All eyes are focused on Washington, D.C. as the U.S. Supreme Court prepares for a quick decision on the legality of the Federal Government’s proposed COVID-19 vaccine mandate. If the Supreme Court sides with the administration’s latest, flawed proposal to deal with the ongoing crises of failed leadership, it will quickly impact the lives of every individual and eventually lead to even great government control.

In the next few weeks, the Supreme Court will determine the constitutionality of a federal mandate that all businesses with 100 or more employees either require COVID vaccinations, or for those not vaccinated that they be required to submit to weekly testing. If employees fail to fulfill either requirement they are to be fired according to the proposed order.

In Carteret County this will immediately challenge the county school system, our health care system including our hospital, Carteret Health Care, many of our local governments and several large businesses. But the mandate will not stop there should it be judged as constitutionally acceptable by the court, it will surely be expanded to all employers, no matter their staffing numbers and by extension, eventually the general public.

The legal approval of the mandate by the Supreme Court, according to various legal experts, is very much in doubt.

Erin Hawley, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, and a former law clerk to Chief Justice John Roberts, writing in Newsweek Magazine, described President Biden’s vaccine mandate as a “breathtaking assertion of authority,” which she contends is unconstitutional.

She argues that “the vaccine-or-test mandate is unlawful because Congress has not itself required nationwide inoculation and because the federal courts do not lightly presume that agencies have the power to make law in issues of such social and political significance.” This she contends restricts the ability of the Occupational Safety and Health Act to be used as the driver for the mandate since it applies to workforce hazards but not to “general life hazards” that the disease poses.

Concerned that this effort to force unconstitutional mandates on big businesses will fail to get the court’s approval, the administration is resorting to fear mongering with misinformation as was on display last week as the nine Supreme Court Justices were hearing oral arguments on the case.

Considering the common opinion that the Supreme Court is comprised of wise and thoughtful jurists, it was stunning to hear Justice Sonia Sotomayor offer an outrageously false claim that “over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition and many on ventilators.” The digital fact checking website Politfact, reacted noting, “At the time she (Justice Sotomayor) made this comment, federal data showed that fewer than 5,000 coronavirus-positive children were in the hospital. In fact, fewer that 83,000 children have been hospitalized for COVID-19 – cumulatively- since August 2020.

That was only the beginning of the messaging front now being employed by the Biden administration. Monday, the White House sent out a press release quoting another publication, The Hill, which published an article by Dr. Thomas Kirsch, Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at George Washington University, entitled “COVID is killing the nation’s workforce- The Supreme Court needs to act now.”

Using broad statements and even broader statistics, Dr. Kirsch initiates his piece noting that “American workers are dying at an unprecedented rate- thousands of healthcare workers have been killed by COVID-19.” Throughout the article the author gives numbers accumulated over the past two years of the pandemic without regard to different variants or for that matter the different levels of care and medical procedures over that same period.

His conclusions do not jibe with those of the CDC which has indicated that the Omicron variant is not as severe as the previous variants. Dr. Kirsch conveniently ignores the fact that the vaccine does not provide protection from this most recent variant as the high number of break through cases, infections that have resulted among vaccinated patients, has shown.

So what is the ultimate value of hyperbolic pronouncements, and in the case of Justice Sotomayor, false statements? Assuming Biden’s mandate is denied by the Supreme Court, these messaging efforts are designed to create a climate of fear and panic, thus furthering more reliance on government solutions and hiding the failed leadership of the current administration.

But that trust and reliance is fast eroding as the public is becoming frustrated with confusing and vacillating messages emanating from the one government agency, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), designated to provide factual and unemotional health information. This agency continues to vacillate on its guidance based on inadequate information and even pressure from various sectors, particularly large corporations such as the airline industry which has successfully argued for a shorter quarantine time for Covid-19 patients.

The public is becoming wise to this effort. Recent polling indicates that the public no longer trusts the government, relegating the pandemic to secondary concern behind the nation’s failing economy.

Unlike President Trump who challenged the health and pharmaceutical industries to bring innovative solutions to what is now an historic pandemic, President Biden has offered passive leadership that has done nothing to inspire either industry or the general public and now must resort to creating dictatorial mandates predicated on fear.

The solutions to this national crisis will not be found in unconstitutional mandates but rather in the innovation as occurred with Operation Warp Speed that resulted in the development of COVID-19 vaccines in record time.

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Likely the federal mandate is unconstitutional. Congress could enact one, state governors could as well under public health laws. I am not sure what the jist of this article is other then meandering around to bash libs and praise trump.

