Deed transfers 2


These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from July 16-22. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

  • D.R. Horton Inc. to Eric Bechtel, rev. $578.
  • Victor Morris to Harold Comer, rev. $2,880.
  • Kachergis LLC to William Nelson, rev. $132.
  • Steven Wray to Sandra Barker, rev. $100.
  • James Harding to Joshua Lipscomb, rev. $1,750.
  • Dennis Mauro to Mt. Pleasant Construction Co. Inc., rev. $139.
  • John McLean Jr. to Melanie Salas, rev. $370.
  • Clara Bragg to William Farrington, rev. $370.
  • William Sutton Jr. to Shakedown LLC, rev. $203.
  • Deborah Andrews to Lemuel Wiley, rev. $280.
  • WSLD Bogue Watch VI LLC to Gregory Sloan, rev. $220.
  • Donald Crocker to Julian Cameron III, rev. $806.
  • Antonietta Falbo to Gwendolyn Staton, rev. $864.
  • Jerri Builders Homes LLC to Gerald Burton Jr., rev. $952.
  • Thomas Errington to Tracy Davis, rev. $743.
  • Patrick Barrett to Travis Cantrell, rev. $730.
  • Tony Gupton to Jeff Ragone, rev. $440.
  • Corey Steinbugl to Sarah Johann, rev. $458.
  • Landirth Powell Jr. to John Sossamon II, rev. $780.
  • Michael Sirmans to Landirth Powell Jr., rev. $1,244.
  • Lucille Moseley to Michael Coghill, rev. $520.
  • PBMK Properties LLC to William Morrison Jr., rev. $1,340.
  • Joel Amidon II to George Lamont, rev. $1,165.
  • Catherine Camp to Michael Whitaker, rev. $1,430.
  • Hennie Basinger to Kimberly Goovaerts, rev. $364.
  • Jeffery Dutton to Jamie Marshall, rev. $252.
  • John Casazza to Richard LaMotte, rev. $476.
  • James Mohler to Christopher Harrigan, rev. $880.
  • Malcolm Woodard Jr. to Scott Doerr, rev. $580.
  • Lloyd Byrd to P&P Land Development Inc., rev. $250.
  • Billy Alford to John Hunsinger Jr., rev. $1,270.
  • Scott Herrschaft to Mike Sutton, rev. $657.
  • FOG LLC to Alton Hedgepeth Jr., rev. $500.
  • Jacqueline Granozio to Chapel Hill Investment Properties LLC, rev. $290.
  • Robert Thiebeau to Jan Strickland, rev. $1,200.
  • D.R. Horton Inc. to Rebecca Gerena, rev. $559.
  • David Herminghuysen to Murdoch & Associates Inc., rev. $238.
  • Edward Raines Jr. to Christian Bosley Sr., rev. $865.
  • Gale Goodlow II to Erika Leader, rev. $582.
  • Richard Lehman to Isaac Craig, rev. $700.    

