While the nation and media focus on the major political races for President, Senate and Governor, major down ballot issues are being ignored that will have more immediate impact on the lives of voters. Of particular note is the North Carolina and supreme court race which has the potential of mitigating, if not changing, the dynamics of the court and subsequently state laws.

Kari Travis, of the Carolina Journal recently opined on this issue and her observations which follow in part, should concern all voters in the upcoming 2020 election.

The most important elections in North Carolina are the races for the N.C. Supreme Court.

So, pay attention!

Judges are easily forgotten amid presidential campaigns and Washington antics. Media obsessions and arguments over COVID-19 add to the din. But in a year when so many freedoms are suffocated by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s arbitrary mandates, the only path to defend those freedoms is through the courts.

So far, that path has offered no relief to North Carolinians, who want only to open their businesses and exercise their freedoms.

That’s because all state court battles end in the state’s highest court, where Democrats hold a 6-1 majority. Those judges have shown — most recently in a bowling alley reopening lawsuit — that they’re likely to side with Cooper.

But on Nov. 3, the power dynamics might shift. Three seats on the N.C. Supreme Court are in contention, and three Republicans are jostling with Democrats for a place on the bench. GOP candidates are a team, and they’re running under one brand.


Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby, the only remaining Republican on the court, is running for the court’s top job against current seat holder — and Cooper appointee — Chief Justice Cheri Beasley. Court of Appeals Judge Phil Berger Jr., a Republican and the son of the N.C. Senate leader, is running against fellow Appeals Court Judge Lucy Inman for Newby’s vacated seat. Former Republican State Sen. Tamara Barringer of Wake County is facing off against Justice Mark Davis, a Democrat appointed to the court by Cooper in 2019.

The outcome of judicial elections will determine the laws governing North Carolinians in the years ahead, says Jon Guze, director of legal studies at the John Locke Foundation.

“Voters need to remember that the North Carolina Supreme Court has become a super legislature,” Guze said. “As a result of judicial doctrines adopted in the second half of the 20th century, the court now has the power to uphold facially unconstitutional laws if a majority of the justices approve of them on policy grounds, to strike down facially constitutional laws if a majority of the justices disapprove of them on policy grounds, and to change the meaning of laws — and of the Constitution — in order to advance the majority’s policy preferences.”

Even a four-member majority on the seven-person Supreme Court wields more power than the General Assembly and the governor combined, Guze said.

The fate of Opportunity Scholarships, redistricting, and voter ID — to name a few issues — will be decided by those judges we elect Nov. 3.

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SCOTUS & state SC have both become super legislatures.


Well that’s certainly one side of the argument.

But, I must respectfully disagree with the writer’s position statement about voting for NC judges being more important than voting for President, Senator or Governor.

*Biden as Pres, C’mon man. #1 most important vote.

*Senator and let the democrats have the senate, C’mon man.

*Governor, writer thinks Cooper will win.

Yes, judges are extremely important in NC, just like with the next supreme court justice Barrett. In theory, judges must be impartial and strive to properly interpret the meaning, significance, and implications of the law.

But just as with the media, I guess the writer is saying you can’t take bias or political views out of the court system.

The big issues here, and the one that I agree with the writer, are executive orders. They are not laws, but might as well be, especially if you have a liberal governor.

Hey, if the governor and judges get too out of hand, I can always move back to Florida. No State Income Tax.

David Collins

Not 100% but voting Dems out of all court related positions would go a long way toward fairness in the courts . Always exceptions but darn few . Can clean up the rest of the trash in 2 years or so .


These judicial seats are very important; as are the seats in our local court. Carteret has been suffering under the boot of corrupt judges for a very long time. The web of connections between local law firms and the judges control the outcome of all civil cases and many criminal cases as well. We must pay close and strict attention to the judges races, and not be so fast to re-elect anyone. Finally, there needs to be a option on the ballot: Elect none of these. That way if that category receives more votes than a stand alone candidate, that candidate is voted out of office. Either that, or voters need a method of recalling corrupt judges, one that is real and effective. Otherwise, we will have the mess existing now, forever.


As a follow-up to writer’s concerns of LeRoy Coop’s executive orders, from my perspective:

*I don't go to bars anyway.

*I don’t go to gyms anyway.

*My daughter is a hair stylist (home visits).

*My grocery store manager said I could come in with or without a mask.

*Sheriff and Police Chief were not sending officers out for no face masks.

*I eat at home or take-out 95% of the time anyway.

*I don’t bowl.

*Don’t have kids in school.

*No need for retail since Amazon was still operating.

*Retired, no need to work or get laid off.

*Don’t go to sporting events, music festivals, movies, etc Have Netflix and Amazon.

*Virtual visit with Dr’s in Raleigh, New Bern, MHC, while in my underwear.

*Pharmacy delivers medicines, as usual.

The only issue that could have affected me, but didn’t, was seeing family and friends. 80% of my family have passed. It was a blessing not to see my in-laws (don't tell my wife).

