North Carolina’s public schools End of Course (EOC) test results, showing that a majority of high school students are failing core subjects, points to an even greater problem - the state’s education system is failing to fulfill its mission.

 As the state’s educational leaders continue to fumble with decisions about how and when to restart in-person classroom attendance it is obvious that the time has come for parents to step up and demand more control in their children’s education to include school choice.

Frustrated by Governor Cooper’s resistance to in-person classroom participation, and the State Board of Education’s reluctance to show leadership, the N.C. Legislature passed Senate Bill 37 last week mandating a return of all students to the classroom. The bill included the caveat that local school districts should use precautions to minimize possible transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

The bill languished on the governor’s desk for 9 days before he vetoed it, just hours before it would automatically become law. The North Carolina Association of Educators, the state’s teachers’ union, is credited with getting the governor to veto the bill. Governor Cooper in turn convinced one of the bill’s co-sponsors, Sen. Ben Clark, a Democrat, to withdraw his support of the bill to assure failure of a veto override by the state senate.

As this was happening the DPI Superintendent Catherine Truitt was preparing to present test score data that shows a majority of high school students did not pass the fall EOC exams.

The fall EOC data shows that 54.5% of the state’s public school students lack proficiency in Biology compared to 42.1% in the previous year; in Math 1, 66.4% lack proficiency; and 54.9% lack proficiency in Math 3. There was slight improvement in English II for fall semester 2020 with only of 41.4% failing to show proficiency as opposed to 42% lacking proficiency in the previous year.

The superintendent’s office also noted that school districts are reporting that up to 23% of their students are at risk of academic failure and not being promoted to the next grade level at year-end. The charter schools report showed a much better result with little more than 9% of their students considered at-risk for not matriculating to the next grade level.

These public school test scores are not surprising to the teachers, students or their parents who have complained about the lack of quality education time and connectivity as the state stumbled with remote learning requirements. For the past three months parents have been demanding that the education system readjust either the remote learning structure or provide in-person classroom instruction. Their pleas have been ignored by the State Board of Education and the governor.

The indications of failures in the remote learning system were present at the end of the 2020 spring semester following Governor Cooper’s closure of all public schools in March in response to Covid-19 pandemic fears. Parents, teachers and particularly students complained about a chaotic and poorly provided educational experience then.

As the pandemic continued to disrupt all aspects of commerce and social interaction throughout the summer, the governor and the board of education failed to review the spring 2020 educational experience and subsequently did nothing to prepare for contingencies. It didn’t help that the governor waited until July 31, only three weeks prior to schools opening, to decide which operational plans were to be used. This late announcement left the schools scrambling to prepare students, parents and teachers for a system that has been an abject failure.

Now the results are coming home to roost. And still there is no specific direction for local school systems to prepare for the onslaught of poorly educated students who are anticipating moving up to the next grade level. The board of education has been busy dallying with social studies curriculum standards to appease social warrior activists and is only now beginning to worry about the educational crisis impacting a quarter of the state’s public student population.

The state’s education system is rudderless. The State Board of Education leaders along with Governor Cooper are obviously more concerned about politics than they are about the primary mission of educating students. With that conclusion the only option for parents, their children and the teachers who care about their profession is to seek alternatives or demand a change in leadership.

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They do not care about education, in fact, based on everything you folks have seen, it was shoddy to begin with in the ignorant new topics added recently. This is a control issue with your state gov, nothing more, HUMAN CONTROL. Face it, their tactics indicate that the gov is against business , school, the nuclear family, and any progress for Americans. I think , instead of letting them 'thin' out our herd, maybe we should cull them, whadda think? [whistling]


A scientific method usually amounts to defining a problem, doing research with a hypothesis, then experiments and data collection analysis and a conclusion. The purpose of the scientific method is to contest and disprove flawed hypotheses and conclusions.

Governor Coop has tried to do a con job as he touts follow the science on school reopening. Even Dr. Mandy now finally says to open the schools.

All throughout this pandemic whether it was 14 days to slow the spread, mask mandates, social distancing, lockdowns, business closures, or delayed school reopenings skeptics in NC have been told to shut up and just "follow the science."

Science exists to assist in our understanding. And now we understand Coop and his politics.


Children 16 and younger cannot are not being allowed to get the vaccine. (this was CDC protocol, and has not changed). So, no, its not about your kids.


54.5% of the state’s public school students lack proficiency in Biology compared to 42.1% in the previous year

The previous yrs context is not listed for the other subjects. I see plenty of blame for the gov, the pandemic and the teachers. I do not see any mention of the students and parents. That seems a glaring omission of responsibility.

And for the ppl who constantly post stats about how covid hardly affects have missed the point again.

The schools were closed to stop the spread, kids go home after school and bring it home to the folks. If you use or imply scamdemic, perhaps some adult education is in order?


