As students and teachers in the state’s public school system close out the year and prepare to take a much needed break from the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the state’s Board of Education is embroiled in disarray and confusion over preparations for new social studies standards and curriculum changes for the coming school year. These changes, now in their final stages of approval, have the potential of creating additional problems for students, teachers and administrators in the year ahead and an embarrassment for the N.C. Board of Education.

Earlier this week the education board began the process of reviewing documents to guide teachers with new and controversial social studies standards. These standards which incorporate Critical Race Theory (CRT) have been criticized by education professionals, parents and politicians as anti-American and highly divisive to the nation’s political and social structure. The N.C. House of Representative passed a bill last month, H.B. 324, which prohibits teaching concepts that the USA is a racist and sexist nation. That bill is now going to the state senate for consideration and if passed will be sent to Governor Cooper for his signature.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, responding to these concerns, established the Facts and Accountability in the Classroom for Teachers and Students (FACTS) task force to review the impacts of the new standards once they are introduced in the state’s curriculum planned for this September. That task force will conduct its first meeting this week in Raleigh.

Thursday the education board was scheduled to approve a draft of supporting documents including a glossary of social studies terms to guide K-5 teachers in discussions about racism and discrimination as part of the new standards and social studies curriculum. But that action was abruptly withdrawn by the state’s Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Superintendent Cathy Truitt without any explanation.

At the same time the 12 members of the State Board of Education were considering the glossary and “unpacking documents” to be used by elementary school teachers a web blog post was circulating that brought into question the lack of sourcing for information included in the documents.

Dr. Terry Stoops, Director of the Center for Effective Education at the John Locke Foundation, posted a blog noting that many of the paragraphs appearing in the glossary had distinct similarity with paragraphs appearing in Wikipedia. His blog clearly shows how terms used in the glossary and “unpacking documents” are exact replicas of terms such as “American Exceptionalism,” “Ethnocentrism,” “Racism” and more, which he found on the web.

Dr. Stoops gently noted in his blog that, “Unfortunately, North Carolina DPI did not provide a bibliography page of works cited in the final document.” He initiated a search and discovered that many of the paragraphs appearing in the draft document to be approved in Thursday’s meeting were lifted completely from documents that are easily obtained on Wikipedia and were done so without any attribution. In the education and publishing field this is better known as plagiarism.

For those not familiar with Wikipedia it is described by its founders as “a free, multilingual online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteer contributors through a model of open collaboration, using a wiki-based editing system.”

What is astounding and disturbing is that this draft document was presented on behalf of education professionals in the state’s education department. It is assumed that those creating these documents for teachers would have better professional judgement about attributing the source of descriptions and definitions to be used in official state documents. There is nothing wrong with using the terms, but it is wrong and very unprofessional to do so without acknowledging the original source.

While there is no proof that this revelation resulted in the glossary and “unpacking documents” being pulled from consideration by the board of education, it is a good justification for that action.

The seeming confusion and legitimacy of this first effort of creating a glossary of terms and supporting documents is indicative of a lack of serious consideration of what is being proposed for teachers and students in the coming school year. This lack of intentional consideration is further justification that these standards should likewise be pulled from implementation until further research is concluded.

North Carolina teachers, students and the public have had enough conflict, disruption and confusion over the past two years. The time to push the pause button on these new social studies standards is now, before the beginning of a new school year.


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Pause indeed. Real instruction in civics and geography might fill the time slot until the rest is history.


An editorial is not journalism. Serious journalism presents both or multiple sides of an issue, and allows folks to make up their own minds. Quoting the right wing Locke foundation as if it were the holy gospel is only telling half of the story.

Imagine being so insecure, that you can not and will not allow children to know that some people who were Caucasian, did bad things in the past to people who were not Caucasian.


Please share with us all YOU GREAT INSIGHT into these THEORY'S OF MASS COPYRIGHT FRAUD PRESENTED IN NO ORDER WITH LESS TRUTH THEN A LEFT HANDED BASEBALL BAT . Also, please point out WHY its children that you think need to espouse THEORY, (if you know what that is) AN IDEA OF EXTENSION THAT CANNOT BE SUBSTANTIATED BY ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING. (meaning fiction). THEORY IS NON FICTION. Now, i have no doubt that any sane person would consume some of these THEORIES , and simply TRASH THE ENTIRE REST AS UTTER GARBAGE! Also, there is a very SMALL percent that have been indoctrinated , as in manipulated in the mind, to simply parrot their causes be them true or not. This is a great point for you, as an individual to please point out these theories that ATTRACT YOU PERSONALLY , AND WHY YOU WANT AMERICA'S CHILDREN TO LEARN THEM! Waiting patiently. DB..... [yawn]


And away we go... I’m an advocate of the school’s teaching the “3 r’s” and that’s it.... history is so ambiguous and can easily be skewed to fit ANY narrative. No sense in having mass indoctrination in our classrooms.


Ppl who don't know history are doomed to repeat it? You know, like confusing autocratic fascism with patriotism.

Get a grip

Journalism is news. An editorial is an opinion. A lot of "journalism " these days is really opinion but you really should be able to discern an editorial because it is clearly marked as such.


Legislate morality?? What shall we do with all the old history books? Burn them?


A News story reports the facts. Do you really think the front page of the New York Times or Washington Post reports the facts? I think not.

Some news stories may include a certain amount of analysis or speculation….opinion, not facts. And who really knows what the facts are this day and time?

News stories are about what is and Editorials can simply be analyses of what is, too,

David Collins

An editorial is nearly the editor’s opinion . One can disagree and post a rebuttal , chose to agree or do nothing . Freedom of choice .

Another option is to open your own news site and editorialize your little heart out .

We all know there is a real problem with public education these days . Been building up for a long time and urgently needs addressing aggressively . Problem is that they have rights too . Freedom of speech and opinions . Do not have the answer without going against the constitution .


I’m starting to get on board with the Cancel/Woke/CRT Culture. So, let's keep Dr. Seuss and Cancel Dr. Anthony Fauci (Confidant to Hillary, Hunter, Gates, and Zuckerberg), Dr. Rachel Levine (Assistant Secretary of Health under Biden, and soon to be, if not already a Ph.D., Dr. James Ford (NC State Board of Education & BLM Activist).


The Horror of Teaching Critical Race Theory to Kids


Those who choose to stay in the world of conspiracy theories will. No amount of factual information will dissuade them. But the good news is that those who follow irrational explanations and entrench themselves with dogma attitudes grows slimmer. The world is a global powerhouse and children being educated today are going to be much better equipped to discern the truth. The evolutionary process. Fact.

David Collins

Discern the truth , do they really know the truth ? Is truth what they have been force fed by those with an agenda ? If what we have now in government is any indication then we are in for a rough ride . Continually repeating what will not now or ever work shows what our education system has taught them . A bunch of idealistic idiots in the drivers seat .


'Taught Them To Hate America': Arizona Parents Speak Out Against Critical Race Theory Education


Somebody needs to catch up. Even the "conspiracy theories" Leftist media has kind of admitted their stupidity. Yep, a global powerhouse that can wipe us out with they awesome "wet market bat virus" and transparency. You can trust the CCP. Just ask any Marxist. Sen. Cotton and those AT writers were way ahead of the real Leftist dogma. Guess your global powerhouse set back the children's education. One for even you Leftists to remember. A few more of these global powerhouse "wet market" mistakes and brilliant scientists providing the support for them and you might need to rethink who's side you're on.


The best thing for Americans to do Now is to take children out of schools. Period.

Home-schooling is the answer. We must withdraw our children from the educational system. If enough parents do this, I'm sure we would see a change and very quickly.


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