Deed transfers 2

These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from Feb. 4-17. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

  • John Wall to Jason Wimer, rev. $894.
  • Charlotte Grote to Thad Klimpel, rev. $722.
  • Beckie Jarrett to John Ford Sr., rev. $780.
  • Beverly Welborn to Michael Simon, rev. $750.
  • Cory Martin to Saul Rocha, rev. $700.
  • Christopher Irwin to Derek Smoak, rev. $598.
  • Douglas Anderson to William Dozier III, rev. $293.
  • Richard Ebken to Sandy Hill, rev. $3,075.
  • D.R. Horton Inc. to Naomi Lesko, rev. $495.
  • James Loynes to Elm Street Builders LLC, rev. $380.
  • Mitchell Werbell IV to Ericson Booker, rev. $2,190.
  • B&M Developers LLC to Atlantic Construction Inc., rev. $100.
  • Deborah McCreary to Jeffrey Lawrence, rev. $232.
  • Todd Goodman to Roxanne Vitale, rev. $375.
  • Palm Adventures LLC to Ronald Pearson, rev. $92.
  • James Douglas to Keith Shore, rev. $500.
  • Robert Royer to Hui Feng, rev. $130.
  • McNeill and Associates Rentals Inc. to BGM Coastal Enterprises LLC, rev. $220.
  • Jerri Builders Homes LLC to Jonathan Benfield, rev. $738.
  • Doris Lee to Denise Burke, rev. $330.
  • Marion Broughton to Francis Daggett, rev. $464.
  • Marsh Harbour Partners Inc. to Edward Owens II, rev. $200.
  • Joseph Ransom to Jennifer Hyman, rev. $476.
  • Ronnie Williams to David Tavernier Sr., rev. $260.
  • Robert Hales Jr. to Steven Isom, rev. $630.
  • Diane Kennedy to Darin Jones, rev. $330.
  • Jack Mason to Daniel Smith, rev. $1,050.
  • Robert Young to Brenton Marsh, rev. $360.
  • Robert Bishop to Christopher Gallo, rev. $280.
  • Charles Finch to Casey Doyle, rev. $890.
  • Laura Niedosik to Drew Cohen, rev. $830.
  • Donald Ross to Michael Merz, rev. $1,480.
  • Christopher Pascarella to Joseph Pagano, rev. $1,520.
  • Joseph Dupree Jr. to Patricia Roberts, rev. $244.
  • Brian Hyler to David Sheron, rev. $10.
  • Wesley Bergazzi to Ellen Tassie, rev. $946.
  • Scott Jacocks to William Rollinson, rev. $1,120.
  • Mickie Stroud to Michael Shusko, rev. $105.
  • Luke Glennon to Aaron Midgett, rev. $240.
  • Riley Evans to Richard Dement, rev. $1,700.
  • Roosevelt Cove LLC to Oscar Magnum, rev. $990.
  • Dillard Wallace Construction Company to Stephen Lovick, rev. $640.   

Morehead Township

  • Mary Harrison to Paul Manganaro, rev. $796.
  • Jimmy Jackson to Judith Simon, rev. $184.
  • George Mount IV to William Chesson, rev. $650.
  • Stephanie Mitchell to David Harrington, rev. $410.
  • Anna Doughton to The Annas Limited Partnership I, rev. $213.
  • Betty Fox to Leslie Fox, rev. $200.
  • Wesley Collins to Beach Boys of NC LLC, rev. $267.
  • Eugene Knish Jr. to Lester Everett, rev. $780.
  • James Murray to Charles Bagley, rev. $340.
  • Timothy Wilson to Warner Buckl, rev. $780.
  • Windfare Townhomes LLC to Wesley Batchelor, rev. $1,409.
  • UTMOST LLC to Douglas Reed, rev. $2,200.
  • Karen McGuiness to Cameron Luck, rev. $406.
  • Robert Gleber to Dennis Seymour, rev. $124.
  • Thomas Stroud to John Meder, rev. $425.
  • Gary Osborne to Patrick Murtagh, rev. $480.
  • J.M. Davis Properties Inc. to Bogue Holdings LLC, rev. $1,520.
  • Ram of Eastern North Carolina LLC to Mavis Southeast LLC, rev. $4,000.
  • Thomas Jackson to Thomas McKeel, rev. $200.
  • Lynn McDonough to Guyla Evans, rev. $460.
  • Richard Henderson to Joseph Henderson III, rev. $290.
  • JFT Properties LLC to Richard Hughes, rev. $1,040.
  • Jennifer Smith to Guillermo Cortez-Rodriguez, rev. $340.
  • Robert Sanborn III to Norwood Sutton, rev. $2,264.
  • Stocks Properties LLC to Stremata LLC, rev. $330.
  • Nancy Isom to Patricia Hill, rev. $780.
  • Lawrence Zucchino to Ralph Crabtree, rev. $530.
  • Patricia Wyrick to Zachary Vinson, rev. $120.
  • Jean Sonberg to Martin Jernigan, rev. $62.
  • Edwin Dunlap Jr. to Shane Gentry, rev. $918.
  • Haywood Harris to Bogue Holdings LLC, rev. $7,000.
  • Louis Davis II to Marcella Siegwarth, rev. $366.
  • Suzan Alexander to Paul Speziale, rev. $450.
  • Donald Lee to Jamie Hakes, rev. $4.
  • Steven Roberts to John Scibal, rev. $1,650.
  • Jeffrey Taylor to Todd Greiss, rev. $240.
  • Gainage LLC to James Lawson, rev. $304.
  • William Kincaid III to Wilbert Chambers Jr., rev. $100.
  • Tammy McLaughlin to Wesley Horne, rev. $565.
  • Jonathan Medford to Parish Ervin, rev. $390.
  • Stephen Yager to White House Properties Inc., rev. $858.
  • Phyllis Henry to Susan Haberberger, rev. $2,350.
  • Leslie Fox to Johnnie Britt, rev. $220.
  • James Klemic to Greg Thompson, rev. $1,900.

