Deed transfers 2

These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from Oct. 2-8. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

·     Gretchen Milligan to William Howard, rev. $160.

·     John Santafede to Mitchel Morkunas, rev. $1,134.

·     Mark Mason to Michael Frick, rev. $1,240.

·     D.R. Horton Inc. to Mikelle Aaron, rev. $608.

·     D.R. Horton Inc. to Latasha McCauley, rev. $461.

·     Frederick Switzer to Robert Aldridge II, rev. $1,600.

·     D.R. Horton Inc. to Richard Arias, rev. $598.

·     Anne Reed to David Martin, rev. $560.

·     William Gerrans to John Stephenson, rev. $94.

·     Erin Wax to Brad Killgore, rev. $635.

·     Whitman Properties LLC to James Hill, rev. $2,800.

·     Samuel Thompson to Marc Menkveld, rev. $938.

·     Daisy Spell to Robert Bakalar, rev. $196.

·     April Kollar to Margaret Douglas, rev. $660.

·     The Frank and Diane Rush Living Trust to Beverly Flanigan, rev. $270.

·     Jan Firewicz to Thomas Maxwell, rev. $936.

·     JHV Realty LLC to Sound Rentals LLC, rev. $1,460.

·     Robert Davi to Sharon Cheatham, rev. $760.

·     John Owens to Samuel Murillo, rev. $950.

·     Gary Whaley to Robert Armstrong Jr., rev. $778.

·     Benton Blalock to Andrew Jernigan, rev. $126.

·     Wade Viverette to Robert Phillips Sr., rev. $1,299.

·     Carthage Realty LLC to Brian Hill, rev. $1,200.

·     Richard King to Karen Borovina, rev. $710.

·     Roger Whitman to Ricky Hall, rev. $336.

·     Teresa Diaz to Jason Williams, rev. $500.

·     Thomas Evans to Dylan Sublette, rev. $71.

·     Edward Fulcher to Irrevocable Generation Skipping Trust for Andrew Tyler Byrd, rev. $1,050.

·     Ervin Meadows Jr. to Ann Kraft, rev. $1,083.

·     Christopher Denton to Kevin McNair, rev. $590.

·     Eugene Cramer to Michael Joyner, rev. $592.

·     Hazel Parrish to Jason Ready, rev. $390.

·     Eric Rouse to William Rouse Jr., rev. $440.

·     Lura Fulcher to Brian Watson, rev. $356.

·     Alton Davis to Jerry Hilburn, rev. $46.     

Morehead Township

·     Diane Abernathy to Charles Caldwell, rev. $530.

·     Kevin Castleton to D.B.E. Marketing LLC, rev. $314.

·     James Bunn to Susan Ellis, rev. $190.

·     Benjamin Wright to James Williams, rev. $394.

·     Douglas Kurz to Andrew Barker, rev. $521.

·     Mark Wojciechowski to Robert Ruffin, rev. $810.

·     Charles Caldwell to Sallie Parker, rev. $430.

·     William Person to Jarrett Southall, rev. $1,370.

·     Bryan Tracey to James Stirling, rev. $1,000.

·     David Russell to Michael Lewis, rev. $200.

·     Barry Kritt to John Spadavecchia, rev. $874.

·     Marshall Beach to Lance Wine, rev. $320.

·     Robert Ruffin Jr. to David Baker, rev. $543.

·     Richard Webb to Nathan Arnett, rev. $220.

·     Deborah Magnum to John Macheca, rev. $680.

·     L. Jeanette Garlock to Robert Englander III, rev. $560.

·     Cooper-Sherron Farms LLC to WAS Ventures II LLC, rev. $2,700.

·     Jennifer Jones to Julian Hegler Jr., rev. $676.

·     CHM&S LLC to Alan Willis, rev. $20.

·     Juanita Westbrook to Gail Waite, rev. $226.

·     William Wiggins to Aaron Brewer, rev. $738.

·     Casey Barbour to Kathleen Gargone, rev. $470.

·     James Howard to MIMAR Rentals LLC, rev. $272.

·     William Neal to James Drennan, rev. $1,030.

·     Kenneth Slonski Jr. to Frederik Grobbelaar, rev. $608.

·     Peggy Haigler to Walton Joyner, rev. $1,325.

·     Leigh Weaver to Kenneth Slonski Jr., rev. $858.

·     Patricia Ide to Sands 125 LLC, rev. $554.

·     Streamline Developers LLC to Anthony Martinez, rev. $347.

·     William Schiavone to Cyril Sagan, rev. $453.

·     David Lee to David Horton, rev. $70.

·     George Wheatly to Jenna Miller, rev. $270.

·      Streamline Developers LLC to Michael Morgan, rev. $732.

·     Phyllis Henry to Diane Thompson, rev. $1,060.

·     Ticon Mattie Equity Partnership to Kirkwood Adams Jr., rev. $1,100.

Newport Township

·     Kristen Caldwell to Robert Sawyer, rev. $300.

