Murphy condemns violence on Capitol Hill


Reporter's note: This article was updated at 1:03 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 7, 2020, with the latest information.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a series of tweets sent Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Rep. Greg Murphy condemned the violence that embroiled the U.S. Capitol as pro-Trump extremists forced Congress to halt Electoral College certification proceedings.

Rep. Murphy, who represents North Carolina’s Third District, including Carteret County, tweeted he was “ashamed” of the behavior of the mob, which forced entrance to the Capitol Wednesday afternoon and caused members of Congress and staff to be evacuated. Key elected officials were escorted to safe locations, including Vice President Mike Pence, according to media reports.

“Let me first and foremost, in the strongest way possible, condemn the anarchy and violence that has beset our Capitol today. As I have said many times peaceful protests are one of the most meaningful foundations of our democracy,” Rep. Murphy’s office said on Twitter, a little less than two hours after confirming he and his staff were safe amid the chaos.

“However violence like today or any type of violence like looting and burning in protest is not to be tolerated. We were having meaningful debate in the House chamber regarding beliefs about the United State Constitution and possible violations of it by certain states,” he continued. “That meaningful dialogue has now been destroyed and marred by this violence. This is not how America operates. I am ashamed of this horrible behavior.”

Tuesday, Rep. Murphy, who was sworn in this week for a second term, announced plans to object to the vote certification of the Electoral College.

In a scene The Associated Press described as out-of-control, extremists stormed the Capitol Wednesday afternoon, forcing their way into both the House and Senate chambers. Four people were killed, including a woman who was shot, and officials report at least one explosive device was found.

When security officials had given the all clear and Congress returned to chambers late Wednesday, Rep.  Murphy sustained his objection to certifying the Electoral College votes from Pennsylvania, but voted to certify those of Arizona.

His office provided no further comment from the congressman.

Both chambers confirmed the results of the Electoral College in the early hours of Thursday morning. 


The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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Oh please.....own your part in today’s attempted gave legitimacy to the conspiracy theorists....

morehood city res

ok murph, aren't these the people you wanted to support you? hence your objection of the electoral vote count. you want the support of these radical trump loyal domestic terrorists and you know it. despicable, disgusting, disgrace

David Collins

Of course he did . Un-necessary violence is quite condemnable .

What today’s latest circus event did show is , just how vulnerable the members of our self serving , condescending Congress really are . This bunch of wide eyed unresponsive elites had a real come to Jesus moment and all the high dollar security about them failed . A lot of stuffed shirts and corsets had a poop in the pants moment going on today . Sadly one lady was shot and killed in the capital halls and that she was reportedly a 17 year veteran makes it sadder . The hardscrabble , nose to the grindstone working folks made a statement today and our leaders need to listen and pay attention . Or else . More to come .

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Just stop it!

Murphy has the stink of Trump all over him.

Sad times fir our democracy. We elected a clown and got a circus.

What happened today was an act of domestic terrorism organized by Donald Trump, Murphy and everybody else that has given credence to the crazy conspiracy theories surrounding our elections and elected officials.

Today was supposed to be a symbolism of democracy, instead the President incited violence to show the world just how great he made us!

David Collins

Took about 30 seconds for the media to lay all this at Trumps feet . Sure he certainly is a catalyst but the stewing unrest has been festering for years . Those folks really thought they finally had a voice , and a rather bombastic one at that , speaking in their behalf in Washington . Sadly he was thwarted at every turn by the get rich , stay rich and feed your egos governing establishment . Third world in everything but name . It is like a game of good cops , bad cops with national treasure as the prize . Mr Biden had better take notice , if he is able to comprehend such things .


Please mr Collins,

Took press 30 sec to lay this at trumps feet?

He has been laying the ground work for this since 2016. He literally incited a mob, said he might lead them down penn Ave. Pointed them at capitol then slunk away in his limo to watch what he had wrought.

At who's feet shall we lay this? according & Nancy?

Trump got what he needed from his adoring fans proof of their devotion in blood and death. He is a sick,dangerous man

If any good comes out of this, it will be that people see past the flag clutching facade. To the real danger of the demagogue .

K. Jack Schidt

He is a complete coward. He's one of the instigators and if there was any justice in this country he'd answer for it.


"U.S. Rep. Greg Murphy, who represents much of eastern North Carolina, including Carteret County, announced Tuesday he will join at least four other Republicans from the state in refusing to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College win."