Thanks for noting the 'failing' part of the article. ie:time to dissolve it, and let folks keep their money, and kids, They'll figure out the best route in academics without a dictator in their ear. The reason for the a novel virus not affecting children was a complete UNKNOWN <===== for a bit, so , most folks were ok with a TEMP closure. (in fact hit pieces were ran on several children who did pass, however, after discovery, it was factual that they had severe other disease's that the virus potentially triggered causing a demise.

The entire episode from start to finish was a 2 bit dog and pony show , and it has shown the EGO of these pimples called 'leaders', as well as the power they 'THINK' they have, when in fact they are muppets with a big mouth. I doubt any one of them could make a case of GAS from eating a can of beans. Also, the current one in the WH, well, he needs a diaper change every 2 hrs. Its fairly obvious to me that even the one before him was in on it, or, failed to simply stop this economic disaster, and i doubt we , the TAXPAYER will ever find out the 'WHY' . You do not pull a fire alarm for a water leak.

David Collins

We all pretty much get the kids and school thing . Most folks who contract the Covid recover , that has never changed . Just like a bad case of the flue . Always exceptions and no one wants to fall into that category . We get it . The pitch was to prevent it from infecting granny . Well , the older most at risk should be isolated and protected . I get that as well . Really , how many families have granny living under the same roof these days ? Absolutely no one in my neighborhood . Fear and the calling out for total protection from all things bad is a part of our society and there is a price to pay for this . That price is the education of the up and coming youth of our nation . Some say that the shutdown of the public schools is a blessing . Private schools have been under the radar and have continued to educate the next leaders of our country . The followers will just be a little dumbed down .

Anyone else noticed the abrupt loosening of dictatorial rules and edicts lately ? All within the first 100 days . Amazing , what a godsend we have in the Oval Office . Don’t we ?


What a perfect illustration of the dangers of immersing one's self in right wing media. 500k dead is "a few exceptions.." with the obligatory slap at biden. Sheesh.


Economic hardships mean now more than ever grandparents are living under the same roof. And with the opioid crisis in our county, you would be amazed at how many children are being raised by grandparents.

David Collins

Knew you would reply with that . Out of 330 million + souls it is a small number . Especially when you factor in those on their way out due to any and all other causes . Exact numbers will never be known for sure due to the admitted fiddling with the numbers for profit and politics . To accept it or not matters not a bit .


In the year 2017 about 2.7 million people died in America REGARDLESS, , and noone was on a soapbox, about the sniffles. (thats an average of 7500 people per night, and is a constant) No school was closed for it, no teacher paid for a year for staying home, etc. Lastly, as i said, Trump was , EITHER IN ON THIS SCAM, or truly powerless , which i'm not sure i believe the second option, but none the less, all but a very few liberal areas have basically went back to normal. Presently, TRUMP is a non factor, so, if you want to keep throwing politics , yada, yada, and simply do not accept the FACT, your so called 'head folks 'just robbed ya, well, thats on you. (for the record, the reason i'm not sure etc, on Trump, is a NON SCIENCE BELIEF, and if its true, well, then a President ani't really got alot of swag). Someone else is calling the shots, and we're all under some illusion of an idea. Lastly, from the beginning, the CDC NEVER SUGGESTED ANYONE CLOSE A SCHOOL AT ALL, EVER. YEA, SCHOOLS YOU FAILED ON SEVERAL FRONTS. And, you need to be removed from American life. Hopefully people will start protesting these 'schools' daily, and never give them peace, just returning the favor for a yr of BS. (oh, um, yea, blame the parents for what goes on in those mosh pits, hahahahahahahah, OK.)


This is our school system. Carteret County should open the schools and let the chips fall where they may. and see a quick end to this political childishness. Union teachers that won't work will be terminated. Let's play 'em like we got them. Lets move on!


As i said I am not going to engage in 'scamdemic' conversations. The topic is about the schools, and the fact that before covid 40% were not doing well in biology and during the pandemic its 50%( in round numbers)

By 9th grade it should be obviooous to parents teachers guidance and students that AP classes and higher maths are not for everyone. Those kids should have a vocational option, rather then wait untill they graduate ( or not) and then enroll in a certificate program at the comm coll. building trades, auto mechanics, hvac the list is endless. that last 2 yrs of high school could be a spring board to a decent wage in a decent trade. If you have ever paid a plumber for a sunday visit you may be able to grasp what i am suggesting.

David Collins

While I agree with you drew , I have lost all faith in the state , government schools , to manage much of anything education related . Sorry but that is just the way it is . Some type of private / industry related partnership to train and meaningfully certify in the various urgently needed trades would be a wonderful thing . Good luck with that . A noble quest indeed in these times .


This attack on the middle class is nationwide - not NC alone but the same play book used in all the blue states. Can I prove it? Do I have to?


I 100% agree, noitall.

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