firm and their preparing suits just like before. Rs believe they may be in the cat bird's seat with all the Left's disasters with JB as their front guy. Don't get too confident because you might get preempted with that "it's too early" and then "it's too late" dual system of justice. Nunes may be able to save the night and day like he did before and outsmart froggy with all his Russian evidence and disinformation and all the others, who are too many to list, just in time to save the country again.


Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were contrived by foreign terrorists. Jan. 06, 2021 was/and continues to be perpetuated by domestic terrorists. None of the events are forgivable. The difference is that the first two events brought America together to protect our Republic. Trump's insurrection is doing more damage by separating this nation. True patriots are rallying to stop the "lies" and move forward. President Biden has the impossible task of deprogramming the Trump cult following and admonishing the politicians who cater to that mentality.

Yes, we all do have our own opinions and we can freely post them. But the difference is that some of us do not try and pass opinions as facts. We offer factual evidence to support our opinion. All the Trump fan club has are opinions based on conspiracy theories. Maybe the Ivermectin can cure that ill too.


NP says it must be an attitude of lawlessness but she doesn't know what's causing it. She also evidently has no problem with insider trading. She wants to ensure DT never gets the chance to run again. "Dereliction of duty"? Start with her, JB, KH and many more. Believe Patel said he tried to present documentation DT offered 10K or more NG that she and mayor refused and the "committee" had no interest. When help was offered previously to protect govt bldgs (e.g. courthouses, etc) the response was that would look like "storm troopers", or words to that effect. Why are her calls, texts, records, etc off limits after all they want transparency right? Lets find out what really happened and who is really derelict or maybe intentionally covering up sinister lawlessness way beyond tearing up a SOTU address. Can't retire soon enough.


Wait! Why haven’t you shut down the thread yet? Hard to believe you don’t see the seriousness of the insurrection…..


The real insurrection started in at least 2016 but they can't bring themselves to charge HER or the cabal that met to come up with anything to stop him not even the Logan Act. So, you get a riot investigated with the finding that there was no planning rather a spontaneous event instiigtated by some people like Epps. Where are they and why aren't they in jail or been charged ? Surely you anti-Trumpers have the answer.


Could you explain to KH that she bailed some "domestic terrorists" out? But she says they're not going to stop and she said they shouldn't. Who besides her sponsored them and continue to back them? Some folks can't see the forest for the trees. Obviously, her type of domestic terrorists do "real planning" as opposed to the spontaneous rioters on 1/6 instigated by evidently some yet to be determined "agents". The communists have told you they will destroy this country from within yet you don't believe them. Maybe you do and don't care. Which is it?

David Collins

Why shut anything down ? What are you afraid of ? Perhaps it is the number of folks that see through all the fairy tail drama queens , see it for what it was and frankly could care less .


Our government has become the laughing stock of the world and is dire need of a massive overhaul seriously. Both parties have their faults and shortcomings but if America is going to be Great again, we the people to include our government leaders have got to put the past behind us and stop the griping and complaining, put our head and ideas together and make a difference. But as long as we continue to play the blame game like a bunch of school kids on a playground, nothing is gonna change and we as a country will continue to spiral down the toilet faster than we are now. It’s time to stop making excuses and start making solutions.

David Collins

ABSOLUTLY Sandman . Provide border security , protect and enforce the constitution and get out of the way . The rest will sort itself out . Not necessarily pretty or faultless “perfect” but it works quite well .


Where we're at started in earnest about '08 and is much more serious than kids on the playground. You were told by a radical back then that America was going to be fundamentally changed and it has been forever by the likes of those cursing America and you know who they are. They hate America and DT who to them is too American and surprised them with a temporary obstacle to their master plan. Sadly, many unwise and not understanding the plan and its consequences fell for it. Fortunately, some have awaken from their hypnosis. Hopefully, Va is the beginning of the wake-up call.


Time to close this one.  Web Editor

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