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These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from July 01, 2022 - July 07, 2022. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price: To determine value, divide revenue stamp by 2 and multiply result by 1,000.

Atlantic Township

Brenda Sadler to Gerry Barrett Jr., rev. $780.

Surry Roberts to William Berkelhammer, rev. $210.

Brea Studebaker to Brea Studebaker, no stamp.

Beaufort Township

Donald Aull to Kenneth Clear, rev. $1,500.

Donald Aull to Kenneth Clear, rev. $500.

Streamline Developers, LLC to Andrew Schenker, rev. $780.

Techwood Coastal, LLC to the Barbara Taylor McKay Irrevocable Trust, rev. $830.

76 Degrees Townhomes, LLC to Shaw Family NC Properties, LLC, rev. $860.

Barbara McKay to Paul Tingle, rev. $1,500.

Barney McLaughlin to Jay Tervo, rev. $220.

Hughes Development, LLC to UHF Residential Investments, LLC, rev. $450.

CDC Cedar-Pollock, LLC to Hughes Development, LLC, rev. $0.

Eric Johnston to Gregory Byrd, rev. $1,300.

Thomas Bergh to Emma Bergh, no stamp.

Carolyn Rogers to Carolyn Rogers, no stamp.

Carolyn Rogers to Ashley Rogers, no stamp.

4 Sisters-00, LLC to Jean Morrice, rev. $0.

Collette Properties, LLC to Jody Moser, rev. $0.

Amanda Minikus to John Langdon, rev. $800.

Sandra McLean to Sandra McLean, no stamp.

Nathaniel Mason to Nathaniel Mason, rev. $0.

Mark Thurmond to Mark Thurmond, rev. $0.

Nathaniel Mason to Mark Thurmond, rev. $0.

Nathaniel Mason to Nathaniel Mason, rev. $0.

Mark Thurmond to Nathaniel Mason, rev. $0.

Streamline Developers, LLC to John Brewer, rev. $868.

Conscience Bay, LLC to Boyette, LLC, rev. $213.

C. G. W., Inc. to Happy Gardens, LLC, rev. $220.

Osborne One, LLC to BK of Beaufort, LLC, rev. $5,000.

Susan Cantwell to Bryan Carithers, rev. $1,350.

Conscience Bay, LLC to Jerry Satterfield, rev. $190.

Barney McLaughlin to Mimosa Property Management, LLC, rev. $100.

Cedar Island Township

William Boyd Jr. to Sherman Goodwin, rev. $100.

Davis Township

Edward Nelson to William McNairy, rev. $100.

Raymond Grice to Michael McCoy, rev. $18.

Harkers Island Township

George Wheatly to Abdelsalam Alnimer, rev. $0.

Cape Lookout Ferry Service, Inc. to Donald Hatcher, no stamp.

Netha Nelson to Elihue Yeomans, no stamp.

Marshallberg Township

Jordan May to Jacques Dufour, rev. $0.

Merrimon Township

PLA Properties, LLC to Adam Padgett, rev. $0.

James Jones Jr. to Brian Grajzar, rev. $1,485.

Morehead Township

Gaston Lewis to Alan Kelly, rev. $440.

A Place at the Beach III, Homeowners Association, Inc. to Linda Chambers, rev. $0.

Joseph McCullough to Jay Roberson, Jr., rev. $604.

John Roney to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO, rev. $540.

Susan White to Festiva Real Estate Holdings, LLC, rev. 0.

Joan Weeks to Festiva Development Group, Inc., rev. $0.

John Lucord, III to Patricia Krzywicki, rev. $1.

James Pucher to Patricia Smith, rev. $1.

Eric Stroud to Nicholas Everette, rev. $140.

Rebecca Dunn to Kathryn Hunsucker, rev. $800.

Thomas Neal, III to Weldon Capps, Jr., rev. $700.

Dyckman Baily to Jordan Baltes, rev. $1,380.

Donna Healey to Donna Healey, no stamp.

Donna Healey to Laura Coelho, no stamp.

Jason Yeomans to David Rigg, rev. $1,450.

Kara Neal to Donna Healey, no stamp.

David Hemingway to Philip Harris, rev. $300.

William Boyd Jr. to Samuel Boyd, rev. $0.

Kimberly Aspden to Kimberly Aspden, rev. $0.

Avery Paxton to Waine Family, LLC, rev. $304.

Paul Speziale to J-Ann Properties, LLC, rev. $0.

Robert Skirving to Treehouse PKS, LLC, rev. $8,400.

Samuel Furna to Kennedy Stroud, rev. $500.

SECU*RE, Inc. to Georgina Sanderson, rev. $374.

Michael Lewis to Michael Lewis, rev. $0.

Maria Eisenhauer to Michael Pacella Jr., rev. $125.

35th Street Professional Center, LLC to Angela Boyd, rev. $1,100.

Jim & Em Properties, LLC to Croatan Investments CO., LLC, rev. $1,350.

Kimberly Kavanagh to Michael Rowe, rev. $1,470.

35th Street Professional Center, LLC to Angela Boyd, rev. $1,100.

James Worley to Richard Middleton, rev. $1,150.

Joseph Majstoravich Jr. to Nabil Hariri, rev. $404.

Teresa Gould to Joshua Norman, rev. $798.

