Deed transfers 2

These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from July 31-Aug. 5 The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

  • Reid Wimer III to Timothy Fulford, rev. $100.
  • Timothy Druzgala to Larry Allanson, rev. $380.
  • Brinson White to Martin O’Sullivan, rev. $614.
  • Robert Lowe II to Scott Allen, rev. $800.
  • Paul Todd to Thomas Replogle, rev. $850.
  • Dennis Goodwin to William Grady, rev. $518.
  • Geraldine Morse to William Casper Jr., rev. $700.
  • D.R. Horton Inc. to Kristin Lane, rev. $563.
  • WSLD Bogue Watch VI LLC to Edward Nicely, rev. $300.
  • Carolyn Spencer to Robert McGee, rev. $475.
  • Kitchen Kraft Inc. to Larry Pendleton, rev. $1,100.
  • Charles Pierson to Madison Hahn, rev. $270.
  • Harold Comer to MHC White Oak Shores LLC, rev. $5,600.
  • McNeill and Associates Rentals Inc. to Madison Berrier, rev. $240.
  • Dung Le to Robert Miller, rev. $597.
  • 4 Beach Girls LLC to Daniel Hess, rev. $1,350.
  • Henry Gorham to Earl Bassett IV, rev. $800.
  • Donald King to David Foraker Jr., rev. $620.
  • Kimberly Oettinger to Kitchen Kraft Inc., rev. $434.
  • Charles Stevens to Roderick Teat, rev. $450.
  • Jerri Builders Homes LLC to Brian Sauer, rev. $724.
  • Harold Comer to AHLM LLC, rev. $140.
  • Tamera Dengler to Joshua Cowley, rev. $2,900.
  • William Bickett to Peter Moyer, rev. $696.
  • Danny Carroll to Robert DeGeorge, rev. $1,200.
  • Harry Redfearn to Jonathan Redfearn, rev. $50.
  • John Rowley III to William Ward, rev. $732.
  • Kenneth Hilgers to Darrin Sismour, rev. $660.
  • Mycroft Properties LLC to Andrew Patrick, rev. $274.
  • Michael Westcott to Lyle Swanger, rev. $456.
  • Louise Futrell to Robert Neikirk, rev. $1,360.
  • John Blackmon to Donald Griffin, rev. $220.

Morehead Township

  • John Kutzer to Christopher Toleman, rev. $2,128.
  • Aaron Baker to Lupton Haigler, rev. $436.
  • Seaside Group LLC to Mayorico David, rev. $380.
  • Gregory DeMarco to Michelle Moore, rev. $580.
  • Linda Chesson to Jack Armstrong, rev. $530.
  • Ann Dezem to Barry Johnson, rev. $930.
  • Gary Whitlow to Thomas Evans, rev. $1,100.
  • Eric Duris to Luisa Yannello, rev. $490.
  • Mitchell Johnson to Justin Enecks, rev. $498.
  • Laura Holland to Marcus Chesnutt, rev. $1,600.
  • William Cox to Keith Fowler, rev. $644.
  • Scott McLeod to Eric Dome, rev. $800.
  • Christopher Hardison to Robert Walker, rev. $983.
  • Larry McMasters Jr. to Patricia Woolard, rev. $156.
  • Guy Ide Jr. to Cathy Pearce, rev. $620.
  • Cathy Best to Tyler Payne, rev. $641.
  • 2800 WFM Inc. to Brian Brown, rev. $859.
  • Gary Blauser to Rhonda Lee, rev. $602.
  • Thomas Arzberger to Sherrel Chastain, rev. $1,160.
  • Mary Taft to Heather Sands, rev. $570.
  • Reid Coyner to O. Temple Sloan III, rev. $2,950.
  • Thomas Smart to Gary Tew, rev. $630.
  • Thomas Wood to William Andrews, rev. $308.
  • Edward Weller to Arthur Synan, rev. $480.
  • Sally Walker to Matthew Salter, rev. $545.
  • Dewey Keller to Ryan Malham, rev. $692.
  • Bruce Cosgrove to Hillery Lester, rev. $700.
  • Sheri Colquitt to Michael Shildt, rev. $650.
  • Kenneth Ghelli to Thomas Nee, rev. $744.
  • Kerry Anechiarico to Cassandra Bennett, rev. $338.
  • Harold Merchant to James Spencer, rev. $280.
  • Thomas Kostek to K&J N.C. Trust, rev. $490.
  • Donald Hollister to Deward Canipe Jr., rev. $515.

