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BEAUFORT — As of roughly 9:30 a.m. Monday, officials have closed parts of Cedar Street as the N.C. Department of Transportation replaces stormwater lines.

The town announced the closure, along with the closure of parts of the sidewalk along Turner Street for beautification work, in a Friday release.

As for the Cedar Street closures, the work was set to begin Monday in the area between Orange and Turner streets, as well as along parts of Orange Street itself. 

“This will be an ongoing project along Cedar Street. We will post updates as they become available,” the town said in the release. “NCDOT will have crews on site to direct traffic.”

Along Turner Street, the west sidewalk will be closed from approximately Fishtowne Brew House to the intersection with Ann Street. This closure began Thursday.

The sidewalk is expected to reopen Thursday.

The sidewalk closure is part of an ongoing beautification and accessibility effort along Turner Street. It is not expected to cause any road closures.


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Retired Coach

Without a doubt Beaufort has the worse conditioned streets I have ever seen and it's not just Cedar St. Been down Lennoxville Rd lately? Must be sponsored by Marks Tire and Alignment. It's an embarrassment to ride clients around the town. Been like this since I was a kid. (50+ years ago). Where are the funds going? And our Mayor wants to be a Senator?? Joke


Well Coach..... I to question the sheer stupidity of these public servants, and wonder how they actually have any financial resources in their life willing to trust them with a 5 dollar bill? You are correct on the street there, and just let me add to this debacle that , you , as a citizen of this GREAT BACKWARDS MOVEMENT will also have the 'privilege' of PAYING FOR PARKING ON THE VERY STREETS YOU ARE TAXED FOR ! Moving on to 'town' matters , let me also note that as a 'resident' in the city limits, the SEWER BILL portion of your water service will be 5-8 times higher then your actual intake of the resource! (that's right, for being a privileged citizen, with these great servants at the helm, Mayor, board, town manager and all, you can have a glass of water for a dime, but....... when you need to , um, unload said glass, well, the flush will be a dollar, or more, depending on their mood that month!) Amazing right? These servants thought of a way to TAX PEOPLE FOR $H##! Now, thats creative, and progressive! They have effectively METERED YOUR EXCREMENT! (along with YOUR STREET, which btw, was abused for 70 years with the lot of em). There is a book to be written here, but, for now, coach, i'll close and simply say, i wouldn't trust this type of system with these people to stock shelves in a store without completely screwing it up! (your business will go broke, and probably be sued by angry consumers with the wrong items!) Creativity, where would we be without it? Like i always say....... BEAUFORT WILL NOT BE OUT STUPIDEDED! GL... Coach.


I've lived a lot of places, far further north, far further south. I can assure you, roads get much worst from what you have around here. The roads aren't very bad relatively speaking to other places. And you have barely any taxes. If you want better roads, pay more taxes. Stop expecting a free ride. You have it pretty good here already, stop with the complaining.

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