Deed transfers 2

These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from Dec. 17-29. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

  • Dan Dalton to William Addicks, rev. $1,224.
  • Bret Bolding to Jeffrey Tomasovic, rev. $564.
  • Horizons East LLC to William Walker, rev. $547.
  • D. Andre Dodge to Daun Hugi, rev. $745.
  • Richard Hurst to Cedar Point Developers LLC, rev. $1,400.
  • Andrew Ennett III to Cedar Point Developers LLC, rev. $2,800.
  • Andrea Wilmoth to Cedar Point Developers LLC, rev. $2,800.
  • Roger Murray to Karen Frost, rev. $824.
  • James McAllister III to EDR Holdings LLC, rev. $838.
  • EDR Holdings LLC to Mary Sandor, rev. $1,530.
  • Darin Duncan to Laurie Magnussen, rev. $900.
  • Brantley Houston to Chapman Ventures LLC, rev. $28.
  • Richard Batdorf to Chapman Ventures LLC, rev. $22.
  • Spot Fish Properties LLC to Elizabeth Smith, rev. $866.
  • Nancy Abbott to Park Investment Group LLC, rev. $26.
  • John Hoedl to Michael Cetner, rev. $710.
  • John Snyder to Anthony Elliott, rev. $1,320.
  • Shakedown LLC to D&R EI LLC, rev. $206.
  • Joseph Welter to Jamie Alfieri, rev. $220.
  • IVS LLC to Karen Seymore, rev. $720.
  • Sayle Brown III to Charles van Bruggen, rev. $260.
  • CPG Investments Inc. to Christopher Bryson, rev. $1,550.
  • Robert Sink to Brian Ferrell, rev. $1,450.
  • Emily Thomas to Christopher Bensen, rev. $1,730.
  • Bradford McCann to Bryan Snyder, rev. $200.
  • Jerry Buroughs to William Parsons, rev. $153.
  • Eddie Clemmons to David Sargelis, rev. $550.
  • Carolyn Eggers to Michael Penuel, rev. $636.
  • Paul Borrello to Warren Culpepper, rev. $1,198.
  • David Stoller to Kenneth Chadwick, rev. $940.
  • Edward Fulcher to N&M Rental Properties LLC, rev. $400.
  • Edward Fulcher to Performance East Inc., rev. $430.
  • George Chaney Jr. to Joshua Hudgens, rev. $570.
  • Ralph Crabtree to Paul Borrello, rev. $1,800.
  • Jacquelyn Scialabba to Charles Mallette, rev. $1,450.
  • Marine Federal Credit Union to Hampstead Investment Company LLC, rev. $950.
  • Daisy Spell to The Lepp Family Trust, rev. $850.
  • Sheila Nassef to The LaTorella Dugan Revocable Trust, rev. $880.
  • William Forness to David Wilkerson, rev. $880.
  • WSLD Bogue Watch VI LLC to Richard Macquade II, rev. $300.
  • Byrd Bros LLC to Fredrick Asfoury, rev. $2,680.
  • Powell Lineage LLC to Michael Duffy Sr., rev. $3,600.
  • Abdelsalam Alnimer to Russell Hinton, rev. $300.
  • Michael Quinto to Brooklynn Meadows, rev. $762.
  • Henry Gorham to Christine Yeager, rev. $390.
  • Alan Schleier to Charles Nicholsen Jr., rev. $870.
  • Richard Rouse to William Rouse Jr., rev. $440.
  • Michael Sapp to Jeffrey Medley, rev. $292.
  • Atlantic Construction Inc. to James Surles, rev. $510.
  • Robin Norris to Ocean Blvd Realty LLC, rev. $2,750.
  • Edward Edmonds to Jeffrey Pennell, rev. $312.
  • Gary Osborne to Merrick Clements, rev. $951.
  • Bernard Zucker to P&P Land Development Inc., rev. $210.
  • John Cowan to John Fazio, rev. $990.
  • Sun Coast Homes and Development Inc. to Ping Lin, rev. $640.
  • Robert Bridges to Gary Osborne, rev. $530.
  • David Kane to Sarah Chapman, rev. $206.
  • Pamela Rasmussen to James Hudson, rev. $60.
  • Ronald Watt to Todd Stevens, rev. $1,170.

