Deed transfers 2

These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from Jan. 7-13. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

  • Virginia Brammer to Mark Keiswetter, rev. $932.
  • Scott Eckholdt to Damon Ritz, rev. $390.
  • Kachergis LLC to Peter Van Winkle, rev. $132.
  • Wesley Collins to Peggy Kneib, rev. $320.
  • Peter Noe to MBBF Enterprises LLC, rev. $1,354.
  • D.R. Horton Inc. to Glenn Schroeder, rev. $499.
  • Robert Payne to Dylan Goldman, rev. $660.
  • Dwight Harris Jr. to James Burch Jr., rev. $450.
  • D&L of Emerald Isle LLC to Sitaram Hospitality LLC, rev. $5,100.
  • Joseph Cavadi Stephen Losack, rev. $1,050.
  • Jill Polanczyk to Amber McNew, rev. $1,020.
  • Estate of Ellen Brantley to James Davis, rev. $1,102.
  • Harriett Ray to Clyde Nuckles $165.
  • Frank Bragg Jr. to Kathy Umphlett, rev. $770.
  • Atlantic Construction Inc. to Elena Williams, rev. $684.
  • Stacy Whittington to Michael Meadows, rev. $180.
  • Markham Gunter to Scott Senatore, rev. $1,210.
  • Robert Smith to Sandra Steuer, rev. $544.
  • Juston Billings to Derek Ulrich, rev. $620.
  • Martin Giblin to Basil Miller, rev. $130.

Morehead Township

  • Marjorie Geller to Warren Eisen, rev. $488.
  • William Tootle to Joseph Edge, rev. $142.
  • Elizabeth Lane to William Overman, rev. $1,130.
  • William Overman to Elizabeth Lane, rev. $770.
  • SEARS SSC LLC to David King, rev. $1,350.
  • A-Team Enterprises LLC to Outdoor Holdings LLC, rev. $424.
  • A-Tem Enterprises LLC to William Brown, rev. $356.
  • Deborah Powell to Fletcher’s 206 LLC, rev. $1,110.
  • A-Team Enterprises LLC to S&S Holdings of MHC LLC, rev. $290.
  • A-Team Enterprises LLC to Samer Hamad, rev. $290.
  • Jonathan Bak to Jack Rola, rev. $516.
  • Matthew Windsor to Sharon Maloney, rev. $456.
  • Bristol Reynolds to Michael Seymour, rev. $470.
  • Robert Quesenberry to Clyde Brooks, rev. $1,971.
  • Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Shelia Cunningham, rev. $128.
  • H.G. Maxwell III to Jason Johnson, rev. $418.
  • Donia Robinson to Rachel Ball, rev. $714.
  • James Whitfield to Patrick Hall, rev. $790.
  • William Craig to Gretchen Curtice, rev. $749.
  • David Sargelis to Shannon Esser, rev. $319.
  • Windfare Townhomes LLC to William Alston, rev. $1,322.
  • Catharine Iversen to Nola Crane, rev. $180.
  • Charles Herrmann to Joe Beam Jr., rev. $380.
  • Back on The Block LLC to Andrew Dewar, rev. $480.
  • Douglas Shirley to William Jenkins III, rev. $448.
  • Ethel Connors to Jeremy Moore, rev. $780.
  • Stanley Harrell to Louis Davis II, rev. $244.
  • Randall Loren to Aaron Rockwell, rev. $909.
  • Deborah Schreck to Timothy Tracy, rev. $360.
  • Robert Stoudemayer to DHMM Properties LLC, rev. $150.
  • Moulton Massey III to Paul Judge, rev. $500.
  • James Keeter to Patricia Hanchette, rev. $638.
  • Richard Cox to Michael Cline, rev. $900.

Newport Township

  • Tamara Steel to Gerard Cooper, rev. $250.
  • Jeffrey Shultz Sr. to Jennifer Shultz, rev. $270.

Harlowe Township

  • Robert Gerrald to Leigh Ann Howell, rev. $30.  

Beaufort Township

  • Ann Carter to Mary Garvey, rev. $280.
  • Blue Treasure LLC to Streamline Developers LLC, rev. $420.
  • Herbert Highsmith III to Allen Marshall, rev. $800.
  • Lovings Family LLC to Schmitt & Austin Properties LLC, rev. $1,780.
  • Sally Stoehr to Christine Vasko, rev. $714.
  • Estate of Richard Ruths to John Bankoski, rev. $666.
  • David Talbot to Robert MacArthur Jr., rev. $1,242.
  • Donald McCall to Greg Gillum, rev. $180.
  • Peter Pegues to Joe Homic, rev. $500.

Merrimon Township

  • Kristin Boardman to James Oldham IV, rev. $1,340.

Harkers Island Township

  • Kendrick Whitehurst to Robert McGee, rev. $900.
  • Wendy Lewis to Christine Davis, rev. $170.  

Marshallberg Township

  • James Molyneux to Martin Dew, rev. $1,376.
  • Angela Davis to John Gee, rev. $566.

Davis Township

  • Mark Overby to David Holcomb, rev. $520.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

  • Elijah Guttierrez to Miranda Perez.
  • Rocio Arias to Daniel Ortiz-Serna.
  • Jeffrey Alexander to Natalia Jimenez.
  • Shane Mosley to Chelsi Clark.
  • Anson Gillikin to Brianna Gaskill.  

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