Despite fears that the 2020 presidential elections will be a disaster, events of the past week have proven the system can work when it is allowed. Unfortunately, certain groups such as Democracy Docket headed by Democrat political operative Marc Elias, with the compliant assistance of the State Board of Elections (SBE), continue to create chaos wherever and whenever possible.

As late as Friday, Oct. 16, approximately 10,000 absentee ballots were in limbo as to their acceptability because they lacked a witness signature and address of the witness as was required at the beginning of the absentee process. Shortly after absentee ballots were first mailed out, N.C. Alliance of Retired Americans, a front group with strong Democrat and leftist connections, sued the SBE arguing that the witness requirements were too onerous. That group is represented by Marc Elias and his organization.

Monday, local boards of elections received additional guidance as to how they are to handle deficient absentee ballots. This guidance comes almost a month and a half after absentee ballots were first mailed out and proves how, despite the efforts of state officials, there is a concerted effort to create chaos and doubt in the election system.

Fortunately, the poll numbers show that voters have ignored the fears and doubts that Mr. Elias, his organization Democracy Docket and a compliant board of elections have perpetrated. As of Monday, Oct. 19, over 1.2 million early voting ballots had been cast and 641,445 absentee ballots were delivered to local boards of elections

Comparative numbers provided by Dr. Andrew Jackson of the Civitas Institute show that this year’s election interest is far more enthusiastic than the 2016 presidential election. As of Oct. 24, 2016 a total of 657,203 both absentee and early voting ballots had been cast. In comparison, the total as of Oct. 19, this year, is 1,853,539 absentee and early ballots cast- a 55% increase over the previous election.

Obviously the fear mongering and legal threats have not diminished voter participation and enthusiasm.

The delayed guidance provided to local boards of elections and continued legal actions are adding to an already challenged election due to high voter turnout. This would not be a problem if the SBE under the direction of Karen Brinson Bell had stood firm against Elias’ challenges. But the board, using questionable guidance from N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein, opted to negotiate with the N.C. Alliance of Retired Americans. The result was a delay in action while U.S. District Court Judge William Osteen considered the arguments.

Thursday, Oct. 14, Judge Osteen ruled that the SBE was to pursue a cure process for ballot deficiencies as originally established by the legislature, turning away the settlement the board had accepted just a few weeks prior.

According to Dr. Jackson, Civitas Policy Fellow, “the cure procedure (Judge) Osteen slapped down involved sending a certification to the address of a voter whose ballot did not have a witness or assistant signature.” Dr. Jackson notes that this action violates the state’s election laws and instead of the illegal cure as directed in the questionable legal settlement, the corrective process for flawed ballots will continue to be the issuance of new ballots to people who submitted ballots without appropriate signatures.

The actions of both the plaintiffs in this case and the State Board of Elections do nothing to enhance voter participation but instead increase the specter of doubt for the entire system. The legislature and governor should take note of these actions and work to prevent a repeat in the years ahead. One action that Dr. Jackson recommends is the immediate dismissal of Ms. Bell as director of the SBE once the 2020 election is certified.

If the governor and legislature were to take this action and develop a more concrete assurance that our election system is not open to outside interference once the election process begins, it will result in greater voter confidence in the sanctity of the vote and the outcome.

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Lawyer, Marc Elias, filed lawsuits in NC asking for several things prior to this Nov election but the biggie was: to allow partisan organizations to collect and deliver ballots, also known as ballot harvesting.


Meanwhile in tx, a court has upheld the removal of hundreds of ballot

drop boxes, now one ballot box per county. Imagine driving from mhc to garner to drop a ballot. In Mississippi the poor can stand 11 hrs to vote since polling places have been extensively cut, while the better off might wait an hr.

Trump and his henchman have gone all out on voter suppression. Thats who your orange hero is. From gerrymandering districts to outright ballot box fraud the gop trumpets have no shame.

David Collins

Find it rather strange that you would claim voter suppression and equate it to long lines Qing up to vote . There were long lines in the BORO that lasted pretty much the day so we’re we being suppressed by your Orange Man ?

Everyone knows that everything is bigger in Texas and folks are quite accustomed to driving absurd distances for a RC Cola and a Moon pie , for example . I would as well . So , that dog don’t hunt .

Mississippi is a rather poor state and has a lot of rather poor people so things are apt to be handled poorly . Am quite certain your Orange Devil is to be blamed for that as well .

The left front tire picked up a piece of road debris and is losing air . Can I blame the Orange Guy for that as well ? Does Harris Biden have a plan to fix this for me ?


That dogs hunts pretty well if you are able to see voter suppression for what it is, rather then try to dismiss it with weak comparisons.

K. Jack Schidt

I'll remind readers that the only real occurrence of electoral fraud was Mark Harris' (REPUBLICAN) campaign "harvesting" and then destroying ballots in 2016.

Why is it that republicans don't want Americans to vote? All across the country they are fighting, rotten tooth and rusty nail, to suppress voters and voting?


