Deed transfers 2

These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from March 25-31. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

  • Coastal Land Ventures Inc. to Emerald Rainbow Ventures LLC, rev. $4,400.
  • Joshua Stern to Kevin Grohnke, rev. $398.
  • Emerald Ocean View Group LLC to Steven Schnur, rev. $2,600.
  • Damian Smith to Heath Brantley, rev. $1,130.
  • Edward Tarbutton to Albert Finch, rev. $830.
  • John Ubert to Scott Murray, rev. $150.
  • Jerome Williams Jr. to Charles Williams, rev. $324.
  • Bernard Sarra to Sean Holderby, rev. $504.
  • Maria Cantwell to Daniel Alger, rev. $310.
  • Marsh Harbour Partners Inc. to Walter Perkins Jr., rev. $278.
  • Eston Summers III to Ty Gay, rev. $184.
  • B&M Developers LLC to Atlantic Construction Inc., rev. $100.
  • Joan Fillmore to Martin Pica, rev. $704.
  • Ellis Nelson to Patricia Smith, rev. $430.
  • Renee Floyd to William Taylor, rev. $2,720.
  • Michael Joyner to Reels Property LLC, rev. $980.
  • Jessica Walston to Christopher Norris, rev. $340.
  •  Anissa Stewart to Michael Archbell Jr., rev. $1,079.
  • W.F. Parker to Brian Pelkey, rev. $740.
  • Raymond Pysher to EPC Holdings 977 LLC, rev. $1,346.
  • Dolores Shuman to Richard Mackesy, rev. $583.
  • Baiming Zou to Kelsey Williams, rev. $109.
  • New Chapter Homes LLC to David Gambaradella, rev. $640.
  • PSF & WW Investments LLC to John Gumbel, rev. $620.
  • Samuel R. Rothblum Living Trust to VJR Beach Properties LLC, rev. $5,400.
  • Joseph Perez to Joseph Szymanski, rev. $1,168.
  • William Blackmon to Aldo Bassignani, rev. $1,030.
  • AHLM LLC to Irrevocable Generation-Skipping Trust Agreement for Brian Keith Byrd II, rev. $260.
  • Atlantic Construction Inc. to Bradley Blades, rev. $560.
  • Gregory Fulcher to Robert Rice, rev. $1,170.
  • Diane Cox to Melody Honeycutt, rev. $1,010.
  • Willis Lee to James Wax, rev. $838.
  • Paul Beeks III to Billy Elliott, rev. $536.
  • BW of Emerald Isle LLC to 4-S properties LLC, rev. $7,550.

Morehead Township

  • AEG Homes LLC to Patrick Bayley, rev. $730.
  • Stephen Leed to Quentin Walker, rev. $914.
  • Huey Fann to Gail Stewart, rev. $178.
  • Soul Mates LLC to Scott Collie, rev. $140.
  • Anthony French to Alvin Lane, rev. $630.
  • Keith Martin to Huy Ngoc Le, rev. $660.
  • Michael Walters to Thomas Dunnigan, rev. $900.
  • Matthew Hill to Three Stars Landscaping LLC, rev. $635.
  • Donna Hardy to John Powell, rev. $690.
  • Kathy Bass to Ruth Rosenstein, rev. $582.
  • Susan Davis to Richard Lester, rev. $902.
  • Morrell Dowdy to Brady Spangenberg, rev. $548.
  • Heather Clark to Joanne Crabtree, rev. $528.
  • Horseshoe MHP LLC to Capps Enterprises of Greenville LLC, rev. $1,100.
  • David Parker to Linda Wells, rev. $1,410.
  • Lawrence Kacmarik Jr. to Karen Periver, rev. $777.
  • Edward Glenn to Randy Reed, rev. $1,590.
  • Goodtimez Properties LLC to Elizabeth New, rev. $520.
  • Jeffrey Mindak to Randle Ramsey Jr., rev. $368.
  • Diep Deacon to George Parker, rev. $470.
  • Carolyn Latiolias to William Ashe, rev. $456.
  • Gary Harris to Caroline Cooke, rev. $455.
  • Glenn Crater to Justin Porto, rev. $1,190.
  • Linda Tyson to Benjamin Buck, rev. $350.
  • Tammy Bruton to Timothy Franklin, rev. $1,210.
  • O. Steven Blevins to Kyle Highsmith, rev. $240.
  • Robert Hill to Bradley Fowler, rev. $685.
  • Gene Schroeder to Stephen Logan, rev. $389.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Steven Moore Sr., rev. $744.
  • Richard Gurkin to Michael Bottoms, rev. $654.
  • James Icard to Derek Long, rev. $780.
  • Elizabeth Cloutier to Elizabeth Robinson, rev. $870.
  • Roy Barnes Jr. to Walton Garner, rev. $316.
  • Wharton Separk to Katherine Fowler, rev. $920.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to John Harris, rev. $674.
  • Ann Gaskins to Daniel Boyette, rev. $350.
  • Elva Ellis to Christopher Romfo, rev. $274.
  • Jerry Harden to Jonathan Lieske, rev. $185.
  • Joshua Griffin to Lisa Crawford, rev. $490.
  • Windfare Townhomes LLC to John Love, rev. $1,352.
  • Darious Ballou III to S. Dillon Wooten Jr., rev. $600.
  • Patricia Swain to Christy Graham, rev. $758.
  • Pamela Jones to Lang Hardison Jr., rev. $1,600.

