Deed transfers 2

These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from April 16-22. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

  • Darlene Bumgarner to Charles East, rev. $310.
  • Always N Season LLC to ELI Management LLC, rev. $2,768.
  • Charlton Burns to Michael Rogers, rev. $500.
  • Randy Bills Jr. to John Whitley III, rev. $674.
  • Sandra Christenbury to Thomas Christenbury, rev. $750.
  • Leon Smith to Village Resources Inc., rev. $1,450.
  • Paula Kennedy to Elm Street Builders LLC, rev. $96.
  • Beverly Hilliard to Christopher Fry, rev. $1,510.
  • Robert Aud to Dean Chastain, rev. $620.
  • Ann Rotchford to Alicia Salazar, rev. $570.
  • Ricky Batten to Jeffrey Shoemaker, rev. $424.
  • Paul Lefebvre to Douglas Shelton, rev. $1,240.
  • David Harris to James Hudson, rev. $60.
  • Steven Owens to Patricia Smith, rev. $316.
  • James Mahoney to Gordon Case, rev. $560.
  • Wagner Beach Condos LLC to Deeann Seymour, rev. $382.
  • Brittany Holloway to Bret Benton, rev. $490.
  • Joseph Bradshaw Sr. to Mary Scoggins, rev. $1,250.
  • Charles Clark to Sterlin King Jr., rev. $580.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Jason Sharp, rev. $985.
  •  John Abney to Craig Rosen Jr., rev. $600.
  • Deborah Mason to Sand Dollar Homes LLC, rev. $100.
  • Sun Coast Homes and Development Inc. to Melissa Wiggins, rev. $620.
  • McNeill and Associates Rentals Inc. to Jarrett Rogers, rev. $220.
  • Kacey Jack to Jeffrey Stoicescu, rev. $2,334.
  • Duane Brown to Nicholas Slicker, rev. $1,050.
  • McNeill and Associates Rentals Inc. to Robert Meyer, rev. $230.
  • McNeill and Associates Rentals Inc. to Robert Meyer, rev. $230.
  • Barbara Smith to Hanford Holdings LLC, rev. $1,100.
  • Nungesser Properties LLC to Anthony Cavallo, rev. $900.
  • D.R. Horton Inc. to Billy Hensley, rev. $505.
  • Edward Brice to Gary Davis, rev. $290.
  • Donald Satterfield to Wesley Satterfield, rev. $4.
  • McNeill and Associates Rentals Inc. to Sherry Pigott, rev. $230.
  • James Puglisi to Michael Sirmans, rev. $70.
  • James Marlowe to Robbie Thomson, rev. $684.
  • D.R. Horton Inc. to Michael Neely, rev. $504.
  • McNeill and Associates Rentals Inc. to Michael Ferraro, rev. $230.
  • McNeill and Associates Rentals Inc. to Michael Ferraro, rev. $230.
  • McNeill and Associates Rentals Inc. to Michael Ferraro, rev. $230.

