Deed transfers 2


These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from July 2-8. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

  • Joseph Jacaruso to Carl Davis II, rev. $790.
  • James Blumenthal to Jasper Collins, rev. $784.
  • Ernest Carson to Paul Bertram, rev. $595.
  • Bob White to Sean Cone, rev. $540.
  • Adriane Andrews to Lexis Howard, rev. $360.
  • Jason Endress to Nicholas Mercantini, rev. $670.
  • Beau Curtis to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, rev. $333.
  • Robert Langston to Morgan Langston, rev. $130.
  • Faye Pearce to Alice Pearce, rev. $20.
  • Eric Gray to Kenneth Walker III, rev. $560.
  • Roger Snider to Brooks Bennett, rev. $150.
  • Lias Aiello to Gene Nichol Jr., rev. $1,424.
  • The Melody M. Benson Revocable Trust to Michael Johnson, rev. $998.
  • V. Earl Stanley Jr. to Seth Wolford, rev. $117.
  • Eva Pruitt to Jonathan Redfearn, rev. $56.
  • Russell Kaplan to Margaret Parks, rev. $750.
  • Benjamin Case to Robert Kreig Jr., rev. $1,130.
  • Scott Strohman to All Around Fayetteville LLC, rev. $700.
  • David Pace to All Around Fayetteville LLC, rev. $700.
  • Ann McNeill to Beverly Smith, rev. $60.
  • Susan Sazama to Duane Hall II, rev. $1,270.
  • William Parrish to Glenn Cornette, rev. $950.
  • Theodore Baumgardner to Samuel Parker III, rev. $1,286.
  • Joseph Kingrey to Ernest Carson, rev. $871.
  • Joseph Esala to Christopher Jacobs, rev. $400.
  • Henry Hatchell to Stoney Moenich, rev. $440.
  • Hernani Conceicao to Joshua Webster, rev. $590.
  • James Glynn to Kent Quigley, rev. $800.
  • Judith Darden to Jimmy Farrington LLC, rev. $350.
  • Todd Kroesen to Janet Denny, rev. $690.
  • Joshua Cantafio to Thomas Burnham, rev. $610.
  • Dale Baquer to Robin Sanford, rev. $600.
  • Frank Fox to Franklin Rouse, rev. $550.
  • Raymond Everett to James McHugh, rev. $1,025.
  • Carey Hawkins to Daniel McGovern, rev. $760.    

Morehead Township

  • Margaret Wade to Richard Rappaport, rev. $900.
  • Roma Styron Jr. to Cameron Johnson, rev. $240.
  • Michael Constantino to Matthew Cunningham, rev. $740.
  • Simon Tullloch to William Saudners, rev. $1,370.
  • Bruce Velan to William Whitley Jr., rev. $351.
  • Melissa Hargett to Jeffrey Daly, rev. $950.
  • John Tulloss III to Timothy Abrams, rev. $430.
  • Linda Straub to Rachel Giesey, rev. $516.
  • William Page Jr. to West Carteret Water Corp., rev. $300.
  • Ann Batt to Charles Poole, rev. $800.
  • Philcaf Inc. to West Johnson Group LLC, rev. $833.
  • Phillips Properties of Carteret LLC to West Johnson Group LLC, rev. $1,667.
  • Joel Booker to Beth Parker, rev. $384.
  • James Platt to Joseph Carr, rev. $490.
  • Yon No to David Hood, rev. $2,200.
  • Jerry Ballard to Brenton Baker, rev. $400.
  • William Barker to Andy Onofrio, rev. $340.
  • Bettine Boyd to Michael Chesson, rev. $1,196.
  • Mark Montgomery to Shannon Miles, rev. $840.
  • Hannah Warren to Scott Eckholdt, rev. $230.
  • Gail Ryan to Capps Enterprises of Greenville LLC, rev. $460.
  • Damian Jones to JABCO LLC, rev. $310.
  • Elizabeth Sumrell to Leland Vann, rev. $730.
  • Terry Phillips to Matthew Bunn, rev. $92.

Newport Township

  • Beau Burchfield to Amanda Lloyd, rev. $354.
  • John Howell to Heritage Investments of the Coast LLC, rev. $190.
  • Ryan Bobber to Francisco Rodriquez III, rev. $590.
  • Alice Charboneau to Norma Wagaman, rev. $244.
  • J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Francis Foley, rev. $510.

Harlowe Township

  • Doreen Yates to Raymond Everett, rev. $1,500.

Beaufort Township

  • Corbitt Norris to Hudson Vaughn, rev. $150.
  • Michael Chesson to Scott Hubbard, rev. $1,039.
  • Laura Gillikin to Above Average Concepts LLC, rev. $300.
  • Michael Ivester to Amy Rifenburgh, rev. $420.
  • James Currin to Charles Satterwhite, rev. $90.
  • Brandon Spears to Joel Barbour II, rev. $632.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Barham Family Holdings LLC, rev. $590.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Steven Riddick Jr., rev. $700.  

Merrimon Township

  • Shawn Webster to The Stanley J. Emanuels Revocable Trust, rev. $230.

Harkers Island Township

  • Jean Powell to Steven Satterfield, rev. $530.  

Stacy Township

  • Joshua Arthur to Kevin Hunt, rev. $250.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

  •  Austin Clay to Antonio Mayo.
  • Charles Patterson Jr. to Lucy Crosby.
  • Laura O’Connor to Timothy Thomas.
  • Taylor Norris to Teagen Bowen.
  • Renee Crum to James Mead.
  • Warren Powers to Jessica Berndt.
  • Michael Mearna to Twana McAllister.
  • Rex Benfield II to Allison Garner.
  • Cody Smith to Megan Ferson.
  • Zachary Zephir to Jordan Kryger.
  • Andrew Cavitt to Michaela Connors.
  • Jeffrey Shoemaker to Cierra Kouns.
  • Thomas Nugent to Ashley Gordin.
  • Elizabeth Orcutt to Alec Lejeune.
  • Hope Keller to Christopher Miller.


The following divorces were granted recently in Carteret County:

  • Jeffrey Hayden and Brenda Musser.
  • Aaron and April Booth.  

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