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Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

Brian Barboru to Karilyn Woodard.

Abigail Buonaiuto to Dennis Wade Jr.

Jessica Ross to Andrew Burchins.

Kent Neal to Donna Youraine.

Michael Phillips to Deborah Hatt.

Gregory Braun to Tahra Rogers.

Taylor Allen to McKenzie Jackson.

Thomas Saenger Jr. to Brooke Mills.

John Black to Jill Cameron.

Sasha Powell to Christopher Brameyer.

Hannah Horne to Justin Jones.

Luke Smith to Mikayla Howard.

Sarah Gakeler to Douglas Brisotti.

Sarah Andrews to Kolby Hanley.

Carlee Bock to Matthew Robbins.

Kenneth Taylor to Sandra Wilson.


The following divorces were granted recently in Carteret County:

Sarah and Joseph Rivenbark.

Clark and Danielle Johnston.

Marvin Monterrosa and Bernny Corrales.

Briton Wertz and Charles Bigson Jr.

Sarah and Jeffrey Fink.

Michael and April Becker.

Lucia Santana and Alberto Santana-Cabrerra.

Brittany and James Sexton.

Katelynn Owens and Donald Coburn.

Tyler and Jessica Pitts.

Michelle and Quentin Norfleet.


These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from April 21 - 27. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

Daniel Leader to Richard Andersen, rev. $840.

Scott Pro to Dean Smith Jr., rev. $1,285.

Shirley Strother to Meraki Holdings Group LLC, rev. $1,700.

Marilyn Toy to Stephen Curro, rev. $1,500.

Shawn McCabe to William Alston, rev. $1,700.

Robert Rhode to Logan Hanner, rev. $1,730.

Richard Crocker to Mitchell Morkunas, rev. $650.

Abdelsalam Alinmer to Sujal Patel, rev. $1,300.

Abdelsalam Alnimer to Swetang Patel, rev. $1,300.

B&M Developers LLC to Atlantic Construction Inc., rev. $300.

Norma Kornegay to Marion Parham, rev. $350.

Samuel Mitchell to Dominic Studer, rev. $660.

D.R. Horton Inc. to David Seymore, rev. $864.

M. Douglas Goines to Joseph McCabe, rev. $980.

Harold Comer to Jump Start Investments Inc., rev. $298.

Patricia Munns to William Fabiszewski, rev. $637.

Brimar Investments LLC to Fulp Construction Corp., rev. $292.

John Sobeck to Courtney Geels, rev. $2,100.

Kevin Zuercher Jr. to Lucas Jacobs, rev. $840.

Barbara Norris to Boyce L.O.W. Land LLC, rev. $60.

Marty Payne to Southern Fun LLC, rev. $2,600.

Billy Alford to Sarah Banko, rev. $450.

Donald Brookins to Brian Kessman, rev. $1,800.

Alan Viglione to Jeffrey Steckroth, rev. $590.

Bluewater Associates of Emerald Isle Inc. to Kathryn Martin, rev. $65.

Donald Wright to Kenneth Dehnel, rev. $1,400.

Michael Jefferson to Matthew Robbins, rev. $1,260.

Elizabeth Leonard to Anna Urich, rev. $1,300.

William Mills to Sarah Murphy, rev. $654.

James Johnson to Jason Nagi, rev. $1,120.

Herbert Morgan Jr. to Thomas Stratton, rev. $1,808.

Patricia Haut to John Steele, rev. $820.

Arthur Harmon Jr. to Grant Emde, rev. $910.

Coy Thompson Sr. to Brian Mullery, rev. $1,400.

Stef LLC to Michael Pendergraft, rev. $110.

Hall Stewardship Solutions LLC to Lance Batts, rev. $910.

William McLamb to Brenda Oterson, rev. $290.

Morehead City Township

Stephanie Thomas to Michael Whitehead, rev. $270.

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to AMDG Properties LLC, rev. $1,004.

Vinings at Morehead LLC to Southwood Haven at Wild Dunes LLC, rev. $30,900.

Vinings at Morehead Land LLC to Southwood Haven at Wild Dunes LLC, rev. $81,100.

Sleepy Creek Turkeys Inc. to East Fort Macon Road LLC, rev. $12,500.

Earl Purnell to Janice Brooks, rev. $150.