Morehead Township

  • Patricia Johnson to Anthony Veneziano, rev. $969.
  • William Shank to Brian Jenkins, rev. $1,700.
  • Robert Peacock IV to Jonathan Hamilton, rev. $1,810.
  • Festiva Development Group Inc. to Alfred Williams IV, rev. $500.
  • Robin Terry to Dillon Waite, rev. $480.
  • Terry Rudisill to Tenner Tharrington, rev. $559.
  • Reginald Cannon to Kim Carter, rev. $176.
  • D.C. Newman LLC to Lindsey Sutherland, rev. $388.
  • Dale Boyd to William Burkett III, rev. $650.
  • Lenzy Burke to John Ellegate, rev. $464.
  • FMB at the Grove LLC to Linda Jenkins, rev. $700.
  • Steven Squires to James Rivers, rev. $1,030.
  • Alfred Rehm Jr. to Travis Bailey, rev. $2,300.
  • Arthur Stone to Matthew Leerberg, rev. $820.
  • Perry Management Inc. to Herber Spear Jr., rev. $550.
  • Nikolay Klibson to George Marsh, rev. $1,200.
  • Nelson Taylor III to Kim Currie, rev. $280.
  • John Harward to Allison Berrian, rev. $376.
  • Jackie Wilcox to Lawrence Kelly, rev. $914.
  • Paula Crossley to Mark Timmer, rev. $655.
  • Martin Giblin to Paul Spain, rev. $510.
  • Robert Mears Jr. to Patrick Connelly Jr., rev. $874.
  • Grady Carroll Jr. to Lillie Ray, rev. $517.
  • Marjorie Guilbert to Megan Druckrey, rev. $598.
  • Rembert Investments LLC to George Willoughby, rev. $160.
  • Carmen Caro to Joseph Truex, rev. $272.
  • Thomas Paschal to Ginger Claypoole, rev. $200.
  • Matthew Godwin to Barton Farrell, rev. $814.
  • Michael Mann to Hugh Nelson III, rev. $84.
  • JFT Properties LLC to William Johnson II, rev. $770.
  • Terri Pilkington to Thomas Post, rev. $500.
  • David Hood to Charles Godwin III, rev. $930.
  • Wesley Pike to Marlo Corrao, rev. $330.
  • James Moye Jr. to Charles Smith, rev. $770.

Newport Township

  • Charles Cox to Damian Jones, rev. $550.
  • Abby Southerland to Russell Willis VI, rev. $364.
  • J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Paul McBride, rev. $666.
  • Barbara Waters to United Trades Construction LLC, rev. $170.
  • J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Robert Giossi, rev. $596.
  • Brittany Wright to Matthew Sclafani, rev. $540.
  • Elizabeth Everettt to Angelbert Capati, rev. $60.

Harlowe Township

  • Daryl Bonafacius to Ashelyn Velez, rev. $5.

Beaufort Township

  • The Upper Room LLC to Talus Holdings LLC, rev. $1,562.
  • Kathy Rimmer to Kenneth Ferguson, rev. $430.
  • Robert Frystock to Stephen Brown, rev. $790.
  • George Cottingham III to John Guthrie, rev. $216.
  • Deborah Sheppard to Forest Chapman, rev. $284.
  • Timothy Moore to Jay Buckley, rev. $700.
  • Elizabeth Burke to Michele LaRussa, rev. $1,240.
  • Conscience Bay LLC to Sean Rollman, rev. $160.
  • Conscience Bay LLC to Alex Andrews, rev. $164.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Graham Teel, rev. $648.
  •  Conscience Bay LLC to SKT Mnagement Corp., rev. $210.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Valerie Kinch, rev. $858.
  • E. Lewis Bryan to William Pierce, rev. $1,578.

Straits Township

  • Scott Campbell to Kimberly Murphy, rev. $136.
  • Brenda Sanborn to Hayden Gittus, rev. $330.  

Harkers Island Township

  • Sonya Motes to William Hevener V, rev. $600.
  • Kathy Knight to Roger Brown II, rev. $126.

Cedar Island Township

  • Charles Styron to William Ramsey III, rev. $310.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

  • Randolph Evans Jr. to Barbara Daily.
  • Clifford Goshia to Teri-Michelle Logan.
  • Kathleen Connolly to Jeremy Skinner.
  • Esmeralda Velasco-Martinez to Tyler Sarabia.
  • Sabastien York to Madelyn Spradlin.
  • Brittany Whitt to David Ullom.
  • Scott Roberts to Danielle Starner.
  • Paul Fortney to Ashlee Peck.
  • Stacey Olson to Jason Mohler.
  • Mariella Rodriguez to Logan Fabio.
  • Alton Blosser to Amy Daft.
  • Jesus Delatorre Cabrera to Kristan Marie Vaszuez.
  • David Fiocco Jr. to Madaline Canup.
  • Robin Guthrie to Jarred Malcolm.  

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