Deed transfers 2


These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from May 20-28. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

  • Sharyn Faithful to Kenneth Mitchell Jr., rev. $518.
  • Jeremy Taulman to Philip Jarrett, rev. $830.
  • Timothy Beckham to John Ulmer III, rev. $19.
  • Ronnie Stroud to John Blizzard III, rev. $680.
  • Roseann Moore to Robert Everett, rev. $114.
  • William Sutton Jr. to Betsy Sutton, rev. $560.
  • William Farrington to Karen MacDonald, rev. $1,030.
  • Jerri Builders Homes LLC to Christopher Powell, rev. $1,146.
  • Dianne Speake to Dianne Speake, rev. $480.
  • Daniel Jackson to Suzette Dowling, rev. $1,600.
  • Gorham Investment Management LLC to Jacob Smith, rev. $288.
  • Douglas Leech to Raymond Evans III, rev. $1,590.
  • Lee Garrett to John Sullivan, rev. $1,430.
  • Virginia Jones to Stephen Harper, rev. $516.
  • Eric Dowling to David Ferguson Jr., rev. $486.
  • Larry Hamilton to Jeffrey Mewborne, rev. $1,242.
  • Tommy Bell to Paul Henry, rev. $1,620.
  • B&M Developers LLC to Atlantic Construction Inc., rev. $100.
  • Kevin Siebold to Dominic Kimzey, rev. $734.
  • Ruth Wilson to Harry Creech Jr., rev. $1,240.
  • Clayton Webster to Jared Bradshaw, rev. $260.
  • Ace Builders Inc. to Ruth Wilson, rev. $700.
  • Truist Bank to A. Brent Roberson, rev. $56.
  • Allen Page to The Salem Sanford Bullard Trust, rev. $360.
  • John Marcellino to Lorraine McCurdy, rev. $186.
  • Linda Dodds-Walker to Andrew Jernigan, rev. $115.
  • Christine Cummings to Samantha Hunt, rev. $270.
  • Courtney Parker to Mark Faithful, rev. $570.

Morehead Township

  • ITAC 444 LLC to Robert Taylor, rev. $810.
  • Guido Bianco to William Rhamey II, rev. $561.
  • Larry Teasley to Adam Mills, rev. $885.
  • Three Palms LLC to Robert Waters Jr., rev. $630.
  •  Leesh Management LLC to Phyllis Fann, rev. $1,130.
  • Taffie Baysden to 35th Properties LLC, rev. $150.
  • Happy Gardens LLC to Douglas Ricketts, rev. $160.
  • 102 West Drive Residential LLC to Anna Felts, rev. $650.
  • Reginald Cannon to James Doshier, rev. $495.
  • Jeanette Youngblood to Roldan Munoz, rev. $978.
  • James Batts III to Lon Pierce, rev. $328.
  • Ann Windham to Dean Perella, rev. $780.
  • Jeffrey English to Stephanie Ross, rev. $720.
  • Ocean Reef Investments LLC to G. Grey LIttlewood, rev. $660.
  • Herbert Highsmith III to Romaine Hauser, rev. $700.
  • Wilie Harrelson Jr. to James Pritchard, rev. $910.
  • Marsha Richardson to Darrin Hockstra, rev. $460.
  • James Coyle to Henry Butler, rev. $480.
  • Robert Kern to Robert Kern, rev. $250.
  • Guy Maniaci to Joseph Howard, rev. $400.
  • Cherry Hopkins-Wooten to Thomas J. Johnson LLC, rev. $320.
  • Robert Taylor to Van Hatch, rev. $560.
  • Mason Morgan to Wendolyn Thompson, rev. $118.
  • Thomas Colhoun to McKenzie Jackson, rev. $680.
  • Beverly Nichols to Scottie Johnson, rev. $210.
  • Mary Sutton to Johnny Weathers, rev. $329.
  • Meghan Humphrey to Douglas Hill, rev. $640.
  • Donald Johnson to Bertha Griffin, rev. $364.
  • Greg Schultz to Roy Kittrell Jr., rev. $1,080.
  • David Macer to Jeanette Youngblood, rev. $424.
  • Daniel Basmajian Sr. to Thomas Higgins III, rev. $1,440.
  • Douglas Hill to Brady Windham, rev. $460.
  • Oscar Greene III to Southeast Income Properties LLC, rev. $730.
  • Weldon Baker II to George Coats Jr., rev. $595.
  • William Davis II to Suzanne Bryan, rev. $140.
  • William Phillips to Paul Sullivan, rev. $1,500.
  • R.G. Pendergrass Sr. to Dwight Chandler, rev. $160.
  • Jimmy Mercer to Jim Worrell, rev. $710.
  • Track A Partnership to Arthritis and Rehabilitation Medicine PLLC, rev. $46.
  • David Bell to William Gallagher, rev. $716.
  • Thomas Guenther to Kelly Winters, rev. $608.
  • 2800 WFM Inc. to Thomas Guenther, rev. $859.
  • Jason Yeomans to O. Coley Barham, rev. $780.
  • Peggy Warren to Amanda Jones, rev. $1,090.
  • Robert Rice to Emily Keith, rev. $460.
  • J.W. Land LLC to J.C. Jackson Homes LLC, rev. $900.

