Embezzlement suspect arrested


beaufort — A woman wanted by the Carteret County Sheriff’s Department for embezzling about $1 million was taken into custody without incident about 1:40 p.m. Friday at an undisclosed location in Morehead City.

Elizabeth Jeannette Josey, 50, of Grantsboro in Pamlico County, is charged with two counts of felony embezzlement and is accused of embezzling from five corporations owned by James Gillikin of Beaufort. She remains in the Carteret County jail under a $350,000 bond pending her first court appearance scheduled for Monday.

Authorities issued warrants Tuesday for Mrs. Josey’s arrest in what authorities called one of the largest embezzlement cases ever investigated by detectives here. Her name and description had been entered into a Federal Bureau of Investigation database as a wanted person.

According to Capt. Jason Wank, Mrs. Josey, worked for Mr. Gillikin for the past 17 years and allegedly embezzled money from legitimate payees into the corporations’ general accounts and converted them to her own use to pay off loans, debts, obtain property, pay insurance and finance exotic trips and vacations, to name a few ways she allegedly spent the money.

Capt. Wank said detectives John Guerry and Phillip Morris reviewed more than 8,000 checks and thousands of corporate documents during the last four months.

“Detectives Guerry and Morris have worked on this case tirelessly,” said Capt. Wank in a written statement.

During their investigation, detectives also discovered corporate checks were marked with a counterfeit office stamp using the name of one of the five corporations and Mrs. Josey’s personal account number, resulting in the checks being routed into her account.

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Bravo. Good job fellows. There's an old saying that many may have forgotten: "You do the crime, you do the time." If this woman committed the crimes she's charged with, she deserves to spend a lot of years behind bars. I'm willing to bet this woman gets indicted and goes to trial before the DA tries the BHA case. It makes me question who she knows that would buy her all this time, and what if anything the DA needs that he doesn't have???Watch this case closely, and let's see how quickly she gets tried, and if it's prior to the BHA woman.


Don't Fret If She Gets The Same Judge As Our Loyal (HaHa) Sheriff And Depties Got She'll be Out In No Time They May Not Have Room For Her In Prison Till After Christmas


when she gets out... she better move. she'll never get another job in the area.


I hope that the IRS also gets involved and makes her pay income tax on all the $ she stole, as well as all the other taxes us HONEST hardworking americans pay ! Its a shame to see a man try and make an honest living and other people think that the $ is theirs for the taking. It doesnt matter if its an employee or family, someone always thinks they have a right to take others hard earned cah !Good job by the CCSO, I am sure it was a long investigation with all those documents and checks but a good outcome was the result. Maybe a sentence of 1 day for every dollar stolen would be good !


What's the difference between her taking from the wealthy and Obama taking from the wealthy to give to the lazy.... I don't see much difference.


"GREED"! Just like our government. steal our hard earned money,and take lavish vacations--You know to whom I'm referring. She may get decades or more in jail and deserves to, but powerful leaders get a self appointed pay raise.....


Well I had the unfortunate not so much pleasure of meeting Jeanette Josey many yrs ago. Did not take me long to figure out she was a compulsive liar with no conciounce (sp) but be sure one day your sins will find you out. Guess this is your day. Hope you get what you deserve and take a long vacation.. But who was involved in your hide out? You were always known for having something on everyone. Maybe if you had an accomplice these last few months you could vacation together..I find it so strange that your hiding place is being kept such a secret. You had to eat the past few months, for sure someone was feeding you. Maybe when you are old and gray you can walk the streets again. or wheel chair them. Hope you will enjoy your new room mates..And if you do get out befor then, our judicial system will surely be corrupt/ Good work to our sheriff and all involved in catching you. Morehead City all this time. Ha there is something big they are keeping secret. But that may be to make sure nothing leaks out and destroys the DA;s chance of seening you get what you deserve.


Who among you are so innocent that you would be willing to cast the first stone? Remember, the theory of the legal system is that "You are innocent until proven guilty." I agree, there is a huge amount of evidence against her and if she is guilty, it would behoove her to take a plea rather than face the people of Carteret County who would most likely comprise the jury pool. With that being said, I agree the IRS should most definitely tax her for the illegal gains, if she is found or pleads guilty, and they should go back and review Mr. Gillikin's tax returns and give him as many credits as possible for the funds he claimed but did not have access to.Nuff said


Tell you what, Nita. If you are ever the victim of a crime, make sure you keep the stones in your pocket. No casting..

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