Newport Township

  • Walter Gentry to Phillip Henry, rev. $510.
  • M. Douglas Goines to Amanda Johnson, rev. $120.
  • Timothy Quillen to Judy Svendsen, rev. $352.
  • Crystal Coast Habitat for Humanity to Chevonne Reels, rev. $319.
  • Linda Daniel to MVW Holdings LLC, rev. $264.
  • J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Alan Barts II, rev. $634.
  • John Stone III to Miranda Aleshire, rev. $306.
  • Joseph Williams to Miguel Sandoval, rev. $454.
  • Zachary Cox to Yasemin Duzen, rev. $326.
  • Philippe Francoz to Paul Myers, rev. $444.
  • Novell Group LLC to Johnnie Driver, rev. $24.
  • J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Johnathon Brewer, rev. $500.

Harlowe Township

  • Marcus Truskey to Colleen Moran, rev. $348.

Beaufort Township

  • Blue Treasure LLC to Streamline Developers LLC, rev. $1,400.
  • David Wear to Robert Paxton, rev. $1,085.
  • Blue Treasure LLC to Streamline Developers LLC, rev. $1,680.
  • Carteret County to Betty Nelson, rev. $6.
  • Emery Ivey to Patricia Shackeroff, $1,560.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Brian Feldhouse, rev. $924.
  • VRMLT LLC to Terry Ryals Jr., rev. $390.
  • Eugene Garner Jr. to Nelson Gillikin Jr., rev. $20.
  • Atlas Wade to Deborah Andies, rev. $260.
  • William Butler to Richard Czyzyk, rev. $140.  

Merrimon Township

  • Robert Johnson to Manuel Perez Jr., rev. $210.
  • Rogers Hattaway to Hung Nguyen, rev. $38.  

Straits Township

  • John Gaskill Jr. to James Gillikin, rev. $40.
  • Victor Fuentes to Ronald Carpenter III, rev. $560.  

Harkers Island Township

  • Deacon Services LLC to A&B Property Management, rev. $170.
  • Phillip Poindexter to William Heger, rev. $349.

Marshallberg Township

  • Jimmy Allen to Anthony Calamai, rev. $570.
  • Kemp Nye Jr. to Susan Watson, rev. $700.

Smyrna Township

  • David Lewis to Glenn Lewis, rev. $100.

Davis Township

  • Jeremy Patrick to Howard Autry, rev. $58.
  • The Emery M. Hooper Family Trust to Sean McGill, rev. $940.

Sea Level Township

  • James Phillips to Chimer Clark Jr., rev. $750.

Atlantic Township

  • William Hill to Spruce and Clover LLC, rev. $84.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

  • Brandon Demyer to Jazmyn Parkan.
  • Michael Parillo to Megan Sage.
  • Dawn Jensen to Edwin Wagner.
  • Madison Maxwell to Curtis Struyk Jr.
  • Alejandro Soltero to Victoria Perez.
  • Eric Stone to Karyn Long.
  • Raymundo Saucedo to Debora Guerra Tunchez.
  •  Katherine Harvill to Brandon Cook.
  • Kassiane Wehbie to John Saieed.
  • River Clark to Melissa Moran.
  • Alexandra Beamon to Thomas Hawkins.
  • Hilda Ramos to James Stewart.
  • Alexis Nieto Hidalgo to Billie Weddle.
  • Shannon Baker to Jonathon Climo.
  • Claire Harvey to Cameron Bingel.  


The following divorces were granted recently in Carteret County:

  • Marcia Murta and Patricia Merizio.
  • Kristina and Ross Arnette.
  • Brandi and Aaron Berger.
  • Lisa and Ricky Barr.
  • Dora and Melito Gonzalez.
  • Suzanne Lindley and Jeffrey Pollin.
  • Kathleen and Gary Gargone.
  • Pamela and Roger Whitley.
  • Paul and Casey Sallmen.
  • Ashleigh and Justin Gerock.
  • Judy Darlene and William Jones.
  • Abdelsalam Alnimer and Samar Sondoqah.
  • Damien Escobio and Kimberly McCauley-Escobio.
  • Margaret and William Hitchcock. 

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