Sorry you can't have it both ways, you aligned yourself with lies and falsehoods, while the president orchestrated this assault on the capitol, with his lie filled incendiary speech immediately before hand. Now you condemn the attack?

You should have been man enough to admit there was no fraud and certify the EC vote. The 4-5 dead folks and capitol police in hospital are the result of your cowardice, pandering to Trump and his cult. Hang your head in shame, you should resign in disgrace.


Absolutely agree drewski. Sixty+ legal actions didn’t result in the overturn that Murphy desired, so he was planning to object to the votes of the citizens themselves. Perhaps there needs to be a reworking of the election process, but instead of being a true leader and looking forward towards a solution, Murphy chose to side with the wannabe dictator and his family who were encouraging violence. The rally before the invasion featured other speakers who encouraged violence. Ivanka congratulated the Patriots who penetrated our democracy. This will absolutely be your last term, Dr. Greg Murphy.....


Sad day indeed. Hopefully all now realize the real RINO is Trump. He was the R candidate and Pres in name only, not a true R conservative. He is a Fascist, authoritative autocrat. Hopefully Mike Pence and the Cabinet will man up and invoke the 25th amendment, and in the words of noted conservative George Will, remove this malignant buffoon from office.


Murphy signs as original co-sponsor to a historic police reform legislation. Good guy.

It did seem that Trump may have incited some folks that have been waiting for a Boston Tea Party moment.

We have been talking about civil unrest here for a year on this site. People are frustrated.

Any thoughts on BLM riots and Pelosi not wanting the National Guard in cities of riots? She was the first one to call for the National Guard yesterday. Hmmmmmm.

Cake and eat it too........


I knew it wouldn't be long before someone said blm..

(Edited by staff.)


No cake - the discrepancy is the difference in force between the BLM March in Washington DC and the white supporters of Trump storming the Capitol. Pictures show national guard and police three deep surrounding the White House and Capitol during the BLM march. No force whatsoever yesterday, despite Trump’s incitement of Jan 6 for the past month. Double standard and very curious indeed.

morehood city res

david you are enabling this type of activity. the people voted, the truth has been spoken. if these radicals don't like it here i am sure russia would welcome them with open arms.

David Collins

Gosh drew , had no idea that Dr Murphy is the Devil incarnate . Live and learn , I guess . Would you have preferred we elected someone like , the well fed right reverend William Barbour of the moronic majority fame ? Just wondering.


I don't know enough about barbour to say. I prefer my pastors bringing meals to sick parishioners rather then linking arms at state capitol but thats me. I said Murphy seemed like a decent guy based on his website bio on first article. I dident comment on his 2nd article, except to quote it in this his 3rd. I would vote for Barbour, Hillary or a dead skunk in the middle of the road before I vote for Murphy. I know the majority of his local constituents worship trump. I also know he was told by several high up govt officials there was no fraud. He made a dreadful choice and he may return to prostate exams in far off lands as far as I am concerned.


Chris Cuomo - CNN: "Please, show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful," he said. "Because I can show you that outraged citizens are what made the country what she is and led to any major milestone. To be honest, this is not a tranquil time."


Kamala about BLM riots: they are not going to let up and why should they?


I don’t condone the violence that was committed in the Capitol building. I understand the motivation that led to it, but I don’t condone it.

I also condemn it because it’s going to be a source of justification for the Democrat Party to remove some of our Constitutional rights under the pretense of safety and security. Dems never let a crisis go to waste.

I’m hearing all the talking heads (yes, even Fox News) screaming about how could this happen? It’s simple, when you ignore the people, when you pay lip service to their legitimate complaints, you set the stage.

What other course do the people have when courts dodge the issue by saying this is a political issue that they don’t want to get involved in.

Where were the same demands for finding and prosecuting those responsible for the looting, rioting, burning and vandalizing during the leftist riots across our country? Can you say double standard?

This whole thing happened because “We The People” are tired of being lied to, ignored, and treated like peons.

David Collins

Speaking of BLM , been rather quiet since they got all those millions .

Anyone notice that other than the circus at the Capitol , no stores looted and burned , no cars set on fire , no autonomous zones set up . Also , did anyone notice the distinct absence of capitol police and no K-9 handlers patrolling the grounds . That is mighty strange and bet ya , bet ya, bet ya some heads will roll . This demonstration was planned and permitted well in advance , so no surprise there . Something smelling like fish going on here .

Big Fat Drunk Republican

BLM started several years ago when a wannabe security guard followed, stalked, shot and killed teenager walking home from a store.

