“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” a famous adage referencing the mythological battle between the Greeks and the city state of Troy, is a cautionary phrase used in situations where acts of charity may have insidious and destructive intentions. That phrase should echo across the state after Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent visit touting a $2.3 trillion infrastructure and jobs plan, supposedly to aid in the country’s recovery from the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Greek mythology, after a 10-year siege of the city of Troy in 1250 BC, the Greek warriors built a large wooden horse as a supposed peace offering to the residents of Troy. The city residents, thinking the siege had ended, pulled the giant wooden structure into the city, only to discover that it was hiding an elite force of Greek warriors who opened the city gates allowing their army to successfully capture the city.

Vice President Harris’ recent visit to the Greensboro and High Point area promoting the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan is just such a structure, designed to get states to sign on while ignoring the subtle intent to further union membership and to eliminate right-to work laws. All of this is funded with federal taxpayer money.

Speaking at Guilford Technical Community College’s Advanced Manufacturing Campus, Harris touted the Biden administration’s jobs plan as “a once-in-lifetime, once-in-a-generation investment.” She stressed that the “America Jobs Plan” will provide tens of billions of dollars in workforce training which would be available to community colleges and that it would supposedly create up to two million additional apprenticeships nationally.

This proposed $2.3 trillion budget to support the act is in addition to the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief passed by Congress in March. All of this government largesse brings to mind the famous quote attributed to the late Illinois Sen. Everett Dirksen who said that “a billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.” While there is some question about the accuracy of the quote, there is no question about the accuracy of the observation. And keep in mind the spending is now in trillions, which is another way of saying a thousand billions.

Not only was Harris providing a Trojan Horse of new jobs with destructive budgeting that will potentially collapse the national economy, she was also offering a gift that is designed to eliminate the state’s right to work laws.

North Carolina is one of 28 states that protect the rights of workers who choose not to join a union if they work in a unionized company. As a result of the state’s open work environment and the growing distrust of organized labor unions, North Carolina has the second lowest union membership in the nation, 3.1% , behind South Carolina.

In touting the “Jobs Plan,” Harris told reporters during her visit that the focus is on union jobs. “I believe every worker in America deserves the ability to join and organize a union,” she said.

At the same time that Harris toured various Guilford County facilities with Governor Roy Cooper and Michael Regan, now serving as administrator of the Environment Protection Agency, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, (D) was announcing his support of the PRO Act, which aggressively promotes union membership. The legislation passed the U.S. House last month on a narrow party-line vote and is now coming before the Senate where the Vice President presides and can cast a deciding vote in the case of a tie.

The PRO Act blocks right-to-work laws and imposes tough restrictions on companies seeking to prevent unionization efforts, such as the recent efforts to unionize an Amazon warehouse in Alabama. That vote, which resulted in a failed unionization attempt, is being challenged.

Vice President Harris’ travels to North Carolina and across the country touting the Biden Trojan Horse of $2.3 trillion “American Jobs Act” is a convenient distraction from her responsibilities with respect to the immigration debacle at the nation’s southern border. Earlier her boss, President Biden, directed the vice president to take charge of what he now describes as a crisis at the southern border, but she has yet to make a visit or address any action in the region. She’s obviously too busy selling the administration’s Trojan Horse.

But just as the residents of Troy discovered, the proposed Trojan Horse of trillions of federal dollars in infrastructure and jobs financing comes with strings or more importantly, with destructive impact.

So it is with jaundiced eyes and ears that we should accept the vice president’s admonition that “Help is here, help is here. And hope is here. Things are looking up.” Before we open our arms to this questionable gift, we should beware and count the cost.

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David Collins

Spot on , mr /ms editor . A Trojan Horse indeed . We were warned well in advance that this would be attempted . Unions only advance union causes . Period . We have seen this with our State Employees Association , a disguised Union by another name . Not at all about doing a job but collecting money and power . Resist further growth of this cancer and move them out of our state . There is nothing good about this issue and having Ms Harris here promoting this is all the proof one needs .


Never trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Instead of pushing for unionized jobs, they need to really make a way for Americans to find more jobs. They need to really crank down on businesses like Wal-Mart and other businesses who have switch to self checkout lines and put real people behind those registers. It really stinks when the lines are a mile long and only 2 or 3 registers open. But leave it to those political Einstein’s to put what’s best for them in front of what’s best for the nation. They want to push union propaganda but can not find a solution about the border crisis.


I do find invoking the imaginary trojan horse clever. I find equating the program with the crises on the southern border disingenuous at best. Anti-union sentiment goes hand in hand with big business coddling. Unions gave us a 40 hr work week, pensions, vacation and sick leave. Another commenter suggested forcing walmart to close self checkout lines and put ppl working those registers? So we don't like pro labor organizations, but we do want corporations to ignore modernization to keep people employed.

How about we face reality? automation is going to kill a lot of jobs. Boston robotics has some amazing robots coming down the line even as we speak. burger flippers, order kiosks, and that is only the tip of the iceburg.