     Newport Township

  • Wade Tong to Theodore Peters, rev. $270.
  • William Parker to Jennifer Murphy, rev. $156.
  • Great Bay Holding North Carolina LLC to Terry Giffin, rev. $150.
  • J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Elizabeth Everett, rev. $484.
  • Carolina Eastern Homes LLC to BRB Builders Inc., rev. $100.
  • Carolina Eastern Homes LLC to BRB Builders Inc., rev. $100.
  • J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Lori Alleman, rev. $522.

Beaufort Township

  • John Hall to Arthur Hood III, rev. $550.
  • Margaret Bray to Frank Gillikin, rev. $240.
  • Rebecca Steffens to Cynthia McCoy, rev. $450.
  • Wibedi Inc. to Donald Aull, rev. $240.
  • Cindy Bivens to Phillip Owens, rev. $400.
  • Douglas Wolfe to Hay Street Investments LLC, rev. $730.
  • Conscience Bay LLC to John Carter, rev. $143.  

Merrimon Township

  • MTGLQ Investors LP to Laura Bozeman, rev. $1,230.  

Straits Township

  • Richard Ramsay to Joseph Rivenbark, rev. $386.
  • Samantha Robinson to Autry Hathaway Jr., rev. $40.  

Harkers Island Township

  • Stephen Tereshko to Clinton Sherrill, rev. $440.
  • Henry Davis to Frankie Pendergraph, rev. $1,193.
  • Frankie Pendergraph to Henry Davis, rev. $1,193.  

Stacy Township

  • Cynthia Mintz to Tony Patton, rev. $150.

Sea Level Township

  • Tommie Bryan to Jascen Hyatt, rev. $80.

Atlantic Township

  • Paloma Capanna to Ivin Allen, rev. $30.

Cedar Island Township

  • Thomas Peralto to Martin Wahl, rev. $95.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

  • Cody Beachum to Emily Wood.
  • Thomas Smith to Kathy Watson.
  • Ralph Redd to Kimberly Hicks.
  • Latonya Palmer-Bowman to Richard Ryan.
  • Carlton Brewer to Angela Stith.
  • Will Tinsley III to Joann Wages.
  • Rex Reynolds to Tonia Prows.
  • Charles Spinella to Katrina Cruff.
  • Emorie Craig to Payton Copeland.
  • Jalyn Blevins to John Lopez.
  • Benjamin Farmer to Kelsey Snyder.
  •  Jessica Millen to Andrew Marencik.
  • Jessica Powell to Nelson Padillo.
  • Adam Begley to Olivia Wisdom.
  • Renee Shubert to Denim Gay.
  • Noah Reinhart to Makayla Fults.
  • Celest Zodiacal to Miguel Ortiz.
  • Dakeya Hawkins to Johnson Sua.
  • Kari Edwards to Erik Williams.
  • Alyssa Reiman to Jeffery Varner.
  • Duncan Reeves to Tricia Conn.
  • Nicholas Orr to Kaylyn Taylor.
  • Christopher Estrella to Laura Sanchez.
  • Mark Dunlap to Samantha Atkins. 

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