Since BLM has sparked up several times when unarmed black people are killed at the hands of police. Contrary to what right wing media had you believe. BLM is not a Marxist group, they aren’t really a political organization, elections and policy isn’t really their thing. It really is about black lives.

Hannity, Rush, Trump and others in the GOP don’t want to talk about BLM’s actual message.

The other is a group of thugs led by a maniac named Trump who attacked our nations capital, the Capitol building and attempted to kidnap members of Congress, loot and destroy.

Yes, proud boys and Antifa ( two anarchist groups) used BLM rallies to wage war on each other and cities.

Trump is not eating anything to stop it, he’s inciting it. It couldn’t be more clear. He’s unfit and that’s why he was voted out! Yes voted out! Not stolen, voted out.


Does anyone know for sure exactly what the dead person did to get shot & killed? Was she more violent than the thugs killed that set the country on fire? Didn't some real criminals occupy federal buildings & cities including Wash., DC for a time? What is going on in some of those "swing states" to convince anyone this election was not stolen? There were reports of about 250K in DC. That's a small fraction of this president's reportedly way over 70 million supporters & something the Marxists & their fellow travelers who falsely believe this election was legit need to consider these facts & what's taken place since at least 2008 going forward. Are words like "we (meaning the left) don't bring a knife to a gun fight" refresh any memories of your great leader? Yep, the real current day problems were started & have continued to exacerbate since 2008. Wonder how many other elections have been stolen? Chicago was a great learning ground.


Best estimate from trumps lawyer Cohen is about 20 million hard core trump supporters, suggesting that the 70 million voters are all behind trump, esp after yesterday's display, and the months and years leading up to it is wishful thinking.

Still repeating trumps lies about stolen election, after everyone including ag barr said no fraud...well everyone except the cult. I suspect many in gop are relieved, the threat of an angry tweet is no more. Trump went too far, you might as well stick a fork in him cause he is done in politics, good riddance.. let the indictments begin!


Gee 2008 this started, now we know it was really obama's fault that a red hatted trump flag waving mob attacked the capitol. That you for clearing that up. Glad to see our local patriots can sling it with the big boys of propaganda.

Newsmax host Greg Kelly joined a right-wing chorus of blame-shifting on Wednesday, saying the siege of the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob was the work of antifa and “outside infiltrators.”

Big Fat Drunk Republican

There is an actual video of the shooting.

She is with a group of maniacs chanting as she destroys a barrier while screaming traitor at a Capitol police officer pointing a gun at the small opening she is trying to create so the rest of the mob can get thru. The officer is asking her to stop and get back.

The unhinged woman continued to scream Trump conspiracies as she breaks thru the barrier and shot.

It’s sad, scary and very preventable with real leadership. Bottom line!


While I read all of the pro Trumper comments here who are now having their come to Jesus moment, It should be noted that the Carteret News Times is one of the biggest, right wing rags in the state especially with their editorials. ......

(Edited by staff.)


Well, the real truth is that freedom of the press is only afforded to those who own the press......


Anybody find it strange how the Ds especially in Congress were so unconcerned when the small business owners' livelihoods were destroyed but their meeting place is a totally different story? Yeah we know JB is much more popular than BO & this president could only draw a fraction of the crowd JB drew. Maybe Cohen will be JB's 1st SCOTUS pick since Garland will be AG. Plenty of opportunity with court packing. M.j maybe even BO & HRC. Guess Barr was onboard until JB got the nod. Seems some if not a lot of these fairweather sailors changed to cover JB's hinny. Think they may have worked together in the past on things like that crime bill or so such important legal genius ideas? Birds of a feather do what?


wow, must be hard to hear in that echo chamber, jb bo hrc wait till you latch onto 'q". The alphabet soup of the faithful I guess.

Glad to see you have added barr to the deep state list it all makes so much sense now.

Big Fat Drunk Republican


The Dems didn’t create BLM, BLM are citizens that follow a group of citizens upset because unarmed people are dying.

The Dems leadership don’t send messages via twitter telling them to march to the house.

Trump instigated the idea of voter fraud regardless of the fact that’s not why he lost the election.

Unarmed people really are dying at the hands of the police.

This isn’t hard. One is a real grassroots movement that started when a kid was murdered by a wannabe security guard in Florida.

The other is tyrant that can’t stand he lost an election and started a riot.

If you can’t see the difference. Just keep listening to Hannit, Rush and the rest of Trump media for your daily dose of alternate reality.