Phillip Lewis to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO, rev. $540.

Paul Wiegand to Paul Wiegand, rev. $0.

Virginia Sneed to Brandon Stange, no stamp.

Patricia Wade to Ramsey Family Real Estate, LLC, rev. $910.

A Place at the Beach – Atlantic Beach III HOA to James Kennedy, rev. $0.

A Place at the Beach III, Homeowners Association Inc. to Linda CHambers, rev. $0.

Lisa White to Andy Felton, rev. $1,520.

Jon Johnson to Karen Hartt, rev. $144.

Roseanne Frank to Matt Ducharme, rev. $370.

Newport Township

Linda Hooks to Linda Hooks, no stamp.

Phillip Henry to Joseph Macon, rev. $600.

Janice Enriquez to Right Timing, LLC, rev. $385.

Richard Anderson to Robert Pavlecka, rev. $518.

Brandon Bass to David Davis, rev. $70.

Arnold Nicholson to Albert Finch, rev. $430.

M. Goines to Rickie Goff, rev. $260.

Patrick Van Dam to Kevin Sawyer, rev. $830.

Ervin Lawson to Kelinda Rike, rev. $102.

Foster Nelson to Harry West Jr., rev. $370.

Katherine Inabnitt to Guy Brinson II, rev. $380.

Hurley Decker to Kelinda Rike, rev. $110.

Stacy Township

Patrick Salter to Sea Level Shellfish Co., LLC, rev. $100.

Straits Township

Outer Island, LLC to Alnimer Property OT, LLC, rev. $2,000.

George Wheatly to Alnimer Property CR, LLC, rev. $2,300.

Gene Gillikin Sr. to Charles Garrar, rev. $970.

The County of Carteret to Keith DeWolf, rev. $20.

White Oak Township

Brendan Carroll to Meredith Sawyer, rev. $1,120.

Scarlett St. Angelo to Kimberly Mathis, rev. $920.

B & M Developers, LLC to Seventy West Builders, Inc., rev. $100.

Jeffrey Jones to Rebecca Peed, no stamp.

Roy Ingram to Roy Ingram, no stamp.

Norris Landing Developers, LLC to River East Community Association, Inc., rev. $0.

Noel Rogers Jr. to Dillon Cochran, rev. $970.

Charles Alford to David Hunter, rev. $1,480.

Zachary Wuebben to William Takoch, rev. $1,220.

Nesheim Holdings, LLC to Angelis Huggins, rev. $1,666.

Stacy Baker to Ronald Richards, rev. $619.

Lou Fulford to Shelly Park, LLC, rev. $1,700.

Page Properties of NC, LLC to Joseph Powers, rev. $1,370.

Thomas Williams to Robert Langley, rev. $450.

Angelique Zerillo to Arthur Durham, no stamp.

Robin Comer to Kenneth Hall, rev. $100.

Atlantic Construction, Inc. to Barbara Massey, rev. $700.

Brent Gaskins to Kevin Smith, rev. $961.

Kara Turner to Neftali Quinones, rev. $570.

Darrell Delaney to Darrell Delaney, rev. $0.

Paul Semple to Matthew Farstad, rev. $210.

Dillon Cochran to Kai Hall, rev. $600.

Horizon East, LLC to John Barbee III, rev. $660.

Egerton & Frantz Property Development Incorporated to Geraldine Bates, rev. $980.

Thomas Williams to Cheryl Welshimer, rev. $440.

Thomas Gallagher to Kelly McCloskey, rev. $270.

Rhonda Miller to Christopher Porter, rev. $550.

Donald Blais to Donald Blais, $194.

WC Investment Group, LLC to David Buccafurni, rev. $700.

James Danko to James Danko, rev. $0.

Joni Brooks to Austin Brooks, rev. $0.

D & R EI, LLC to Bobby Williams Jr., rev. $1,574.

Kathaleen Schwier to Kathaleen Schwier, rev. $1.

Kathaleen Schwier to Kathaleen Schwier, rev. $1.

Kitchen Kraft Inc. to Steven Davis, rev. $620.

Sarah Roberts to O’Brien and Sons Construction, LLC, rev. $147.

Joseph Flott to Michael Fitzgerald, rev. $3,171.

Betty Waters to Janel White, rev. $420.

Anne Baldridge to Randy Langston, rev. $350.

Joseph Lawrence to Daniel Fortin, rev. $400.

Amy Wynn to Benjamin Barbee, rev. $1,727.

Stuart Lankford to Sarn Ammari, rev. $1,120.

Louis Jorgensen to Thomas Pike, rev. $568.

Louis Jorgensen to Thomas Pike, rev. $588.

Bartley Harper to Bartley Harper, rev. $0.


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

Miguel Barajas Badillo to Nayeli Mendez Geronimo.

Renee Weiss to Chelsea Hubbard.

Lashay Owens to Jordan Housand.

Steven Bishop to Shelbi Mullen.

Amy Litman to Craig Vinski.

Jason Arthur to Kelly Rosado.

Wilbur Amaker III to Rebecca Baldeosingh.

Ashley Priddy to Anthony Chaney.


The following divorces were granted recently in Carteret County:

Lisa and Dennis Baysden Jr.

Megan McKinnish and Austen Morris.

Lisa and Simon Brown.

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