Morehead Township

  • San Phan to Amy Britt, rev. $1,056.
  • Grady Ingle to Finance of America Reverse LLC, rev. $624.
  • Tony Tripp to Jason Reams, rev. $420.
  • Todd Jones to Robert Mariano, rev. $1,160.
  • John Burnett to PRG 2020 LLC, rev. $1,958.
  • State Employees’ Credit Union to SECU*RE Inc., rev. $240.
  • John Tabor to Cathy Rayle, rev. $605.
  • Robert Seymour III to Frances Seymour, rev. $638.
  • Matey LLC to Daniel Bryson, rev. $5,400.
  • Walter Davis to Michael Blount, rev. $1,000.
  • Christopher Capoccia to Jonathan Ellerbe, rev. $638.
  • Marion Church to Jane Young, rev. $1,110.
  • Walter Burke III to Leland Vann, rev. $658.
  • ABI Bayview Drive LLC to Wallace Baker III, rev. $950.
  • Michael Cetner to Martha Barton, rev. $586.
  • Windfare Townhomes LLC to Sepideh Saidi, rev. $1,352.
  • James Phelps to Stacey Calhoun, rev. $1,330.
  • John Tabor to Luther King, rev. $389.
  • Roger Britt to David Dixon, rev. $778.
  • James Winbourne to David Forman, rev. $2,100.
  • Kenwood Properties LLC to Benjamin Wall, rev. $296.
  • Estate of Alton McCullouch to Ellen Brotzman, rev. $456.
  • Marcelo Perez-Montes to Susan Pace, rev. $1,100.
  • Robin Hills to James Winbourne, rev. $640.
  • Swansboro Investment Group LLC to B&R Equity LLC, rev. $150.
  • Mark Mansfield Construction LLC to Brandon Boyd, rev. $698.
  • Curtis Dixon to Salt Creek Holdings LLC, rev. $650.
  • Brown Investment Properties Inc. to AP SE40 LLC, rev. $600.
  • Sarah Kinsey to Brian Kelly, rev. $520.
  • William Farrington to C-Phase Sportfishing LLC, rev. $250.
  • John Englehardt to David Reaves, rev. $360.
  • Donald Acree to David Chapman, rev. $2,300.
  • Charles Mullins to John Godino, rev. $560.
  • Kevin Henry to Jennifer Wood, rev. $318.
  • Ted Fulford to Ashlea Howard, rev. $900.
  • David Ellis to Kenneth Capps II, rev. $634.
  • William Smith to Andrew Thompson, rev. $858.

Newport Township

  • JW Land LLC to J.C. Jackson Homes LLC, rev. $500.
  • J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Stratford Schrader, rev. $586.
  • Jennifer Frame to Christopher Dibella, rev. $50.
  • Salt Creek Holdings LLC to D.R. Horton Inc., rev. $3,630.

Harlowe Township

  • Billy Allen to Richard Graham, rev. $398.
  • Richard Graham to Billy Allen, rev. $820.

Beaufort Township

  • W. Carlton Midyette Jr. to Nicholas Everette, rev. $139.
  • Kristen Thompson to Charles Jackson, rev. $3,950.
  • Andrew Taylor to Eddie Clemmons, rev. $810.
  • Blue Treasure LLC to Streamline Developers LLC, rev. $1,000.
  • Kristy Johnston to Gaulden Properties LLC, rev. $730.
  • Edward Miller to Robert MacNeil, rev. $64.
  • Ann House to New Door Opportunities Fund QOZB LLC, rev. $2,540.
  • Newman Cantrell Jr. to Glenn Ferris, rev. $560.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Philip Whitley, rev. $938.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Robin Davis, rev. $444.
  • Brian Feldhouse to Andrew Taylor, rev. $570.
  • Betty Apperson to George Littlewood, rev. $790.
  • Betty Apperson to George Littlewood, rev. $2,881.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Jesse Daugherty, rev. $458.
  • First Baptist Church of Beaufort Inc. to Sandra Grotheer, rev. $700.
  • Dana Gillikin to Thomas Bullock III, rev. $630.
  • William Tickle Jr. to Samuel Stainback, rev. $700.
  • Dicks Creek properties LLC to Susan Lloyd, rev. $420.
  • Leslie Daniels to Kenneth Howell, rev. $120.   

Merrimon Township

  • C.R. Wheatly to James Bunn, rev. $33.  

Straits Township

  • Norman Dillard III to Linda Wellons, rev. $281.
  • Joseph Campbell to Keith Corgan, rev. $210.
  • Emmitt Johnson to Cynthia Weatherby, rev. $1,130.  

Harkers Island Township

  • Yuan-Tsonng Chen to Yuan-Shen Huang, rev. $230.
  • Lee Campbell to Louis Abraham, rev. $185.
  • Richard Knowles to Phillip Canelos, rev. $756.  

Marshallberg Township

  • Clayton Fulcher III to Fulcher Farm LLC, rev. $600.

Stacy Township

  • Sylvia Styron to Gary Pravlik, rev. $38.

Cedar Island Township

  • Richard Styron Sr. to William Ramsey III, rev. $100.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

  • Brad Johnson to Michelle Coughlin.
  • Andrew Laubi to Anne-Isabelle Boisvert.
  • Kelly Davis to Richard Styron.
  • Alan Yost to Pamela Bowman.
  • Logan Clifford to Emily Jones.
  • Ashley Moore to Blake Manuel.
  • Lynda Guerrero to Nicole Kopcza.
  • Norman Kent Jr. to Silvana to Montiel Viveros.
  • Shane Bannes to Kaitlyn Surles.
  • Dakota Wiegmann to Mikayla Allen.
  • Kimberly Foret to Jamie Noe.
  • Reilly Daas to Tara Parker.
  • Danielle Branum to Roliver Diaz Cespedes.
  • Stephanie Shelton to Joshua Flaig Capps.
  • Devin Noonan to Alexandra Linton.
  • Joseph Shunk to Trisha Christian.
  • Isaiah Alvarez to Nayeli Valezquez Valenzuela.
  • Michael Nix to Giulietta Paoletti.
  • Zaniyah Romero to Alex Dingman.
  • Zachary Cornell to Jordan Gonzalez.
  • Hunter Phillips to Danielle Guillemette.
  • Keegan Russell to Thitaya Sanpa-Arsa.
  • Jason Johnson to Moses Lewis.


The following divorces were granted recently in Carteret County:

  • Ronald and Kelly Montford.  

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