Beaufort, N.C.

July 3, 2018


I could not believe what I was reading in the Wednesday, June 27, News-Times. Our “esteemed” powers that be had a hissy fit over 13 parking spaces. Do these commissioners realize how stupid and children they sounded?

Those parking spaces are for people who don’t have driveways and most of them are elderly.

Yes, I know, the streets belong to everybody, but 13 parking spaces? Come on!

I forget which one suggested that the restricted parking spaces could be used when residents aren’t home. Are they supposed to call the town hall and say, “Hey, I’m going to Walmart so my parking space will be available for three hours,” or “I’m going to be out of town for three days so my parking space will be available for three days.”

It’s ridiculous the way the commissioners go to great lengths to kiss the …… of every rich “come here” who crosses the county line.

I will give credit where credit is due. There is only one commissioner that has ever tried to do anything to benefit the locals, what few there are of us left, and that is Charles McDonald. I, for one, thank him for what he tries to do to benefit those of us who were born and raised in Beaufort.

I am no fool. It was in the works years ago to make Beaufort a retirement community for the rich and richer. And that is exactly what we have.

And this is for Mayor Rhett Newton. The “locals” got a big belly laugh at his comments in the Beaufort Beaufort newsletter. He wants to attract young professionals and families to Beaufort. LOL! Attract them to what?

There are no jobs here and there is no low income housing, but there are high utility bills, and the streets are like riding on a washboard.

Beaufort has been going to generate “new jobs” for years. Where are they? If you have a child who was graduated in June, if that child does not go to college, where are they going to work to make a decent wage to allow them to live here? It ain’t gonna be McDonalds or Burger King.

One last thing. I know where all the commissioners live. Next letter will have their addresses so tourists can park in front of their homes.


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So True!!!!!!!

Some may want to 'protest' them as well.................


Why should anyone get reserved space on public property ?
What about a property owner that has a small yard ? Should they be able to annex public land for personal use ?


Don't look to Newton to do anything; except bow down to money. As far back as high school, he was a "go along to get along" type person, never one to lead. Popular indeed, a former basketball hero, but not one to stand up for the local folks. Further, being gone for many years, he is not knowledgeable of the local needs, especially of the working folks. Newton parks his vehicle on the street, in front of his house, maybe a parking meter can be put there, I suggest. And of course his family parks on the street in front of the house as well, install parking meters there as well. Yeah, right.


Why should BOARD of obvious incompetent people, and 'LEADERS' get to put in parking meter's in areas that belong to taxpayers?

David Collins

They were elected to look out for the best interests of the folks. Think of how much better your town will be with all this new revenue. It will be better and much cooler , won’t it?


These parking issues are a pain. The town is looking for ways to generate revenue to push their agenda, instead of looking for ways to save the taxpayers dollars. Can somebody verify where the money goes from parking fees? Charging for parking on public streets should be against the law, after all the taxpayers they are charging to use them, have paid for them over and over again.
The town should be focused on things such as infrastructure and emergency services. There should be priorities established such as repairing and paving. Examples are, our streets need repairing more than we need a bike path. How about a new ambulance or EMT support equipment instead of a roundabout.


Paid BEAUFORT? YOU are not paying for life guards. GREED!!! All GREED!!!! The LOVE of MONEY....making it your supplier...craving the material the ROOT of all EVIL. Personally...I like to bike ride and walk in Beaufort. Great shops in Beaufort are to be enjoyed. I'll visit in the winter..when the LOCALS are again welcomed. So....dear residents of BEAUFORT...VOTE OUT THESE CLOWNS. Take back YOUR TOWN. Those of us from this area use common sense...not GREED as our guide. Locals do for each other without causing problems. Stay focused on money...and your town will not be on the list on placed to visit. Take YOUR TOWN BACK, LOCALS. YOU have a say....SO SAY IT. Press forward to put EVIL in it's place...outside all of Carteret County.

David Collins

Doubt that there are enough real “locals “ that can vote, to vote out anyone. This is happening all up and down the Carolina coast.


It is weird to see people who advocate that public property belongs to ALL taxpayers and then are against the taxpayers getting paid when private citizens use that same public property as their own...

As Osprey pointed out:
Should one person be allowed to occupy property that belongs to ALL taxpayers?


Its weird that everyone is overlooking the fact that a LOCAL GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY has used ANY 'PUBLIC' land at all , taxpayer related or not, to impose fee's which is a nice word for 'EXTRA TAX' regulated by them and not given 1 cent back to the very people who do live within the tax structure of said area.

That being said, i'm not surprised that some are for this action or against it, as wrong as it is on every level of common sense.

ps. no taxpayers are getting paid anything, their getting bent over. (without representation) [wink]


We must learn that an election is not a popularity contest. It is the way we put in office competent folks, who are honest, know the concerned population, know their needs, know pertinent law, and act in the best interest of the electorate, based on knowledge of their needs and wants. It is not about stepping stone political aspirations, or to establish a legacy. Too many lose sight of these things. Many folks are nice, few have backbone. Some of the most sociopathic people are charming and very nice. We need to look deeper and do soul searching.


Beaufort is firmly in the grips of wealthy "developers"; I call them vultures. If we don't watch out, they will find ways to build on every square inch of land, and push out the few, very few remnants of what was Beaufort. It wasn't too long ago a effort was made to demolish the old Duncan house on the west end of Front Street. Some day it will be tried again. Someday, it will be done. The town forced out the elderly woman living there. She just wanted to live out her life in the old homeplace. Such is the price of development, property tax destruction, and greed.


@carteret, i knew the person your speaking of, and she wasn't forced out of her home, she sold it , and moved to Texas to be closer to her children. (i know the Lawyers involved in the closing to). It was a square sale, and clean as it comes.

No disrespect, now, the ones who bought it well, they tried some different ideas, but its controlled by the BHA, and i doubt anything will be allowed to be changed on it?

I will say it was alot of house for 1 lady, especially at her age, and she managed to keep her independence , even in Texas .

Her name was Lou. [wink]


Oh, she's still kicking , BTW.


Yes, deadbolt, I know, but she indeed wanted to stay in her home, wanted to rent rooms, and was denied by the town. Additionally, the town gave her trouble on the seawall as well. She did move to Texas, but moved there when she could not afford the taxes and related town problems. The sale had nothing to do with it, she was taxed out of the house. I know her well and her sons, all three. She indeed wanted to stay in the house. She was a second mama to me. Regardless, I know of what I speak.


Only one of the sons lives in Texas.


At the time 2 of her sons were in Tx, neither here nor there though, and yes, that seawall issue was an ongoing thing as i remember. (then again her side yard would flood on a high tide if i remember correctly).

Currently , i think she would agree that she got out before taxes got even higher, and sewer bills are more then folks light bills , and mortgages combined.

Just my opinion. [wink]

ps. or worse, they add a parking meter in her driveway.

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