It is ludicrious to suggest that The solutions to this national crisis will not be found in unconstitutional mandates but rather in the innovation as occurred with Operation Warp Speed"

Masks and vaccines were made into political issues to all our detriment. Armchair experts abound, quoting misinformation. 1500 ppl a day are still dying from covid, md. and virginia have declared states of emergency due to overflowing hospitals While justice soyotomer did get her numbers wrong, the hospitilations of children has never been higher. My parents were children in the 1930's both saw polio first hand. How was polio defeated? Everyone got a vaccine and it died out. Its not innovation that will end this it is people stop listening to nonsense and considering only themselves and their rights, and instead thinking of others, who incidentally have the same rights to life liberty ..


Justice Sotomayor saying 100,000 children were in serious condition due to the virus is not the same as saying 100,000 children were hospitalized, as the good editor implied she stated. "Serious condition" does not translate to "hospitalized" except when one chooses to deliberately distort facts. The favored tactic of the good editor. One might wonder just what it is about justice Sotomayer that gets under his skin. 

(Edited by staff.)


Why believe medical experts who spent their careers studying and testing, when you can get on YouTube and in fifteen minutes confirm that Trump is wisest of them all and if only the medical community would have listened to him? Although, most of the Trump fan club are overlooking the FACT that Trump got the vaccine and the booster and did not decline the best medical care when he contracted Covid. So Ivermectin, by far Trump's zombies drug of choice, will do for the masses, although it was not a treatment for the great leader? Please connect the dots.


He's still allowed on the tube? What's wrong? Well, the TRUTH shall prevail. Not Z boy but Dr. Z may have the miracle treatment. Now, to order or not to order is the question.


A dot to connect is HE is WARP SPEED and SAVED a lot more than HIS critics. Even JB gave him a little credit recently. Remember JB was going to beat this beast. That's why you elected him right? Anybody want to take their vote back?

Another dot is who prevented treatments and how many died from that science? Think that dot has anything to do with money and the science that goes with it? Fauci for prez right? Dogs and orphans wouldn't have a chance but hey it's all about him because he is science right? Think SCIENCE had anything to do with creating this worldwide catastrophe? Will you ever connect any of these dots?


One doc from J, Hopkins probably wise as any says don't depend on CDC but rather use common sense. Study from a ways back shows N95 or similar only useful masks. Why wasn't this CDC message? Probably money and availability? Probably billions blown on useless PPE when they could have used common sense. Guess science knows best right?

David Collins

Y’all experts done yet ? Talk about eat up with it !


Was Fauci not in the loop when O admin told him to stop funding gain-of-function? Where did continued funding come from if he stopped it? Sounds like it's still going. Anybody have power to stop it or him? Guess it would be white male age discrimination if fired. Might save some lives though.


Right fauchi the villan and mask less trump the hero. We get it!


Operation Warp Speed was a ambitious endeavor of many across the globe, not one man. Billions of dollars were spent to make it happen quickly. It was a scientific success. Ironic though that Trump's fan base are not willing to take it. But the rest of us are thankful.

David Collins

Yet another expert proved his/herself wrong . Vaccine has been taken by folks of all political leanings , hence the high numbers .

Only somewhat notable one to publicly refuse is our #2 , cackles Harris . Quite publicly I might add . Selective memory ?


Doubt all those healthcare workers who haven't taken it are "fans". He's taken them and had the virus. Didn't JB promise he was going to defeat it, and you believed him ? "It's Time to Admit Failure in War Against COVID". By Steve McCann. Quote. in part, "There is no magic solution in sight except ultimate herd immunity which the latest variant omicron ay well bring about. The most interesting part is Professor Qimron's letter within the article. So, neither President Trump's or JB's efforts have defeated the virus. We're left with President Trump's accomplishments inspite of a tsunami of Never Trumpers willing to elect a disaster.


a tsunami of Never Trumpers willing to elect a disaster. Gee wonder why there is a tsunami? Cause only his ardent supporters can't see what he is.


Trump has been out of power for almost a year. The democrats have had control of the Presidency, House and Senate for almost a year. It obviously must be hard trying to find something positive to talk about as a progressive liberal when every policy attempted by this administration has been a disaster. Of course, that is to be expected when the primary motivation for selecting administration leadership was to officially rack up the most “firsts” in identity politics rather than selecting people that are actually qualified for the positions. When all you as a party can do is deflect to the previous administration that has been out of power for a year, it is a clear indication that you have run out of meaningful contributions on the field of ideas. News flash, the overwhelming majority of people see this administration and progressive liberal policies for what they are; it is reflected in Biden’s spiraling record low polling numbers and in the flood of people voting with their feet and leaving liberal progressive run states and cities in record numbers.