·     Stephen Edmondson to William Faust, rev. $450.

·     Joyce Woodard to Amanda Mutch, rev. $348.

·     Lowell Presley to Ryan Lewis, rev. $300.

·     J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Ryan Pittman, rev. $484.

·     Georgia Dechiaro to Ryan Onofrio, rev. $352.

·     J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Sara D’Elia, rev. $478.

·     Tracy Miller to Daniel Davis, rev. $50.

·     J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Chance Piner, rev. $458.

·     Charles Mizelle to Taranga LLC, rev. $150.

Beaufort Township

·     Paul Kornafel to David Short, rev. $885.

·     Julia Naegelen to Colclough Company LLC, rev. $220.

·     Stroupe & Stroupe LLC to Rebecca Bowler, rev. $550.

·     Barney McLaughlin to Linda Davis, rev. $637.

·     Garth Ainslie to Andrew Bullard, rev. $2,600.

·     Kristin Chandler to Kenneth Lipscomb, rev. $1,030.

·     Alfred Keeton Jr. to Christopher Willis, rev. $530.

·     Edward Godette to The Historic Preservation Foundation of North Carolina Inc., rev. $320.

·     Blue Treasure LLC to Streamline Developers LLC, rev. $765.

·     Paula King to Quinton Lucas, rev. $1,130.

·     William Crank Jr. to Lenster Thomas Morton IV, rev. $140.

·     Jamin Kispert to James Greene, rev. $1,050.

·     Lawrence Property Holdings LLC to Brady Terrents, rev. $840.

·     William Kingery to Ryan Poterack, rev. $3,720.

·     Old Seaport Development LLC to Lloyd Glover, rev. $450.

·     Sandra Grotheer to The William Thomas Symonds III and Melissa Lewis Symonds Revocable Trust, rev. $1,350.

·     Clyde Lewis to Ralph Isabella II, rev. $52.

·     S. Gene McClung to Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf, rev. $61.

·     Brian Deely to Shannon Malone, rev. $696.

·     Harrell Woolard to New Vision Trust, rev. $220.

·     Taylor Creek Holdings Inc. to Turner Westward LLC, rev. $850.

·     Streamline Developers LLC to Terri Fesmire-Kennedy, rev. $480.

·     Streamline Developers LLC to Bradley Adams, rev. $760.

Merrimon Township

·     David Johnson to Robert Brandon, rev. $310.

Straits Township

·     Teresa Barrett to Donald Patterson, rev. $551.

·     Donald Long to Frank Allen, rev. $63.

·     Allie Sweeley to Walter Guthrie, rev. $74.  

Harkers Island Township

·     Scott Nafe to Hard Shell Properties LLC, rev. $560.

·     Biggs Family Partnership to Christopher Cahall, rev. $150.  

Marshallberg Township

·      David Willis Jr. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, rev. $173.

·     Commercial Property LLC to Hard Shell Properties LLC, rev. $310.

·     Samuel Pickard Jr. to Jeffery Badger, rev. $142.

·     Krista Rhinehardt to Sandra Green, rev. $238.

Smyrna Township

·     Karen Piner to DS7 LLC, rev. $366.

Sea Level Township

·     John Moon to Alan Mosher, rev. $170.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

·     Raymond Hopkins to Connie Penny.

·     Hailey Williams to Christopher Musser.

·     Shaun Smith to Karlie Beasley.

·     James Iarusso to Gwenda Marchione.

·     Devlyne Gilmore to Veronica Arnold.

·     Mark Unger Jr. to Heather Webb.

·     Shane Omeara to Kimberly Reyes.

·     Stacy Woolard to Patricia Anderson.

·     Oseas Palacios to Adam Oswald Miller.

·     David Adams to Hannah Lail.

·     Christopher Reed Jamie Munson.

·     Christian Baughman to Skye Jones.

·     Zachary Carlton to Elizabeth Minton.

·     Alexander Mikels to Nancy O’Brien.

·     Thomas Murray Jr. to Donna Wallace.

·     Christian Carter to Sydney Girtman.

·     John Marshall to Amanda Pylant.

·     Amy Buchanan to Kimberly Hetzel.

·     Rafaella Lobo Ferreira to Andrew Barton.

·     Laura Seidel to Rajiv Barton.

·     Autumn Sproule to Logan Laughinghouse.

·     Tyler Christian to Elisabeth Williams.

·     Sandra Howell to Hubert Littleton.

·     David Collins to Shelley Bandy.

·     Rebecca Tupaj to Michael Wyngarden.

·     George Vowell to Sarah Guthrie.

·     Wesley Womack to Karen McNeill.

·     Casey Weaver to Charles Suber.

·     Sara Sweeting to Dwayne Faircloth.

·     Lloyd Salter to Amanda Eubanks.

·     Morgan Pergande to Hannah Fischler.

·     Jimmie Nunnery to Lisa Fowler.

·     Gregg Lehman to Tina Warner.

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