Morehead Township

  • Tarland Farms Company LLC to HPC Services & Holdings LLC, rev. $300.
  • Andrew Jones to Colt Washa, rev. $530.
  • Finance of America Reverse LLC to Thomas Denton Jr., rev. $692.
  • Taffie Baysden to William Lehnes, rev. $960.
  • Outer Banks Development Inc. to EJW Properties LLC, rev. $2,060.
  • Lemuel Stroud Jr. to Valerio Montesano Jr., rev. $890.
  • Earley Family LLC to James Settineri Jr., rev. $2,070.
  • Lorita Guthrie to James Biggs, rev. $320.
  • Cory Holdings LLC to Joseph Carr Jr., rev. $418.
  • Randall Williams to Charles Barzola, rev. $1,410.
  • Taffie Baysden to MJNB Properties Inc., rev. $450.
  • Clarence Webb Jr. to Jacqueline Solomon, rev. $1,700.
  • Kim Currie to Robert Mulrenan, rev. $365.
  • John Godsey to Timothy Brothers, rev. $90.
  • John Stone III to Pamela Ayers, rev. $298.
  • Stephanie Smith to Marcus Chesnutt, rev. $350.
  • Ashley Powell to Kevin Beeson, rev. $500.
  • Timothy Brothers to Roy Barnes Jr., rev. $1,180.
  • Bruce Warner to Hugh Bryan III, rev. $460.
  • Joel Morris to Red Shingle LLC, rev. $72.
  • Wilbur Ellen to Wilbur Ellen, rev. $15.
  • Margaret Ryan to Sabrina Schell, rev. $2,372.
  • C. Richard Thompson to John Shives, rev. $500.
  • Baker & Smith Properties LLC to EPC Holdings 997 LLC, rev. $3,600.
  • John Scibal to Grayson Russell, rev. $1,170.
  • Thomas Porter Jr. to Sara Gallagher, rev. $462.
  • Mary Wenzel to David Luttrell III, rev. $300.
  • Michael Bottoms to Jeremy Murphy, rev. $480.
  • Margaret Steed to Michael Mandl, rev. $1,730.
  • Crystal Holdings LLC to RIDCO Corp., rev. $16,000.
  • Ryan Bellaw to Jon-Michael Ciaramella, rev. $798.
  • Teresa Brice to Ronald LeJeune, rev. $560.
  • Jim Speight to Mark Shimozono, rev. $950.
  • Tommy Lewis to James Dickenson, rev. $250.

Newport Township

  • Terry Phillips to Ginger Fitzgerald, rev. $330.
  • Robert Tomon to Kris-Erin Moon, rev. $476.
  • Victor Marwin to Jeremiah Wood, rev. $870.
  • J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Matthew Jones, rev. $644.

Harlowe Township

  • Cecil Taylor to Charles Fulcher, rev. $390.
  • Jean Jerger to Archie Construction Inc., rev. $64.
  • William Alley to Amy Anderson, rev. $105.  

Beaufort Township

  • Timothy Everhart to Walter O’Berry III, rev. $1,020.
  • Charles O’Connor to R.J. Blondeau, rev. $660.
  • Thomas Gilliam to Charles O’Connor, rev. $1,360.
  • Jon Rose Jr. to Christopher Clayton, rev. $132.
  • Conscience Bay LLC to Richard Long, rev. $131.
  • Jeffrey Pilcher to Teresa Sherman-Gach, rev. $900.
  • Brian Rose to Robin Johnson, rev. $40.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to James Krukowski, rev. $939.
  • Eugene Garner Jr. to Robbin Roddewig, rev. $520.
  • Conscience Bay LLC to Andrew Gridley, rev. $151.
  • Conscience Bay LLC to Orange Street Beaufort LLC, rev. $242.

Straits Township

  • William Hill to Brandon Hill, rev. $313.
  • Sharon Hunt to Peter Hunt, rev. $170.

Harkers Island Township

  • Larry Herron to Leon Atkinson, rev. $228.
  • Timothy Franklin to Christopher Gagnon, rev. $2,250.
  • Curtis Ayers to John Whalen, rev. $1,100.
  • Linda Haines to John Percivall III, rev. $1,620.

Smyrna Township

  • Cynthia Pake to Timo Ruuska, rev. $1,150.

Sea Level Township

  • Hon Asset Management LLC to Jerry Stiens, rev. $112.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

  • Amy Hodges to David Wilson.
  • William Dozier III to Virginia Smith.
  • Zechariah Runyon to Chelsea Pike.
  • Paul Cox to Freida Wilson.
  • Brenda Slone to Filmore Davis.
  • Danielle Cool to Brandon Currence.
  • Melissa D’Anton to Theodore Nichols.
  • Colleen King to Paul Blake III.
  • Brandi Munday to Tandra Stamey.
  • Andrew Mikolaichik to McKenzi Moon.
  • Marus Satterthwaite to Charlesetta Morris.
  • Kayla Billett to Amy Stone. 

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