Carteret County reports highest positivity of pandemic at 23.5%

This map of Carteret County shows active cases of COVID-19, broken down by zip code, as of Wednesday afternoon. (Carteret County map)

CARTERET COUNTY — The county added 392 new COVID-19 cases over the long MLK holiday weekend, with the positivity percent of 23.5% the highest seen in Carteret County during the pandemic.

County offices were closed Monday due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so Wednesday’s report was the first issued since Friday. There were no new deaths reported, keeping the total at 107. However, Carteret Health Care in Morehead City reported a near-record 24 COVID-positive hospitalizations.

Of those hospitalized, the majority, 16 are fully vaccinated and eight are not fully vaccinated.

There were 276 active cases as of Wednesday afternoon, a drop from Friday’s 459 active cases. Since March 2020, there have been 10,559 positive cases recorded in Carteret County.

The percent positivity rate of 23.5%, though the highest seen in the pandemic for Carteret County, was below the statewide rate of 35.9%.

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This is the most interesting part of the article

Of those hospitalized, the majority, 16 are fully vaccinated and eight are not fully vaccinated.

Can anyone tell me what not fully vaccinated means? I want facts, one shot, 2 shots?

I was checked at the hospital and they claimed I was not fully vaccinated with only 2 shots…. With these hospitalization #’s it’s not boosting my confidence to get a booster.


always consult your family dr rather then nonsense on internet.

having said that it seems the shots are very effective against delta which is still floating around, and not as effective against omicron. Who knows what the future holds? My family will follow cdc recommendations for shots and boosters.


Your confusing drew consult my family doctor or follow CDC? I asked my local doctor we agreed not to fallow CDC. They seem to have everything confused. get the vaccine but you’ll still get the Covid.

I’m not getting any more shots especially when everyone getting treated for Covid in the hospital has all there shots.


The booster seems to protect against the Omicron variant as it does give your immune system that so called "boost".

Doc Epoch

Excellent point. Per our illustrious CDC, two weeks post “primary series” of the second dose is considered “fully vaccinated”. Further more, the CDC considers patients “up to date” after receiving what ever number booster they currently require. Today it’s a single booster, six months later two? So in this scenario, if you end up in hospital after one shot or no record of receiving the “vaccine” you’re considered and reported as “not fully vaccinated”. It’s not clear why this fact has been overlooked by all the last year but it brings to question the reporting of hospitalizations in our country and county. How many people are there in our hospitals with 1,2, or 3 shots and how many are completely unvaccinated? The UK health ministry reports their numbers with amount of vaccinations (1,2,3 etc). Don’t trust me, look it up yourself. There’s a higher prevalence of infection/hospitalization by the vaccinated in the UK. Take a look at Isreal too, highest vaccination rate (4 shots) and still have highest numbers of infections/hospitalizations.

Long story short, if you want to make sure your multi billion dollar product holds a high public opinion, make sure there’s a no clear way to digest negatively reported information so blind trust continues to be the driving factor of uptake.


The CDC (and the state of Texas if you don’t trust the feds) are showing that the unvaxxed are dying at 20x the rate of the vaccinated. And although no medical procedure is without potential complications, the vaccine is saving lives and working as predicted-even if boosters may be needed. Just like a motorcycle helmet, it is not preventing incidents but is reducing effects, hospitalization and death. I’m listening to my doctor…..



I looked up the UK and Israel’s #’s it’s crazy all the vaccinated people are getting sick and hospitalized. I’m scared that these shots I took are worthless




If you have received either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines with 2 separate vaccinations then you need to get the booster shot. This will help protect you against the latest variant. According to the CDC you can mix or match with the booster.

David Collins

Cha-ching , never overlook the money factor in all this . Crisis going to waste ?


1700/day daily deaths…..

Real Facts

Did you not hear the CDC said natural immunity beats the shot with Delta, and all these strains are 99.7% the same, you are a test subject.


You should tell that to Glenn Beck, sick again….


To find out the latest CDC on approved or authorized vaccines then visit:

and what you need to know about the variants then visit:


Newsmax MD's are the worse. Reading the first thing that pops up on google is not doing research. Its weird to care so much about shot that nobody is making you take. Im not going to write a paragraph about how bad Chevy trucks are when i drive a mercedes. Im just going to drive my car because im not forced to drive a chevy. Its just weird. Nobody cares if you take a shot or not. Nobody cares.

morehood city res

if you want the vacc, go get it. if you don't want it don't get it. if you want to wear a mask then wear one, if not, then don't. either way, don't worry about what others are doing. take care of yourself the best way you think you can. and don't be that person that admonishes strangers for their choices, they are the worst.

David Collins

Bungles Biden says he cares . Cares enough to lock you up should you not obey . Now ! You obviously are a clear and present danger and a national security risk . Just ask Cackles Harris .

My guess is that a large number of folks have tuned out the experts who have proven only their expertise in tripping over their own feet .


Yes, that’s what we should do…listen to the CDC who once required those paper masks we all wear. Now listen to them: “CDC Finally Admits Cloth Masks Were Always Political Theater.”

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