Deed transfers 2

These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from April 29-May 5. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

  • Justin Stallings to Ted Harrell, rev. $931.
  • Linda Sharpe to Suzanne Fathauer, rev. $198.
  • Samrose LLC to Barry Boles, rev. $1,210.
  • WSLD Bogue Watch VI LLC to Anchor Homes LLC, rev. $496.
  • D.R. Horton Inc. to Jean Hudson, rev. $507.
  • D.R. Horton Inc. to Catherine Hudson, rev. $511.
  • Shulby Real Estate Holdings LLC to Timothy Gunther, rev. $460.
  • Joshua Bullard to Jack Murray, rev. $16.
  • Leon Bundy to Alysa Horne, rev. $50.
  • Tony McNeill Homes Inc. to Jason Rice, rev. $550.
  • Barnette Crabtree to Bradley Rhodes, rev. $1,388.
  • Robert Gerkens to Jared Lanier, rev. $1,900.
  • Stephen Williams to Michael Sullivan, rev. $116.
  • Shaun Hutsen to Samuel Batchelder, rev. $570.
  • Roger’s Home Improvements Inc. to Mark Munger, rev. $639.
  • Beth Turner to John Steadman, rev. $1,220.
  • Beach Property LLC to Henry Clark, rev. $1,420.
  • Joseph Costanzo III to Bee Sting Inc., rev. $1,150.
  • N. Bruce Rogers Jr. to Roy Rabon III, rev. $1,951.
  • McNeill and Associates Rentals Inc. to Makenzie King, rev. $240.
  • Marjene White to David Birkevaag, rev. $850.
  • Mary Post to James Lawson, rev. $380.
  • Cathy Parker to Henry Nehring, rev. $100.
  • Margaret Kopishke to Rafael Estevez, rev. $1,060.
  • John Helf Sr. to Jesse Goepel, rev. $150.
  • Christian Ward to Phillip Adriano, rev. $950.
  • William Taylor to Justin Stallings, rev. $1,200.
  • David Turner to Marjorie Nartowicz, rev. $892.
  • Glenn Meeks to Jamie Petroskey, rev. $400.
  • Lori Blais to Kelinda Rike, rev. $130.
  • D.R. Horton Inc. to Nathan Kennedy, rev. $548.
  • Johnnie Pittman to John Brooks, rev. $170.
  • Jason Hicks to Charles Baumann III, rev. $890.
  • Laura Groppe to Elisabeth Webster, rev. $500.
  • Martin Giblin to Michael Burgess, rev. $78.
  • Marta McKenzie to Robert McKee III, rev. $1,198.
  • O’Brien and Sons Construction LLC to Jennifer Tynes, rev. $558.
  • Susan Meredith Smith Living Trust to D&R E.I. LLC, rev. $456.
  • Joseph Liskey to Matthew Flint, rev. $708.
  • Ralph Hailey Jr. to Alan Poppleton Jr., rev. $574.
  • Grove Pointe Properties LLC to Ahmed Amer, rev. $256.
  • Richard Mendenhall to Robert Byrd, rev. $270.
  • Alicia Bailey to Timothy Strausbaugh, rev. $114.
  • Robert Kevan to Gary Harris, rev. $1,820.
  • Richard Gill III to Cindi Wood, rev. $788.
  • Michael Jaber to Joseph Ford Jr., rev. $796.
  • ENL Enterprises Inc. to Wilbur Parker, rev. $656.
  • James Yates III to Frederick Combs, rev. $1,572.
  • Jo Anne Bosher to Marta Dziedzina, rev. $834.
  • South by West LLC to Cape Carteret, rev. $190.  

