These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from Dec. 12-18. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

•    D.R. Horton Inc. to John LeBlanc, rev. $475.

•    Cynthia Danque to Neil Skrabec, rev. $1,020.

•    Shannon White to Vivian Creech, rev. $144.

•    WSLD Bogue Watch VI LLC to Jerri Builders Homes LLC, rev. $280.

•    Rose Enterprises of N.C. LLC to Edward Ham, rev. $140.

•    Robert Moody to Glenn Tilghman, rev. $880.

•    Cedar Creek Crossing East LLC to Third Eye Holdings LLC, rev. $1,000.

•    Ross Parkes to Charles Wood, rev. $898.

•    Little Family Trust to Ankeny Park Co-Op Inc., rev. $1,000.

•    Little Family Trust to Ankeny Park Co-Op Inc., rev. $1,000.

•    WSLD Bogue Watch VI LLC to Streamline Developers LLC, rev. $195.

•    Patricia Foster to Joshua Cheatwood, rev. $372.

•    Jeffrey Dorton to Chris Roulhac, rev. $60.

•    Dennis Del Mauro to Mt. Pleasant Construction Co. Inc., rev. $116.

•    Thomas Schwieterman to Gina Graziani, rev. $60.

•    Jerri Builders Homes LLC to Kevin Foley, rev. $700.

•    Charles Kroll to Scott Yagodzinskie, rev. $658.

•    Thomas Clinton to Michael Hadley, rev. $455.

•    Joel Frank to Kent Von Hertsenberg, rev. $816.

•    Steish Systems Inc. to Danny Harden Jr., rev. $110.

•    A Dream 2 Believe LLC to Emerald Club 2.0 LLC, rev. $828.

•    Billie Rankin to Suzanne Nolin, rev. $464.

•    Sunspray Properties LLC to Ned T. Grady Inc., rev. $230.

•    WSLD Bogue Watch VI LLC to Streamline Developers LLC, rev. $560.

•    Wayne Dumenigo to Steven Albrecht, rev. $478.

•    Glenn Meeks to Sloan Robinson, rev. $981.

•    Lawson Rankin Jr. to Lois Hutchins, rev. $310.

•    Elizabeth Nichols to Streamline Developers LLC, rev. $110.

•    Randah Whitley to Rufus Murray, rev. $230.

•    Paul Brennesholtz to James Stout, rev. $950.

Morehead Township

•    Greta Richards to Steven Huber, rev. $300.

•    Lora Mosca to James Toth, rev. $950.

•    EBIE LLC to John Walton, rev. $730.

•    BRB Builders Inc. to William Gardner, rev. $630.

•    Mark Keppler to Jeromie Miller, rev. $550.

•    Mark Keith to Michael Gillikin, rev. $608.

•    William Burns to Elizabeth Baugham, rev. $194.

•    Larry Dunn to Paul Williford, rev. $398.

•    Allison Smy to Jerry Garner Jr., rev. $258.

•    Charlie Surles Jr. to Christine Flowers, rev. $630.

•    Paul Ach to David Vanderford Jr., rev. $194.

•    Fitzula Properties LLC to Sam Mann Development LLC, rev. $180.

•    Frederick Winstead to Kenneth Dean, rev. $200.

•    Frederick Winstead to Bell Investment Group LLC, rev. $270.

•    L&N Properties to Sam-Man Developments LLC, rev. $132.

•    Charles Redmond to Michael Basher, rev. $409.

•    Perry Management Inc. to William London III, rev. $240.  

•    Drew Albrecht to Claude Paul III, rev. $608.

•    2800 WFM Inc. to David Lane, rev. $840.

•    Stanley Chestnut to Kurt Sokolowski, rev. $1,728.

•    John Mathews to Aaron Leuthe, rev. $310.

•    M. Best and Sons LLC to William Warren, rev. $690.

Newport Township

•    Leon Tolson to Camille Abiva, rev. $152.

•    William Henderson to Stephen Laughinhouse, rev. $280.

•    Carol Neil to Timothy Jennings, rev. $316.

•    Steven Wagner to Joseph Sciortino, rev. $256.

•    Zachary Moore to Lila Johnson, rev. $350.

•    Joanne Bernatitus to Weston Willis Jr., rev. $385.

•    William Boulia to James Brown, rev. $80.

•    Rangeley Brown to Ernest Parker IV, rev. $4,400.

•    J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Todd Ferry, rev. $660.

•    J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to James Cunningham III, rev. $662.

•    Leon Tolson to Mary Quinn, rev. $92.

•    J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Joshua Waldie, rev. $502.

Harlowe Township

•    Diana Moeller to Susan Proulx, rev. $53.

Beaufort Township

•    Timothy Fulford to Brendan McLaughlin, rev. $530.

•    Blue Treasure LLC to Streamline Developers LLC, rev. $180.

•    John Baker to William Waggoner, rev. $772.

•    Angela Scott to Patricia Grant, rev. $70.

•    CRE Properties Inc. to Dale Harmelink, rev. $1,020.

•    Edmond Nelson Jr. to Joseph Mahaley, rev. $370.

•    James Greene to Douglas Grieve, rev. $1,330.

•    Lawrence Cravey to Donald Aull, rev. $10.

•    Joseph Monahan to Jeffrey Lewis Jr., rev. $475.

•    Streamline Developers LLC to Russell James, rev. $645.

•    Barney McLaughlin to Joseph Spruill, rev. $667.

•    Charles Oliver II to 900 Live Oak JV LLC, rev. $1,020.

Straits Township

•    Blue Heron Developers II LLC to Shelley Anderson, rev. $98.

Smyrna Township

•    Michael Biggerstaff to Ralph Nitt, rev. $1,450.

Atlantic Township

•    Margie Mann to Mark Gould, rev. $282.

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