Living on the Crystal, my friends and I just blended in with all the record setting revenue visitors.

So actually my life didn’t really change much at all. Just another year in paradise.


In case any of you missed this:

Gov. LeRoy Cooper has made yearly proclamations designating the second Monday in October as “ndigenous Peoples Day”. A holiday to recognize the native populations that were displaced after Christopher Columbus reached the continent.

Hey what about us Rednecks and Hillbillies in CC? Don’t we get a holiday?

Vote Dan Forest 2020!


Jeep. Once again you’re cracking me up! We need a cranky old man day!!!! We have been oppressed way too long!!! Our battle cry can be “get off our lawn”.


mpeep- glad you have Netflix- 2 recommendations:

David Attenborough- A Life On Our Planet

My Octopus Teacher

David Collins

What kind of teacher ? Do tell . Can’t afford NetFlix . Gotta pay taxes .


Sorry you cannot afford Netflix. Might want to learn how to reduce your tax liabilities. The documentary is science stuff.

(Edited by staff.)


Viewing the Barret confirmation hearing reinforces what we don't have in our local judges. Interpretation of and following the law is foreign to our district court judges; and some superior court judges.

(Edited by staff.)

David Collins

Is there a government program that will provide me with NetFlix ? Heck , seems there are an abundance of them benefiting the Lame , Lazy and stupid with more to come if Harris / Pelosi wins . Quite sure I could fit in there somewhere .

No , tax avoidance schemes are tailored for the Wealthy , we working slobs just have to pay up . Don’t believe me , just ask Biden . He has gotten quite rich on a paltry senators salary , hasn’t he ?


Find it amusing that you deduce that "tax avoidance schemes" are the only way to pay less taxes. Find a good accountant and maybe they can advise you.

David Collins

A scheme is not necessarily illegal or bad . Just an idea brought to fruition . Evasion is another thing indeed .

Tax accountants are a costly bunch right alongside tax attorneys. Not worth getting hooked up with them unless you are talking about huge $$$ . You’ll spend more than you will save .

That is the point of what I said .

Just how did Biden get so wealthy ? Never worked a day in his life , just on the public dole .


Yea, the definition of scheme is different depending if you use it as a noun or verb. No worries. When I googled it, said Biden had book deals, speaking engagements, and real estate. Sounds like most millionaires and a current President. Well, not sure about Trump and speaking engagements, since he has trouble there.


Not hard to understand why people didn't vote for Hillary but mindboggling why some of the same people would vote for Joe. Wonder which family profited more over last 40 years Clintons or Bidens cooperating with/playing footsies with communists & other enemies since at least after Bush the elder.

David Collins

Book deals , that few if any have read or even heard of . Speaking engagements , yeah , we know about some of those . Sonny boy hunter arranged some of those and paid off quite handsomely . In other words the same way the DC crooks usually do it with those that wish to curry favor . Perfectly clear now how he could afford that expensive real estate .


If what one can read & hear is the least bit true he used a drug-addicted son as bagman requiring a 50% cut from dealings with communists & other questionable characters/entities usually thought of as enemies. What were those contracts that brother had so much "expertise" in while he was point man? Made statement that lots of families have drug problems. That part may be somewhat true but do lots of fathers use their sons in such a way? Sounds pretty sorry aside from any criminal aspects. Yeah those 8 years were no doubt the most transparent & scandal-free of any administration weren't they? And the "unbiased" (LOL) media ensured it then & continue to don't they? Gotta give the Tech giants credit too don't you? It all would be a big fat joke if it wasn't so unimaginably serious for ALL of us and more importantly the nation's very ability to survive. In not answering a question, he stated it's a "smear campaign" but he & his cronies have actually denied none of it. It's one h@ll of a lot more serious than a "smear" for ALL of us & this nation. If he gets the reigns to this country we will need God's blessings more than ever. And for those who don't believe in God think about what you're doing to future generations.


Even the news portion of fox news took a pass on the biden story, the opinion side is of course all in on the farce. No doubt many people WANT to beleive, no doubt do beleive this and all the other fermented tripe the far right spews. Like the cannibal pedo ring run out of basement of pizza parlor in dc. Poor rudi, gone from America's mayor, to inept trump henchman peddling Russian disinformation to the New York post, their other post headlines. "Rats mate with alligators in NYC sewers" " dingos ate my alien baby"

To quote gropenfuhur trump " sad"


Somebody has more head problems than Shifty. Who was it that said this isn't ruskie disinformation? The REAL con artists a.k.a. media, so-called govt authorities, etc continue covering for the REAL crooks but are close to the end of their rope again on another failed defense of their favorite crooks. This "honorable" self-righteous father using his drug-addicted son for no good while dealing with communists for personal profit should be no surprise. But if the past holds don't look for "patriots" in the media, our institutions or otherwise to show up or look for the REAL truth..

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