No, the tsunami of NTs are blind to good policies and governance versus disastrous ones. You might wake up after it hits since you obviously don't see it coming.


A steady diet of maga media.. 5 hrs a night on fox..and your thinking becomes permeated with the US vs them mentality.

And of course the idea that djt is something besides an entitled grifter.


Since the good editor shut down comments about the January 6th insurrection, I just want to enlighten readers, and Fox News viewers, that ten people have been arrested and charged with SEDITION related to the attempted coup. There are whole segments of US media that is lying to you and this mullet wrapper is another one. Because the real ugly truth is that freedom of the press is only owned by the owner of that press. The editor of this rag is lying to you, hiding truths from you and dismissive of the truth and shuts down reactions they don’t agree with. Completely the opposite of what a local, well intended news outlet should be…..

From the editor:

“ That January event has been and continues to be described incorrectly as an insurrection when in fact it was an emotional, and by all indications, spontaneous reaction by President Trump’s supporters who felt that the election was fraudulent. The subsequent breach of the Capitol Building was quickly politicized by Democrats and the major media as a way to damage the support for President Trump who had lost the election by a fraction of votes, and in the process further enhance what is now recognized as a weak alternative – President Joseph R. Biden.”


I have to agree with you this time, Joe. I appreciate the Editor posting this. Joe can't unite Democrats in Congress, much less bring together Republicans.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

The Oath Keepers came to the Trumps rally that day ready to attack the Capitol.. Donald Trump and several of his minions helped put this action in place.

The Oath Keepers are as dangerous group for the editor of this paper and the rest of extremist right wing to protect.

How Fox News and other right wing media outlets treat the arrest of the Oath Keepers going forward is very important.

If they try to portray the Oath Keepers as anything other than a dangerous domestic terrorist group, it will show they are lying to you.

If Trump and right wing propaganda news outlets were smart, they would distance themselves from the Oath Keepers and claim the Keepers acted alone.

Anyway, the good editor knows the real truth that Donald Trump and his minions planned the failed attack on our country in order to stop the certification of the election. Had congress have not been able to certify that election by midnight on Jan 6th, the election would have to go thru a legal battle automatically.

It doesn’t take much to see that what the editor calls a spontaneous reaction was actually planned and prepped for weeks by Trump and his Oath Keepers. Further proof Donald Trump cared more about his ego and power than Americans. Right wing media has nothing left to do than lie. They have no ideas and no real solutions to the problems our country faces. The minority is lying to protect their power.


"5 hrs a night on fox..."? You do? You do realize some folks watch fox seldom if ever? Maybe you just haven't heard? Your comments might lead one to believe you watch mostly anti-MAGA stuff. Who is "them"?


BTW, considering where we were pre-JB and now sure think the "grifter" label is grossly misplaced. Need some art?


Fraction of votes? Weak alternative?

The owner and the managing editor have always made their sympathies clear.

Perhaps just drop all pretense and hang that trump flag outside the office? Below trump the Gadsden. And maybe at the bottom of the stack a tiny American flag?


Luv that bidenflation?


"Failing as Predicted" by Brooke L. Rollins. Reading it and weep. Back to Florence.

David Collins

News Flash ! Just because some souls have been charged with sedition does not make them guilty . You know , or you should , a jury of your peers and all that stuff . Sedition , sedition , domestic terrorists . Puts fear in one’s heart it does , so , not so quick for the switch to light off Old Sparky quite yet .

Yeah , the Dem drama queens are enjoying all of this , 15 minutes of fame but when things don’t work out as planned suddenly there is a deafening silence . Then it is off to the next mole hill . There must be a never ending supply of mole hills out there , real or imagined .

Thought that was nice of the Editor to publish your opinion in it’s entirety , not edited by staff as so many are . Congrats . Now , if you would please extend the editor the same courtesy , things would be better in this crazy world . Not all things but a good start .

Opinions , everybody has at least one , like some other things .


As usual the incoming comments have degraded into name calling and mud slinging so it is time to close this one.


In other words, you’re still supporting the January 6th rioters……not going to update your editorial now that your “soldiers sent to save the US” are being arrested?


In WWii we couldn't show lights on the beaches because of German subs. I don't think legislators or states made this mandatory. Was that also an example of government overreach?


It was mandatory in many places. But we all know how this plays out, there are just certain people who don’t care about protecting others (Gorsuch comes to mind), and others who try to hide the truth (Fox News/CCNT, and similar)….

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