Morehead Township

  • Jeffrey Price to Kristi Ratte, rev. $710.
  • John Williams to Bryon Boulton, rev. $1,800.
  • Anne Stahel to James Jones III, rev. $980.
  • Bryant’s Construction Management Inc. to Paul Grimes, rev. $860.
  • Michael Heiner to Barry Burnette, rev. $640.
  • Linda Snow to Rodney Sorrell, rev. $250.
  • M. Douglas Goines to Mariel Stamps, rev. $480.
  • Denice Winn to Douglas O’Neal, rev. $448.
  • Sterling Dickinson to Michael Watson, rev. $470.
  • Hal Tanner III to Jared Walton, rev. $1,140.
  • Branch Royall to Michael Leach, rev. $303.
  • Captain K.P. LLC to Loyd Vest, rev. $430.
  • Gary Henriques to John Brodman, rev. $1,078.
  • Robbie Cross to Robert Wetherington Jr., rev. 400.
  • GV7 LLC to Budbeck LLC, rev. $2,475.
  • Andrea Bailey to Drawn Mooers, rev. $320.
  • Red White Properties LLC to Keith Corgan, rev. $230.
  • Lynn Hull to Endurance Morehead City LLC, rev. $2,000.
  • Robert Farias to Irons Holdings LLC, rev. $780.
  • Mavis Southeast LLC to Central Property Development Inc., rev. $5,406.
  • John May to Lee Design Build LLC, rev. $130.
  • Toby Buchan to Edward Martin, rev. $612.
  • Jack Lindley Sr. to Barbera Thornhill, rev. $3,770.
  • Christopher Georgi to George Macloed IV, rev. $578.
  • Juliana Hobbs to Cassie McLain, rev. $270.
  • Michael Lewis to A.G. Consultants LLC, rev. $180.
  • Denny O’Neal to Margaret Stein, rev. $880.
  • Olde Towne Development Corporation Inc. to Teal Flanagin, rev. $650.
  • Jere Pearsall to C.L. Byrd, rev. $153.
  • Bogue Banks Construction LLC to Billie Stokes, rev. $424.
  • Edmund Reynolds to Julia Gould, rev. $800.
  • Flowpro LLC to Jason Yeomans, rev. $450.
  • Fitzula Properties LLC to Keith Corgan, rev. $420.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Bao Dang, rev. $360.
  • Gregory Redman to Brian Moran, rev. $646.
  • Lawrence Thompson to Alexander Waugh, rev. $422.
  • Samuel Boyd to Roger Knox Jr., rev. $590.
  • Robert Berckman Jr. to High & Tight Holdings LLC, rev. $1,000.
  • Barbara Hill to Randy Cubrilovic, rev. $1,220.
  • Richard Gurkin to Brett Silverthorne, rev. $314.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to William Moore, rev. $372.
  • Joseph Pino to Edwina Shaw, rev. $660.

Newport Township

  • J.W. Land LLC to J.C. Jackson Homes LLC, rev. $100.
  • Richard Willis to Nelson Garcia, rev. $75.
  • Joseph Conner to Magan Joplin, rev. $380.
  • Coreen Weir to Paul Gipson Jr., rev. $310.
  • Coral Garner to Jamie Brown, rev. $330.
  • J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Almar Bennett, rev. $528.
  • Bluewater Associates of Emerald Isle Inc. to McNeill and Associates Inc., rev. $100.
  • Jamie Brown to Donna Mullen, rev. $522.
  • Kyle Boyd to Anthony Hester Jr., rev. $380.
  • Ricky Flanigan to Cecil Taylor, rev. $770.
  • Michael Jennette to Penny Johnson, rev. $120.

Harlowe Township

  • William Hooper to Chad Fogleman, rev. $1,420.
  • Marsha Jenkins to Shirley Reid, rev. $880.  

Beaufort Township

  • Mark Hannula to Jerry Jarnett, rev. $750.
  • Larry High to Joseph Thomann, rev. $696.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Roland Valentine, rev. $759.
  • Timothy Boynton to Wilson Costa, rev. $244.
  • Nicholas Wineman to Brooke Fulcher, rev. $838.
  • Theresa Mason to LVTLV Properties LLC, rev. $314.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Lee Carr, rev. $662.  

Merrimon Township

  • Kevin Zorn to William Wilson, rev. $30.
  • Carteret County to Raphele Reels, rev. $16.   

Straits Township

  • The Douglas Taft Lewis Revocable Trust to Veronica Huff, rev. $44.
  • JSR Land Partners LLC to Natasha Gill, rev. $100.  

Harkers Island Township

  • Benjamin Willis to Jeffrey Birtcher, rev. $890.  

Marshallberg Township

  • Robert Geller to Donnie Hicks, rev. $115.

Stacy Township

  • Fulcher Family Limited Partnership to Jadon Fulcher, rev. $90.

Sea Level Township

  • Michael Siggler to Andrii Radchenko, rev. $22.
  • George Wheatly to Garden of Eden Farms LLC, rev. $58.
  • Katie Noe to Jon McInnis, rev. $16.
  • Victor Hall to Seashore Adventures and Rentals LLC, rev. $160.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

  • Jordan Chasteen to Jordan Daley.
  • James Massey to Annette Bommarito.
  • Grady Rosenkampff to Carly Ferrell.
  • Anthony Soult to Nicole Chesnokov.
  • Devon Welch Sr. to Manasha Harris.
  • Douglas Hurlock to Amanda Batchelor.
  • Aaron Baker to Cynthia Heath.
  • Kendall Smith to Karen Schuber.
  • Cameron Peel to Taylor Farmer.
  • Jeffrey Salter to Jeanette Holland.
  • Cole Yates to Carson Walker.
  • Jeremiah Jimenez to Kirsten Graham.
  • Mike Shaffer to Terri Ottofaro.
  • Christopher Ellis to Sarah Thiel.
  • Renate Willis to Michael Struempf.
  • Taylor Daniels to Davison Gaskill.


The following divorces were granted recently in Carteret County:

  • Elana and Alton Cuthrell.
  • Jonarhan Medford and Lauralee Lewis.
  • Gary and Stormie Bacon.
  • James and Victoria Frabutt.
  • Nathan and Alayna Swacha.
  • Anthony and Patience Soult.
  • Karey and Cynthia Guthrie.
  • Michael and Kimberly Garner.
  • Kelley and Ethan Ennis.
  • Carlton and Cynthia Wilkinson.  

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