(Edited by staff.)

David Collins

Well Crabpot , you were just erased .

The fatal mistake that lady made was to be involved in a breaking and entering at the Capitol . She did what she did with fairly predictable results .Sad !

Going to listen to some Seals and Croft now , to regain some sanity .


Not sure what the now dead "lady" has to do with my comment but QAnon followers seem to find a way (sooner or later) to get into serious trouble.

"Erased" was censorship. The Carteret News Times and specifically Lockwood Phillips, Publisher and Richard Clark , Managing Editor apparently had reservations about printing something that had to do with their bottom line. Unlike large news organizations across that country who can withstand the financial impacts of being prosecuted in the court of public opinion, the Carteret News Times doesn't appear to enjoy that luxury. And as a member of the NC Press Association which in fact has by-laws, an adherence to professional journalism including opinion and editorials is (many times) pushed to the limit. Phillips and Clark could have easily published my comment in its entirety. They chose the scared and easy route. It is within their complete control as to whether they want to be accepted as an objective and professional news organization or viewed as a right wing mouth piece. A free press is not a blank check.


Events at the US Capitol -- Didn’t see this coming….really?

Virtually every media outlet and comments from reporters, pundits, and government officials in all branches with expressions of shock and dismay. Really?

Didn’t hear or see any of the posted communications between the anarchists or antifa that had embedded themselves in the crowd at the Trump support rally just as they have done at past rallies, dressed and acting as supporters?

The Pentagon, where the department of defense is housed and located 4 miles from the Capitol, didn’t have a clue? And the FBI located in DC didn’t have a clue? And the Department of Homeland Security located in DC didn’t have a clue. Really, Really, Really?

I do not condone any of it, but I am not shocked by it and I refuse to believe that no one else could see this coming.


" the anarchists or antifa that had embedded themselves in the crowd , "

You are really embarrassing yourself along with the other ccp posters who are pushing this line of bravo sierra.

It was not antifa, not blm, it was a white mob of trump supporters, many of whom are professional protesters with specific costumes, many selfies were taken, much cell phone location data is being collected, and you can believe when they start rounding them up its all going to be right wing trump supporters because that is who it was.


It is almost impossible to gain access to the Capitol and surrounding office buildings. Had to be an inside job to have no force present. Just look at the difference in force between the BLM march and this white thug insurrection. Question is .... who is responsible for lack of force????

morehood city res

BLM protests and a mob incited by the President of the U.S., two different things. trumps goons chanting 'hang the vp'? ever stop and think that the rest of america that didn't vote for trump is sick and tired of being lied to as well, by trump that is. that's why the voted him out. plain and simple, they were tired of him ruining our country.


If you didn't condemn the riots last summer, how can you condemn what happened at the Capitol.?  I condemn Both.


I think I am going to take a break from LTTE, follow Mr. Collins advice, and listen to some soothing music ( CCR ) As McArther said as he waded into the surf at Leyete gulf " I shall return" but not for a week or so, nothing new is going to be said, and i find the same tired repetitions, deflections, conspiracy's and defense of the indefensible exceptionally wearying.

K. Jack Schidt

It would be hilarious, if it wasn't so repugnant, that people are trying to blame this on "antifa", BLM or even Nancy Pelosi! Where do y'all find the gall to deflect the disgusting, cowardly, deceitful and traitorous acts of the president, "Db" Greg Murphy and the terroristic gang of ?

Have you any interest in truth at all?


Democrats in Congress: June 1 - December 31, 2020  -- Defund the Police!

Democrats in Congress January 6, 2021  --  Where are the Cops?


I’m following suit with David and ski and outta here for a couple of days.

I don’t really like the attack on The News-Times. They have been fair with all of us by following the rules they have posted. As a matter of fact they really have let us slide quite often. This site is not a Chat room, but a place to comment on letters or editorials.

mhc vet

it’s a sad day for all Americans. When good people choose such an obviously BAD person to lead the country,and then stand by him as he trashes our political and social fabric they must accept responsibility. We can and must learn something and work TOGETHER to do better.


Those who have supported Trump get no pass. Nothing they say will negate their part in the lies and allowing a lunatic to play President.

And Trump fan club. The gig is over. Trying to justify Trump's behavior and the behavior those who breached the Capital building can not be defended in any way. An innocent capital police officer was murdered trying to protect those inside doing the business of the people. No excuses.

“It is not because men's desires are strong that they act ill; it is because their consciences are weak.”

― John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

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