Newport Township

  • Seth Griffin to Timothy Arnold, rev. $349.
  • Tanya Bellot to Paul Ragan, rev. $84.
  • Ruth Gosnell to Corey Diffee, rev. $300.
  • Lillian Jansen to Charlene Blackburn, rev. $354.
  • J.C. Jackson Homes LLC to Christina Blair, rev. $516.
  • BRB Builders Inc. to Tucker Mentink, rev. $430.

Harlowe Township

  • James Tannery to Benjamin Corso Sr., rev. $58.

Beaufort Township

  • David Spence to Edwin Cannon, rev. $1,000.
  • Edna Johnson to Marsh Street Properties LLC, rev. $190.
  • Jeffrey Taylor to Kenneth Wunstel, rev. $270.
  • James Thompson to The Rosemyr Corp., rev. $1,352.
  • Julie Lawrence to Jerry Lawrence General Contractor Inc., rev. $72.
  • Jerry Lawrence General Contractor Inc. to Jerry Lawrence III, rev. $420.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Jeffrey Meadows, rev. $710.
  • Borden House 1768 LLC to Dennis Harrold, rev. $50.

Harkers Island Township

  • U.S. Bank National Association to Laurel Creek Properties LLC, rev. $215.
  • Academy Field LLC to Elaine Cuthrell, rev. $150.  

Marshallberg Township

  • Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Guoqiang Dong, rev. $99.  

Smyrna Township

  • The Luther Paul Gillikin Revocable Trust to Chase Starling, rev. $378.
  • Stanley Brown to Christopher Rogers, rev. $660.

Davis Township

  • Judy Willis to John Beasley, rev. $110.

Sea Level Township

  • Annis Daugherty to Kay Jordan, rev. $670.

Atlantic Township

  • Carol Murray to Paul Ruatti, rev. $636.

Cedar Island Township

  • Thomas Stroud to William Smythe, rev. $180.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

  • David Apple to Tessa Spies.
  • Ronald Taylor to Quanisha Walker.
  • Keaton Daniels to Nicholas Brown.
  • Brian Baker to Courtney Poulos.
  • Mikeal Huguley to Naailah Ali.
  • Cole Woods to Hannah Watercutter.
  • Terri Turner to Joshua Faglie.
  • Jenna Owsley to Bradely Howser.
  • Alyson Daniels to Katelyn Smith.
  • David Spear to Susan Heffernan.
  • Dennis Renew to Christina Blair.
  • Alyssa Randall to Robert Taylor.
  • Sandra Page to Tony Sininger.
  • Michael Rice to Rebecca Scungio.
  • Madeline Steinberg to Jacob Patrick.
  • Bonnie Zarlinga to Christopher Walker.
  • William Collins to Gracelyn King.
  • Thomas Eaton Chloe Glass.
  • Paige Lucas to David Todd.
  • Wilbert Bernadeau to Rachel Rivera.
  • Danny Mayes to Sandra Hinshaw.
  • Spencer Giraud to Destiney Allen.
  • Forest White III to Allyiah Brooks.
  • Jacob Tucker to Megan Jacks.
  • Zachary Jamel to Judy Pangborn.  


The following divorces were granted recently in Carteret County:

  • William and Brandy Mills.
  • Donald Rhodes Jr. and Ashley Rhodes.
  • Quinteze and Amanda Williams.
  • Matthew Angela Novotny.
  • Cheri and Michael DeJohn.
  • Tina and Anthony Earnest.
  • Amanda and Ryan Young. 

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