Newport Township

  • Deborah Tomlinson to Harley Edwards, rev. $300.
  • Lorrie Raines to DOT Construction Inc., rev. $292.
  • Alan Adams to Jonathan Arnold, rev. $370.
  • Britt Development Co. of Archdale LLC to the Town of Newport, rev. $100.
  • Joey Patterson to Shalla Hemenway, rev. $48.

Harlowe Township

  • Donald Bright to Kimberly Thomason, rev. $250.
  • Tina Proctor to Wayne Pastirik, rev. $73.
  • Cheryl Suralik to Brandon Lee-Nunes, rev. $318.
  • David Oglesby to Lily Singleton, rev. $578.  

Beaufort Township

  • Timothy McCullen to Ronald Shaw, rev. $3,920.
  • Austin Crump to Ashley Dunn, rev. $467.
  • Gordon Garrell to Doy Rhue, rev. $80.
  • Julian Hamilton to Christopher Brown, rev. $370.
  • Julian Hamilton to Christopher Brown, rev. $112.
  • Old Seaport Development LLC to Everette Stein Jr., rev. $1,050.
  • Old Seaport Development LLC to Richard Bowen, rev. $1,150.
  • Barry Day to Nancy Zaleta, rev. $430.
  • Mark Welker to Scott Cobb, rev. $189.
  • Carol Roop to Diana Downie, rev. $800.  

Straits Township

  • Larry Styron to Joshua Gillikin, rev. $170.
  • Eugene Mallia to Charles Lewis, rev. $96.
  • Larry Styron to Jean Rose, rev. $160.
  • Larry Styron to Jean Rose, rev. $140.
  • Tammy Edens to Jasper Willis, rev. $130.
  • Martin Giblin to Nathan Rowland, rev. $520.  

Harkers Island Township

  • Richard Nixon to Jerry Doss Jr., rev. $410.
  • Richard Best to Mark Youens, rev. $530.

Smyrna Township

  • Sophia Cheek to Alexander Bauld, rev. $802.
  • Robert Rouse III to George Hester Jr., rev. $2,090.

Cedar Island Township

  • Nicole Shreve to Jay Carpenter, rev. $2.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

  • Timothy McKenna to Roberta Peacock.
  • Kelly Styron to Brittany Mossman.
  • Zethrey Mongeon to Amanda Durham.
  • Caleb Painter to Mallory Piner.
  • Thomas Rice to Jane Kirk.
  • Karlie Yeomans to Robert Bousman.
  • Marisa Campbell to Nathaniel Mason.
  • Robert Manis to Star Wilson.
  • Misty Meadows to Larry Schaefer.
  • Danny May to Ginger Piner.
  • Benjamin Pugh to Alexis Wirt.
  • Mario Arellano Rosillo to Alondra Orozco Ambriz.
  • Dennis Lewis to Martha Langeley.  


The following divorces were granted recently in Carteret County:

  • Amanda Przygodzinkski and Joseph Przygodinski III.
  • Leigh Simpson and Brandon Matthews.
  • Katelyn and Alison Fulcher.
  • Michelle and Michael Bender.
  • Scott and Jennifer Crossen.  

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