The recent criticisms of President Trump’s press conference Sunday, in which he noted that the “federal government is following the lead of the states” is foretelling of a threat far greater than the one the nation faces with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two government declarations were made this past week that had major economic impact on our county. But the implementation of the decisions stands in stark contrast as to how the respective government agencies understand the ramifications of their decisions.

National Sunshine Week is celebrated nationally each year to promote the benefits of open and transparent government and to remind the public that our government, as noted by Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, is a “government of the people, for the people, by the people.”  This year’s National …

Carteret County is facing challenging decisions as it deals with continued population growth and aging infrastructure, particularly its highways and bridges. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of willingness to work with the state when it comes to highway investment.

As the state continues to finance recovery from hurricanes Matthew, Florence and Dorian there is another storm creating economic havoc that needs to be addressed. This storm goes by several names - novel coronavirus, COVID-19 and most recently Wuhan Coronavirus. No matter what it is called, …

The residual impacts of Hurricane Florence, and to some degree Hurricane Dorian, are still reverberating through the county and region as homeowners and businesses seek to correct shoddy work provided by less than capable, and in some cases, fraudulent construction companies.

Election season is upon us with hours of political ads on broadcast stations, post cards arriving by mail, roadside signs and pages in the newspapers demanding our attention. And albeit distracting, all of these messages are a sign that civic involvement is alive and well.

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