Have you heard of "Dead Man Walking" that is in reference to Democrats raising the dead to vote again and again.


Yea, like Brenda Snipes in Florida. 


Make up the rules as you go as long as it favors the party of slavery, bigotry & Jim Crowe.


I am wrong next week we retard the

clocks, I knew it was related to that comment somehow!

David Collins

I swear , you two are eat up with it . Only a few more days and then we are off to 2024 . Whoopee . And the beat goes on .



Big Fat Drunk Republican

DC is right, I remember leaving the dem party for the republicans. Gone are the good ol days of the party for sure.

I followed the rest of the gang! Pretty smart of Hannity, Levin and Limbaugh to leave out the reasons racist, I mean whites left the Democratic Party for the the republicans.

“Racially conservative” attitudes were the primary reason white Southerners abandoned the Democratic Party after party leaders began to advocate for civil rights legislation during the last half of the 20th century.

White Southerners began to leave the Democratic Party after Democratic President Lyndon Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, outlawing segregation in business such as restaurants and hotels and in public places such as schools and swimming pools. However, this new study finds that “racially conservative” whites in the South started switching to the Republican Party in the early 1950s in reaction to Democratic President Harry Truman’s support for civil rights initiatives in the late 1940s.

DC probably was in that line in front of me leaving them kooks.

David Collins

Plenty of folks migrate from one party to the other , every day or so . Usually aging has something to do with it . My mom switched when she retired and felt she needed the free stuff they offered . Never said she actually received the stuff but had to sell her paid off home due to being taxed out of it . Would have helped but never knew until after the fact . Too proud to ask I guess .


No, my paternal side goes back to at least the CW as R's. My maternal side were mostly if not all dyed-in-wool D's probably going back to a similar timeframe. Have voted for 2 Ds who at the time I considered conservative those being Walter Jones, Sr & a brother-in-law & vaguely remember possibly one other. No such thing as a conservative D today & really not that many conservative Rs. D Party should have been abolished after the CW. They were what they were back then & they have turned into just a different kind of radicals which is as racist as it was back then. If you can believe what you can read LBJ called the black WH help the "N' word to their faces so don't play that fiddle. Again, if you can believe it he said the D's could capture the black vote forever with his "Great Society" push. Daniel Patrick Moynihan tried to tell him & his cronies what would happen in the black family & he has been proven right.


Mr. Biden, are you aware that the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation is a Marxist group and what do you think about that?

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Exactly Jeep, in 2013. I mean, I mean the death death of Trayvon Martin brought out the Marxist.

They were really worried about black people dying and figured a Marxist think tank would find a way to bring an end to the killings.


In July 2013, the movement began with the use of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on social media after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of African-American teen Trayvon Martin 17 months earlier in February 2012. The movement became nationally recognized for street demonstrations following the 2014 deaths of two African Americans, that of Michael Brown—resulting in protests and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, a city near St. Louis—and Eric Garner in New York

Yep, that’ makes perfect sense, wow who came up with that? Let me guess Hannity, Levin? Those boys are genius. I wish I would have thought of the scare tactics, I mean disinformation, I mean you know what I


That makes sense to me.


No, Lemon and Cuomo.


Yep, Biden went black and he's not going back.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Dave Collins, was it taxes going up drastically


Home value adding tax cost per 1,000

Maybe a combo of both.

The whole story can sometimes be clouded by perception.

Would love to see the the numbers How it happened.


Makes Sense--

Alicia Garza, one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation and a proud Marxist, is a follower of Karl Marx, one of the architects of communism. She freely admits that.

Ms. Garza is also an “opinion contributor” for USA Today.

She stated, we are in the midst of a black rebellion, spurred by decades of unequal treatment and undue violence against. My work is about overthrowing every aspect of our society, economy and government.

Her plan is to use racial disenchantment to batter the entire “white” power structure and eventually destroy the capitalist system.

BLM and Far Left Demands-

*Economic justice: taxes on the wealthy.

*Housing justice: the government pays for shelter for low-income folks. *Education justice: means free college

*Worker justice: guaranteed jobs, with good wages.

So the next time you see a BLM sign please consider there is much more to this movement than words on paper or graffiti on a wall. Marxism is now being mainstreamed in America. bill o’reilly

David Collins

I was here in NC , she was in Massachusetts , also known as taxachusetts . Did not find out until after the fact but that is one of the reasons I stayed here . A Democrat run state forever and they seem to spend on failed projects with reckless abandon . The smart ones have relocated to ME , NH or VT . They can still commute to their day jobs in the Boston area rather easily .


Democrats are now complaining about some governors posting the National Guard at voting precincts, claiming voter intimidation and suppression. Right, folks are afraid and intimidated by the National Guard.

The National Guard is community based and reports to the governor of our states. Most members of the National Guard hold civilian jobs or attend school while conducting their military efforts, so they are out and about in our communities all the time.

C’mon man, they don’t complain when the National Guard is helping with natural disasters like wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, etc..

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