Lets give people the choice as happened at amazon, they voted against the union. that should be their right. Had they voted for a union that should be their right as well. Remember corporations are about profits first. Unions are a check and balance against heavy handed corporations and their desire to maximise profits. It was not that long ago that walmart was busted telling ppl to clock out then go do x,y,and Z before they went home. apprenticeships money for training for community colleges, and increased union membership This is the horrors you are warning about? Shall we return to the days of the robber barrons and company stores and company housing. Hire the pinkertons to put a good beat down on union organizers? Sheesh.

David Collins

I like Wal-Mart and the self checkouts . Quite convenient and Covid distancing worthy . They , just like other businesses , are having a tough time hiring and maintaining employees largely due to the give away money that is being passed about . Everyone appears to love free and the dignity of work is evaporating like the dew in the morning sun . The gravy train will dry up , they always do , and they will return to find no jobs . Ironic indeed but totally predictable .

David Collins

Robber Barons , you mean like Google , Amazon , Facebook , Twitter and the Alphabet news media ? You mean like them ? Throw in the Robber politicians and I would say they are in the here and now . So we should embrace the Lilly white and pure unions to look out for our best interests as well ? Not me Charlie tuna , not today , tomorrow or in my next life . Good try !


I am personally not a union guy, but if I have to choose between a corrupt union bargaining over wages and benefits, or some corporate board..' fraid I will go with the union. This time and every time.


Fortunately , you folks will see neither here in NC. Unfortunately there are forces here in this county who are ANTI BUSINESS of any kind . So, every time you vote , well, your simply changing dealers, when you need a new table and deck! You need to remove these slugs from your garden, and revert back to a minimalist form of actual accountability , thus taking back your checkbook. Lastly, this is not political, these people do not want business, or people questioning them, and their backdoor deals. This one fact makes this FINANCIAL WAR. Extortionist's deserve financial ruin, no quarter. Lets start running paid ads in the news and observer about all the fun things to pay for in Carteret County.... LIKE THE 'PUBLIC BEACH ACCESSES! The NUMBERED PARKING SPACES IN BEAUFORT! HECK, i'm sure we can all think of a few things people do not expect when they come here, and this is the best season to run these ads in Raleigh. Oh, don't forget to tell all the family's if they want to fish, they better get a LICENSE to enjoy the 'freedoms' of the STATE! Maybe they can get a happy meal on the way home with their kids and wife? [wink]


Apparently unions are bad....unless they are police unions..?

If Wal-Mart can't afford to pay employees enough to lure them off of all that luxurious unemployment money, maybe they should pay them more, and upper management less. BTW Wal-Mart is famous for making their vendors ship their jobs overseas (Google "Walmart: Not Made In America"

David Collins

Are their any retail businesses that do not sell imported goods these days ? Even the local vegetable stands sell produce from across the border . Hint , look behind the stand at the shipping boxes . Local has taken on a new meaning . Guess it means somewhere on our local planet . Bashing Wal-Mart seems to be a pass time for some but they also shop there as well . Have seen it many times .


Nothing wrong with imports, esp for out of season foods. One of the great feats of the GOP has been to convince folks that China stole your job, no China dident american execs decided buying foreign goods and increasing their profits is what has killed American manufacturing. That ole supply and demand thing. The local store sells cans of dogfood at 1.75 each, same cans at Walmart are 12 for 8 bucks.

It's easy to say AMERICA FIRST till you pull out your own wallet.

David Collins

Oh so true Drew , oh so true . A bunch of hypocrites at times , are we not ? And we are being played every waking moment of every day . Sickening !


Interesting , the one thing standing in both the way of the union, and a true free market , as it were is your elected officials, and all the rules you folks endure to no end. (wow, without ever asking , and demanding that your rights exceed their paper law.) Also of note, Unions are grounded in RELIGION, without Religion , a union there would not be. (RELIGION IS WHAT UNIONIZATION TRULY MEANS) Its Theological , and man is trying to monopolize it with greed, so, its no wonder why their all corrupting with the LACK OF THE MAIN INGREDIENT of dish! Here is your fix, simply add RELIGION and worship to the unions, meaning all of them, and they may make it? Even then, some are so far gone, no amount of religion will help them, sorry.


NC Lt Gov on the state of camero harris..... and a voter rights bill, which is just the opposite of the name, lol.....



The corporate heads/ceo/shareholders rule the economic landscape. They have crafted a system impervious to outside concerns. The worker has no say. Unions are great in theory, but cannot work successfully in our greedy society. Religion is not the solution and never will be.


Yes, the worker had a say, they entered into a verbal contract for a sum of money. Noone ever told them that they could be the owner of said business. Also of note, yes, RELIGION is the ONLY SOLUTION to heal our nation, and , even knowing this, i would not push it on anyone. Lastly, i keep trying to add some links of the Lt Gov of NC defending the taxpayers, but apparently hes not in favor, or maybe the editor could tutor me on why the Lt Gov is offensive? Thx.


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Workforce trainigg for shovel ready infrastructure . That is it.

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