Deed transfers 2

These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from Sept. 23-29. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

·     Christopher Hassler to Karen Shindhelm, rev. $893.

·     D.R. Horton Inc. to Frank Baranello, rev. $627.

·     D.R. Horton Inc. to Johnathan Childress, rev. $637.

·     D.R. Horton Inc. to Noah Moore, rev. $658.

·     Andrea Smith to Tripp Farms LLC, rev. $500.

·     Milinda Rose to Barbara Smith, rev. $650.

·     A-Team Village West LLC to Keith Blackmon, rev. $838.

·     A-Team Village West LLC to Jeremy Jones, rev. $838.

·     John Capps to John Hogshire, rev. $580.

·     Brandon Nesbitt to Keith Locker, rev. $64.

·     John Alley to Justin Highley, rev. $1,700.

·     James Reinke to Vu Nguyen, rev. $834.

·     Dustin Myers to Terry Keen, rev. $660.

·     Ronald Sawyer to George W. LaRoque Revocable Trust, rev. $257.

·     John Makovy to Cannonsgate Ventures LLC, rev. $119.

·     Emmett Jones to McNeill & Associates Inc., rev. $116.

·     Emmett Jones to McNeill & Associates Inc., rev. $124.

·     Phillip Turcotte Sr. to Amanda Owens, rev. $570.

·     Patrick Cook to Shawn Langton, rev. $1,098.

·     Andrew Wolfe to Kathleen Brown, rev. $730.

·     Rachel Lantieri to Allison Clark, rev. $840.

·     Mark Miller to Camilla Leonard, rev. $746.

·     Richard Horner to 206 Ocean LLC, rev. $780.

·     Jill Witofsky to Heather Martin, rev. $678.

·     Robbin Merritt to William Todd, rev. $570.

·     William U. Farrington Construction Inc. to Tiana Daubach, rev. $1,100.

·     Gerrit Dekleuver to Wendy Tharrington, rev. $566.

·     L.B. Page to Bryan Shackleford, rev. $600.

·     Teresa Kruske to Shaun House, rev. $830.

·     Joseph Beals to Sean Millush, rev. $616.

·     Susan Nooe to Cynthia Henderson, rev. $1,650.  

Morehead Township

·     Willow Rentals LLC to Sunrise Investments Corp., rev. $320.

·     Nicole Maxon to Carol Maxon, rev. $52.

·     Enton Hito to David Vahos, rev. $1,550.

·     Charles Barnes to Timothy Thomas, rev. $960.

·     Mark Chesnick to Thomas Hobbs Jr., rev. $880.

·     Dagmar Moretti to Samuel Gould Jr., rev. $400.

·     Tara Cornett to Robert Moore, rev. $1,555.

·     Kenneth Brown Jr. to Toby Whealdon, rev. $660.

·     Dave Curulla to Lee Design Build LLC, rev. $150.

·     Jerry Cunningham to Andrea Coffee, rev. $808.

·     Lanny Caldwell to Neal Cooper, rev. $1,230.

·     Raven Bolster to Christopher Rose, rev. $500.

·     Sherry Bunch to Hamilton Real Estate Holdings LLC, rev. $950.

·     Olde Towne Development Corp. Inc. to Laura Piggott, rev. $680.

·     George Ray Gouge Jr. to Benjamin Martie, rev. $530.

·     Seagirt Properties LLC to Bailey’s Property Management LLC, rev. $240.

·     Frederick Wilson to Molly Joyner, rev. $1,050.

·     Anderson Family Investments LLC to BirdHouse Holdings LLC, rev. $108.

·     Brenda Boardwine to Son Nguyen, rev. $800.

·     35th Street Professional Center LLC to Camp Albemarle, rev. $250.

·     Emily Cato to Buxton Copeland, rev. $534.

·     Brenda Roberts to Joseph Marlette, rev. $550.

·     Michael McFadden to Benjamin Guthrie, rev. $690.

Newport Township

·     J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to James Petty, rev. $558.

Harlowe Township

·     Janice Lott to Christian Fiorilli, rev. $320.

Beaufort Township

·     Merle Bishop to Brent Payne, rev. $750.

·     Wesley Wallace to Price Partnership, rev. $1,178.

·     Blue Treasure LLC to Streamline Developers LLC, rev. $1,950.

·     Michael Woodley to Paul Riske, rev. $690.

·     Greta Joy Worship Center Inc. to Samuel Collins, rev. $60.

·     Paul Inman to Old North State Trust LLC, rev. $260.

·     George Page to Susan Jones, rev. $1,770.

·     Flora Louden to Beaufort Lodge Hospitality LLC, rev. $1,350.

·     Conscience Bay LLC to Queen B Fishing Vessel LLC, rev. $182.  

Merrimon Township

·     James Whitfield to Evan Torrey, rev. $680.

Straits Township

·     Audrey Downing to Julie VanGorder, rev. $630.

·     Charles Bisette to David Midgett, rev. $435.

·     Brian Matthis Jr. to Roger Moss, rev. $490.

Harkers Island Township

·     Nicholas Lennox to Blanche Jones, rev. $110.

·     Academy Field LLC to Linda Zupan, rev. $166.

·     Tollan Wade to Paul Spruill, rev. $740.

Smyrna Township

·     The Williston United Methodist Church to William Cale Sr., rev. $216.

Davis Township

·     Mack Best to Bradly Doby, rev. $64.

·     Curtis Davis to Kenneth Best, rev. $30.

·     Geoffrey Willis to Kenneth Best, rev. $40.  

Atlantic Township

·     Charles Cox to Dan Pleasant Jr., rev. $975.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

·     Anthony Sommerio to Brittany Drake.

·     Trevor Barnes to Brittany Gilmour.

·     Trey Higgins to Tara Minks.

·     Jon Hudgins to Abigail Rogers.

·     Margaret Gupton Velueta to Tristan Thomas.

·     Zachary Riggins to Tabitha Beadnell.

·     Bryce Stone to Alexis Tucker.

·     Nathan Smith to Alexandra Brooks.

·     Jarred Delph to Stephanie Gregory.

·     Ronni Davis to Felicity Rice.

·     Ilona Murta to Gordon Laughton Jr.

·     Cameron Gillikin to Tyler Zech.

·     Sabrena Mycue to James Escobar Parkin.

·     James Willis to Sherri Lankster.

·     Rachel Spencer to Ricky Barr.  


The following divorces were granted recently in Carteret County:

·     Tara Minks and Peter Minks III.

·     Paul and Lori Wysocki.

·     Tesha and David Wichtl.

·     Jennifer and Stuart Andrews.

·     Carrie and Leo Schmidt.

·     Angela and Bill Parker.

·     Kristi Gaskill to Eldridge Gaskill Jr.

·     Kelly and Eddie Rosado.

·     Marcia and Michael Ward.

·     Kenneth Waterfield Jr. and Evette Waterfield.

·     Vernon and Sharon Guthrie.

·     Charles and Evelyn Cox.  

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