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CAPE CARTERET — County school officials are concerned about the impact of residential growth in the western part of the county on schools, especially White Oak Elementary.

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MOREHEAD CITY — A recent study of Highway 24 through Carteret and Onslow counties revealed there are a number of potential fixes to improve safety and mobility along the corridor, but not everyone in the county is on board with the recommended projects.

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BOGUE — Councilmen Monday night turned down, for now, an offer by the Eastern Carolina Council of Governments to write the town an ordinance that over time could reduce light pollution.

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CEDAR POINT — Kevin Hunter, chief of the Western Carteret Fire and EMS Department, said Wednesday his crews are as ready and prepared as they can be to deal with any emergencies that arise during Hurricane Dorian over the next few days.

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BOGUE — Despite extreme flooding and damage to her home and produce stand from Hurricane Florence, Sherry Guthrie, owner of Guthrie Farm Produce, was determined to open her stand for the summer season.