Deed transfers 2

These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from Sept. 16-22. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

  • Donald Williams to Hang Nguyen, rev. $270.
  • David Pope to Robert Green, rev. $880.
  • Gary Baldree to Phillip Cordova, rev. $468.
  • John Baker to Steve Biddy, rev. $830.
  • Ronald Williams to Michael Lecates, rev. $300.
  • Gwendolyn to Schultz to Michael Collins, rev. $1,550.
  • A-Team Village West LLC to Joshua Amos, rev. $838.
  • Ellen Burnette to Seth Morris, rev. $756.
  • Chet Suitt to George Kennedy, rev. $750.
  • The Stanton Family Trust to Mary Flynn, rev. $1,258.
  • McNeill & Associates Rentals Inc. to Geri Chismar, rev. $260.
  • John Biedermann to Stephen Markwell, rev. $700.
  • Atlantic Construction Inc. to Tommy Aguero Jr., rev. $584.
  • Egerton & Franz Property to Seth Wolcott, rev. $1,370.
  • Richard Horner to Justin Webb, rev. $550.
  • P&P Land Development Inc. to Graham Sullivan, rev. $1,092.
  • Penny Evans to David Baird, rev. $750.
  • Michael LeCates to AVC-PVC, rev. $900.
  • William Winstead III to Larry Wicker, rev. $430.
  • B&M Developers LLC to Horizons East LLC, rev. $100.
  • Denis Welker to Herman Pippin, rev. $1,004.
  • McNeill & Associates Rentals Inc. to Susan Langston, rev. $240.
  • Dwight Clifford Harris Jr. to James Burch, rev. $450.
  • Diana Pasquinelli to Kyle Perkins, rev. $300.
  • Josie Guthrie to David Eisemann, rev. $364.
  • JLR South Carolina Properties Inc. to John Makovy, rev. $216.
  • McNeill & Associates Rentals Inc. to Dillon McNeill, rev. $270.  

Morehead Township

  • Becky Flarity to John Hanley, rev. $500.
  • Christopher Ozimek to Shane Blankenship, rev. $576.
  • Wesley McCotter to Alice Andrews, rev. $360.
  • Kendra Barrett to Michael Gay Jr., rev. $490.
  • Kathy Pittman to Laurel Creek Properties LLC, rev. $250.
  • Spencer Romph to Jennifer Miller, rev. $695.
  • Daniel Gould to Kurt Schmidt, rev. $598.
  • Lisa Johnson to Bleau & Associates Inc., $460.
  • Lisa Johnson to Bleau & Associates Inc., rev. $460.
  • Catherine Lee to Walter Steele Jr., rev. $1,050.
  • Pattie White to William Wooten III, rev. $1,150.
  • John Inzerillo to Sean Melody, rev. $1,388.
  • John Reeves to Clinton Tierney, rev. $998.
  • Kenneth Kennedy Jr. to Spencer Mishky, rev. $710.
  • Thomas Ohrt to Gary Langford, rev. $1,550.
  • Horace Harkey II to Michael Harris, rev. $320.
  • Eugene Smelik to Thomas Keefer, rev. $570.
  • Elizabeth Ballew to James Canady, rev. $1,229.
  • V. Lori Fuller to Carl Lashomb Jr., rev. $500.
  • Olde Towne Development Corporation Inc. to Anna Wall, rev. $700.
  • Patricia Eaton to Curtis Pearson, rev. $750.
  • Kevin Blackburn to Mekenzie Wright, rev. $960.
  • Robin Smith to Patricia Eaton, rev. $678.
  • Rembert Investments LLC to M.O. Blount & Sons Inc., rev. $180.
  • Wayne Johnson to Robbie Liles, rev. $21.
  • S.F. Ballou Inc. to Wesley Measamer, rev. $1,700.
  • Blake Cook to Carmela Bolanos, rev. $15.  

Newport Township

  • Roger Corbett to Jeffrey Conger, rev. $1,100.
  • Jeffrey Conger to Hazel Jenkins, rev. $610.
  • David Wooten to Gary Galloway, rev. $1,084.
  • Harrison Hardt to Alexander Roma, rev. $440.
  • Ann Hill to 419 Development LLC, rev. $3,700.

Beaufort Township

  • Beaufort Properties-NM LLC to Pamlico OZ Fund LLC, rev. $500.
  • Beaufort Properties-NM LLC to Pamlico OZ Fund LLC, rev. $500.
  • Charles Letchworth to Paul Cavanagh, rev. $100.
  • Charles Letchworth to Paul Cavanagh, rev. $1,080.
  • The Rosemyr Corp. to Tammy Williamson, rev. $182.
  • Tammy Williamson to The Rosemyr Corp., rev. $180.
  • Conscience Bay LLC to David Knudson, rev. $160.
  • Hal Snyder to Crystal Wasley, rev. $437.
  • Theresa Mason to Christina Nichols, rev. $260.
  • Lisa Simpson to Ellen Flarity, rev. $48.
  • Old Seaport Development LLC to Eatman’s Inc., $1,150.
  • Conscience Bay LLC to Wanderlust Boats Inc., rev. $231.
  • James Murphy to Stephen Bishop, rev. $542.
  • Patricia Nance to Michael Garrett, rev. $400.
  • Conscience Bay LLC to Charmaine Angino, rev. $194.
  • Wayne D’Arco to Thomas Ludlam, rev. $630.  

Merrimon Township

  • Joseph Marmo to Robert Pelsang II, $80.

Straits Township

  •  Anna Lewis to Michael Smith, rev. $250.
  • Robert Sebecke to Robert Rice, rev. $580.

Harkers Island Township

  • George Melton Jr. to Jeffrey Jackson, rev. $316.  

Marshallberg Township

  •  Eric Willis to Gary Targosky, rev. $46.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

  • Steven Coleman to Annabel Morris.
  • Matthew Inch to Dana Harn.
  • Gregory Miller to Linda Straub.
  • Joshua Hudgens to Taylor Freligh.
  • David Reed to Amelia Capehart.
  • Deidra Wood to Joseph Sisk.
  • Christopher Dean to Tiffany Clark.
  • Ethan Johnston to Meagan Sewell.
  • Patrick Waterloo to Amy Craig.
  • Tammy Tilley to Bryan Wells.
  • Jeremy Reels to Bernadette Fulton.
  • Madisen Riggs to Carter Whitlow.
  • Maegan Barry to Joseph Smith Jr.
  • Michelle Michiaels to Matthew Puff.
  • James Alexander III to Samantha Gadbaw.
  • Jessica Whitley to James Brown Jr.
  • John Lovern to Krystal Mooney.
  • Donald Layman to Adrienne Hall.  


The following divorces were granted recently in Carteret County:

  • Kristi Gaskill and Eldridge Gaskill Jr.
  • Kelly and Eddie Rosado.
  • Marcia and Michael Ward.
  • Kenneth Waterfield Jr. and Evette Waterfield.
  • Vernon and Sharon Guthrie.
  • Tesha and David Wichtl.
  • Jennifer and Stuart Andrews.
  • Carrie and Leo Schmidt.
  • Angela and Bill Parker.  

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