Deed transfers 2

These deed transfers were recorded by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty from Nov. 13-18. The revenue stamp represents $2 per $1,000 of the purchase price:

White Oak Township

  • Paul Baker to Dustin Griffey, rev. $616.
  • Lawrence Mickelson to Bradley Dunlap, rev. $730.
  • Wesley Taylor to Brynn Marr Homes Inc., rev. $120.
  • Jeremy Moore to Herbert Crouchley, rev. $95.
  • Catherine Cauley to Dennis Morgan, rev. $400.
  • Debra Rogers to George Morris, rev. $290.
  • Carlis Hardin to Thomas Varner, rev. $776.
  • Bry-Nick Properties LLC to J&J Holdings of Southwest Ohio LLC, rev. $2,150.
  • Rebecca Bailey to Dirt2Dreams LLC, rev. $3,000.
  • Jonathan King to Christopher Holland, rev. $34.
  • Brynn Marr Homes Inc. to Wesley Taylor, rev. $165.
  • Joseph McVoy Charles Egerton, rev. $210.
  • Randy Bolafka to Margaret Spencer, rev. $120.
  • Kathryn Ayre to Sea Oats Emerald Isle LLC, rev. $360.
  • Bernard Prazenica to Joseph Koenig, rev. $3,020.
  • Michael Ayers to Rickie Grooms, rev. $1,680.
  • John Whisner Jr. to Kevin Beattie, rev. $870.
  • David Ketchum to Stella Farms LLC, rev. $50.
  • 103 Edna LLC to Claude Reynolds Jr., rev. $610.
  • Charles Johnson to Brian Gillete, rev. $1,598.
  • John Anderson to Lorrie Raines, rev. $696.
  • David Wilerkson to Paul Barrow, rev. $750.
  • Larry Watson to John Stimpson III, rev. $270.
  • Terence Passey to Christine Henson, rev. $1,446.
  • Ronnie Eason to Jerry Amos, rev. $475.
  • Joan Tyson to Mary Collins, rev. $830.
  • Bethany Howard to Gary Blumenthal, rev. $610.  

Morehead Township

  • Elizabeth Johnston to John Hicks Jr., rev. $714.
  • Strike Eagle Properties LLC to Molly Barrett, rev. $847.
  • Prestigious Rentals LLC to TNG Remodel & Investments LLC, rev. $632.
  • D. Brent McKinney to Ricky Cone, rev. $910.
  • William Laughinghouse to Duong Le, rev. $430.
  • William Barts to Jean Roberts, rev. $291.
  • John Jenkins to Henry Chambless III, rev. $1,790.
  • P&P Land Development Inc. to Thomas Bird, rev. $500.
  •  Larry Miller to James Wilder, rev. $690.
  • B&R Equity LLC to Michael Carroll, rev. $100.
  • Martha Morton to Martha Morton, rev. $9.
  • Erik Burrus to Harry Pappas, rev. $640.
  • Joslyn Investments LLC to 2804 Evans Street LLC, rev. $740.
  • Windfare Townhomes LLC to Zachary Schuch, rev. $1,440.
  • Windfare Townhomes LLC to Samuel Ballou Jr., rev. $1,440.
  • Jack Nelson to David Heuring, rev. $756.
  • Jayne Lubrano to John Kirchner, rev. $90.
  • Timothy Cheek to John Noto, rev. $600.
  • William Procter to A&H Lands Trust, rev. $1,640.
  • Timmy Horne to Tracey Hines, rev. $139.
  • Mountain Top LLC to Joshua Payne, rev. $1,080.
  • David Starling to Jeffrey Buckel, rev. $1,118.
  • Palfrey Holdings LLC to Stuart Ferrell, rev. $530.
  • Mary Lippincott to Dana Starling, rev. $610.
  • F&S Properties LLC to New Vision Trust Custodian, rev. $435.
  • Fred Ludwig Jr. to Douglas Brashear, rev. $832.
  • Ticon Mattie Equity Partnership to Thomas Coxe, rev. $1,250.
  • Richard Pearce to Mary Lippincott, rev. $500.
  • Charles Morrow to Peter Schwartz, rev. $848.
  • Fred Lister to Edward Page, rev. $470.

Newport Township

  • Jacob Kerns to Nicholas Ball, rev. $380.
  • Bobby Stricklin to Delaney Pollock, rev. $124.
  • Mark Bercegeay to Eric Cartledge, rev. $470.
  • Billy Moye to Rohit Joshi, rev. $359.
  • Pamela Gray to Christian Wright, rev. $310.
  • Tracy Miller to Jared Borchers, rev. $250.
  • Seth Durant to Charles Johnson, rev. $724.
  • Bridget Choyce to Linnie Braswell, rev. $260.

Harlowe Township

  • Joel Kinney to Billy Daughtry, rev. $574.
  • Yvonne Seaman to Stephen Daniels, rev. $30.

Beaufort Township

  • Mary Bowen to Victor Flow Jr., rev. $2,000.
  • John Draughn to Nelson Gillikin II, rev. $54.
  • Kimberly Kellerman to Kenneth Fogle Jr., rev. $1,290.
  • Jimmie Page to Kevin Page, rev. $1,500.
  • Blue Treasure LLC to Streamline Developers LLC, rev. $210.
  • Michael Edwards to Michael Thagard, rev. $480.
  • Mercer Building & Design Inc. to Donald McCall, rev. $200.
  • Molly Rogers to Abigail Bullard, rev. $400.
  • Arthur Jank to Kimberly Kellerman, rev. $640.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to Dawn Pettit, rev. $428.
  • Phillip Mayhew to South of the Fork Properties LLC, rev. $120.
  • Streamline Developers LLC to David Calton, rev. $958.

Merrimon Township

  • Duane Creech to Jonathan Thomas, rev. $960.
  • Wendy Burke to Leslie Glancy, rev. $240.

Straits Township

  • KZEL Properties LLC to Capps Enterprises of Greenville LLC, rev. $1,600.
  • Donald Long to Michelle Clark, rev. $66.

Harkers Island Township

  • Walter Dillon to William Wilder Jr., rev. $156.
  • Buddy Renfrow to William Wilder Jr., rev. $1,300.   

Sea Level Township

  • Craig Grossman to Kenneth Mowles, rev. $50


Recent marriage licenses issued by Carteret County Register of Deeds Karen Hardesty:

  • Ariana Finch to Kenny Rushing Jr.
  • Matthew Novotny to Mary Eatmon.
  • Chase Staats to Natalya Evans.
  • Carl Sparks II to Kristina Miller.
  • Rodney Truitt to Bonnie McDonald.
  • Steven Dixon to Mallory Scott.
  • William Parker to Mary Lang.
  • Danielle Shanahan to Spencer Reed.
  • Thomas Champion to Crystal Karcher.
  • Alejandro Munzo Hernandez to Janeth Cupil Hernandez.
  • Michael Eliason to Allison Vigneaux.
  • Garet Thompson to Laniya Hubbard.
  • Alex Ferrigan to Angela Santos-Alavez.
  • Lou Jeffords to Charles Forbes.  


The following divorces were granted recently in Carteret County:

  • Robert Pate II and Tracy Pate.  

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