Deed transfers 2

These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from March 18-24. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

  • Ronald Johnson Jr. to Melanie Trexler, rev. $117.
  • Joseph Allen to Charles Pelley, rev. $554.
  • Nautical Builders Inc. to Bennie Hutto Jr., rev. $859.
  • William Borchers Jr. to Victor Frazier, rev. $104.
  • Jackie Everett to Michael Carroll, rev. $154.
  • Lindley Smith to Andrew Mulvaney, rev. $770.
  • Roy Rabon III to Alan Asby Sr., rev. $680.
  • Steve Eiland to Susan Guilder, rev. $660.
  • Thomas Hagan to Jeffrey Davis, rev. $600.
  • Horizons East LLC to Mark Clark, rev. $530.
  • Crestena Oakley to Trudy Garris, rev. $27.
  • Robert Gamble to Richard Strickland, rev. $570.
  • Tony Lucas to James Kirven IV, rev. $1,960.
  • Joshua Banks to Julia Miller, rev. $720.
  • Tony McNeill to Robert Martin Jr., rev. $60.
  • Jerri Builders Homes LLC to George Steele VI, rev. $850.
  • James Martin to Joshua Banks, rev. $837.
  • William Campbell to Charles Holmes, rev. $440.
  • David Winberry to By the Sea Design, rev. $690.
  • Linn Ross Holdings LLC to Allison Dowdey, rev. $1,120.
  • Kenneth Blythe to Cathryn Wilson, rev. $920.
  • James Hubbard to Jennifer Taylor, rev. $1,310.
  • Mark Brilakis to John Little, rev. $1,280.
  • Ronald Weaver to Todd Locker, rev. $797.
  • Derrick Adkins to Lewis Smith, rev. $258.
  • Susan West to David Thompson, rev. $590.
  • Kitchen Kraft Inc. to Kate Shirkey, rev. $1,460.
  • Julia Wax to Kitchen Kraft Inc., rev. $320.
  • Nevill LLC to Emily Nelson, rev. $794.
  • David Mills to Barnette to Crabtree, rev. $460.  

Morehead Township

  • CHM&S LLC to E. Powell Osteen Jr., rev. $85.
  • Ralph Perry to Robert Merritt Jr., rev. $690.
  • Joseph Giallo II to John Jolly III, rev. $1,018.
  • John Lewis to Jason Leshikar, rev. $928.
  • Eddie Foster to Elizabeth Rogers, rev. $270.
  • Che Gonzalez to Timothy Kananen, rev. $534.
  • Thomas Willis to Jane Gordon, rev. $838.
  • Thomas Pusateri to ABI Patterosn Street LLC, rev. $3,450.
  • Adam Vadeboncoeur to Teresa Penbrooke, rev. $548.
  • Ronald Thornton to Van Jackson Holt, rev. $1,450.
  • Gary Hardee to Charles McDowell IV, rev. $1,458.
  • Meri Gibbs to Tyler Clark, rev. $830.
  • John Sobeck to E. Powell Osteen Jr., rev. $130.
  • John Lewis to Joshua Musselwhite, rev. $1,450.
  • Fred Risk to Gena Braley, rev. $1,392.
  • Slipp II LLC to Joseph Killion, rev. $280.
  • Corbett Johnson to Christopher Ritchie, rev. $248.
  • Betsy Palmer to Joshua Collins, rev. $520.
  • Sherry Pittman to Thomas Rossiter, rev. $148.
  • Benjamin Corso Sr. to Pro Environmental Services LLC, rev. $110.
  • Bagar LLC to Oak Level Properties LLC, rev. $1,350.
  • Bagar LLC to Oak Level Properties LLC, rev. $1,050.
  • Bruce Watt to William Hamlin III, rev. $546.
  • Charles Davis to Ramsey Development Limited Partnership, rev. $1,500.
  • Darrin Deaver to David Kaslewicz, rev. $484.

Newport Township

  • Elaine McGinn to Deborah Favorite, rev. $70.
  • Jacquelyn McKenna to Tuan Dang, rev. $380.
  • Joan Mills to David Patten, rev. $70.

Harlowe Township

  • The Land Authorities LLC to Christopher Williams, rev. $16.
  • William Hooper Jr. to Lawrence Lord, rev. $470.
  • Robert Allen to Lori Westmoreland, rev. $756.  

Beaufort Township

  • Barton Hill to Englert Rentals LLC, rev. $2,020.
  • ACM Prime Alamosa REO LLC to Darryl Taylor, rev. $60.
  • Pamcar Farms LLC to Wysocking Wildlife Sanctuary Inc., rev. $2,800.
  • Phyllis Umstead to Garrett Fly, rev. $400.
  • Brett Harrison to Weston Hill, rev. $389.
  • John Moen to Jay Fetter, rev. $1,070.
  • Nancy Spears to James Taylor, rev. $265.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Tamara Langton, rev. $936.

Merrimon Township

  • Robert Miller to Rodney Rose, rev. $150.
  • George Delinski Jr. to Adam Ragaini, rev. $40.
  • Frank Janssens to Vinetta McCann, rev. $292.

Straits Township

  • Robert Michael to Raymond Nelson Jr., rev. $40.

Sea Level Township

  • Lura Taylor to Joseph Barnes Sr., rev. $440.
  • Michele Grandy to Michael Council, rev. $100. 

Cedar Island Township

  • Yvonne Styron to Aron Styron III, rev. $4.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

  • Paul Voran to Sarah Guizard.
  • Darrell Canady to Jennifer Pardue.
  • William Robinson II to Megan James.
  • Brittany Croom to Peter Delorier Jr.
  • Ashley Liotta to Steffen Tiskus.
  • Robert Schmitt to Mary London.
  • Justin Peck to Janelle Latorre-Sisk.
  • Tessa Parrish to Frank Pickler.
  • John Pake to Madolyn Ward.
  • Dustin Clere to Hailey Johnson.
  • Thomas Greene to Kathryn Corns.
  • Bridget Nall to Brandon Duff.
  • Ross Miller to Summer Stephenson.
  • Ryan Dixon to Kirsten Burke.  

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