Kevin Gill to William Bostick, rev. $1,000.

Charles Spahos to Kimberly Leveque, rev. $580.

Leonard Beltz to Chris Cozart, rev. $558.

Sam-Man Developments LLC to Chandler Fulcher, rev. $904.

Rachel Dickinson to Don Dickinson, rev. $278.

Donald Schlenger to Jon Strickland, rev. $1,020.

John Davies to Mitchell Brown, rev. $1,300.

Amit Malhotra to Meridian Seafood Inc., rev. $480.

Nancy Bell to Brett Englebreth, rev. $798.

Kirsten Steidl to Christie Watson, rev. $640.

Patrice Dillenbeck to Jennifer Lovick, rev. $442.

David Reels to Linda Smith, rev. $561.

Guy Boleman to Kelly Dildy, rev. $1,010.

YADOT LLC to Tracy Wellbrock, rev. $280.

Vernon Garner Jr. to George Watkins Jr., rev. $2,200.

James Brown to J&J Investment Group LLC, rev. $190.

Henry Marrow to Christopher Barnes, rev. $350.

Eileen Dawson to Kathleen Purdy, rev. $590.

Palm Adventures LLC to ONS RE LLC, rev. $130.

Steven Kirby to Brian Dula, rev. $1,050.

Ramsey Development Limited Partnership to Adam Shack, rev. $1,850.

Peter Goolsby to Peter Goolsby, rev. $500.

Laymon Glass to Little Moolah LLC, rev. $200.

E&G Marina Slip Rental LLC to Mary Hargett, rev. $330.

BRB Builders Inc. to Thomas Woo, rev. $749.

Lynn Marchesseault to Lura Schanberg, rev. $576.

Alan Hainey to John Monahan, rev. $1,260.

Blair Pointe Leftovers LLC to Mark Mansfield Construction LLC, rev. $146.

William Burkett to Holly Batts, rev. $750.

Hugh Parker Jr. to Clifton Evans, rev. $360.

Robert Riley to Lawrence Shovar, rev. $680.

John Lamb Jr. to SP Sports LLC, rev. $340.

Newport Township

Jenna Franz to Willis Properties LLC, rev. $800.

Robert McCain to OCJ Properties LLC, rev. $280.

Jeremy Cannon to James Pinkham, rev. $580.

Christine Zachmeyer to David Graham, rev. $300.

Charles Spear to Brett Clinch, rev. $100.

Richard Post III to Corey Simpson, rev. $160.

Harlowe Township

Christie Watson to Chad Fogleman, rev. $690.

Roberta Justice to Charlene Hill, rev. $52.

Gary Holliday to Francis Shackleford Jr., rev. $12.

Hazel Ives to Young Hur, rev. $150.

Beaufort Township

Shoreline Properties LLC to Jerry Hardesty III, rev. $720.

Beaufort Club Group LLC to Watermark Homes Inc., rev. $120.

Beaufort Club Group LLC to Watermark Homes Inc., rev. $160.

Bridget Scanlan to Charles Webb Jr., rev. $200.

Olde Towne Yacht Club Marina Owners’ Association to Barry Woodard, rev. $60.

Lucine Moffett to Jamie Grady, rev. $920.

Francesco Grassi to 457 N.C. 101 Investments LLC, rev. $564.

Ena Wood to James Rumfelt, rev. $670.

Streamline Developers LLC to Eleanor Hurley, rev. $720.

Timothy McLaughlin to The Rosamond M. Hoerr Trust, rev. $1,430.

Jennifer Brown to Frances Kline, rev. $320.

Joseph Campbell to Madeline Hollendonner, rev. $550.

Merrimon Township

Rebecca Gaffney to Craig Paterno, rev. $23.

Rebecca Gaffney to Craig Paterno, rev. $23.

Serge Baygulow to Jeffery Cahoon, rev. $360.

Straits Township

Robert Justice to Oliver Block Sr., rev. $40.

Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC to Robert Fields, rev. $350.

Douglas O’Neal to Robert Taylor, rev. $180.

Harkers Island Township

Dominique Y Pifat Living Trust to John Wilson, rev. $760.

M. Douglas Goines to George Norris, rev. $70.

Vanguard Ventures LLC to Roger Brown II, rev. $214.

Marshallberg Township

David Haskovec to Jacques Dufour, rev. $430.

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