As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, think what might happen if we elected a vegan president.

“Oh no,” you say, “that couldn’t happen.”

Oh, but it could.

Among those running for the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination are Sen. Cory Booker from New Jersey and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii, both staunch vegetarians. (Former Vice President Joe Biden, also a candidate, might be a vegan but he might not remember.)

At the recent Iowa State Fair, which boasts more pigs than people said New York Post columnist Steve Cuozzo, Mr. Booker opted for “golden-fried” peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on a stick.

Ms. Gabbard chose veggie corn dogs and deep-fried avocado, also on a stick. When it was revealed that the batter for Ms. Gabbard’s deep-fried avocado was made with milk, the owner of the stand from which she made her choice, apologized for the “contamination.”

Because those who are true vegetarians never, ever consume anything — anything — whose source is derived from animals.

That includes seafood.

Vegetarians — bless their hearts — live by a simple credo. Consume no animal life that can be seen without a microscope.

 “So why should this be a problem?” you ask.

Because of presidential executive orders, whereby the nation’s chief executive might declare that animals are now forbidden as food and we must now consume vegetables or whatever might be made from them. Or it might be a law passed by a Democrat Congress, signed by a Democrat president, outlawing animal ingestion.

After all, as we said here Wednesday, the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued a report — “Climate Change and Land: an IPCC special report on climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems.”

The basis of this report is we must now turn agricultural land into wilderness and we must all now change our diet to plant based food. Which means eliminating anything and everything that is animal based — like meat.

The is because eating animals will worsen the manufactured crisis of global warming because animal production will continue to   produce carbon dioxide, which is bad, bad, bad for the climate but, which of course, is necessary to grow plants. (The eco-activists overlook this fact.)

The IPCC says continued animal production will make food more scarce, more expensive and less nutritional and shorten our lives.

Thus, consider that at future Thanksgiving observances, when the president has traditionally pardoned a turkey — or forgave it, which amounts to the same thing — that custom would no longer exist. Because there would be no need. Because meat, every kind, would be banned and prohibited.

Instead of turkey, or duck, or steak or whatever one might have fancied in the past for Thanksgiving, including baked fish, now our choices, says Mr. Cuozzo, might be tofurky or faux-fowl matter made of vegetable protein.

Which doesn’t appear appetizing.

“Vegans seem to believe that the Earth and our bodies can somehow be saved by sparing ‘intelligent’ lobsters the nuisance of live boiling,” Mr. Cuozzo quotes wildlife expert Ward M. Clark, in his book Misplaced Compassion, saying.

“They conveniently ignore that growing plants entails the slaughter of untold millions of animals in order to clear land for farming. Every potato, every stick of celery, every cup of rice and every carrot has a blood trail leading from field to plate,” says Mr. Clark.

Pointing out that the U.S. meat industry pumps $894 billion into the nation’s economy every year, Mr. Cuozzo also reminds us that government is always telling people how to eat — including ours.

While the possibility of electing a vegan president might not be disturbing, when we consider that steak or hamburger or bacon and eggs might be no more — all because of eco-fraud — we prefer things as they are. The smell of fried bacon in the morning is something we just can’t give up.

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David Collins

Good lord, please don’t give anyone any reason to muck things up any more that they already have. Even if only in jest. Second thought is that the party of silliness is already up to their ears in the sublime, so a platform like described would only alienate the more normal. Good for a laugh or at least a chuckle.


Check your information.

"Vegans eat no animal products, while vegetarians don't eat animals, but may eat products that come from them (such as dairy and eggs)."

Most of the individuals who follow these eating habits/beliefs are one brain cell short of an ameba. No worries.


Denying climate science and hiding behind propaganda from an elite New York columnist isn't a good look for this publication. For example, Cuozzo states, "They [vegans] conveniently ignore that growing plants entails the slaughter of untold millions of animals in order to clear land for farming", which is a lie. Vegans of course recognize that there are animal deaths related to plant farming. However, it requires 10x as many plants to feed farmed animals, so going vegan means growing less plants as well! Raising livestock for meat, eggs and milk also uses about 70% of agricultural land, and is one of the leading causes of deforestation, biodiversity loss, coral reef degeneration, and water pollution. Numerous research studies have shown that consuming animal products potentially contributes to a number of negative health effects. Furthermore, studies have also shown that reducing animal product consumption while also increasing whole plant food intake has many potential benefits. The author can deny climate and health science, but there's no denying that animals are needlessly commodified and killed for taste. Does a few minutes of taste pleasure really justify continuing to slaughter sentient beings by the billions when there are now an abundance of alternatives? The horror of factory farming has been created to keep up with demand for these products which would otherwise be unsustainable at the scale needed. Lab grown meat may be a potential solution going forward, but in the mean time going vegan is a choice people can voluntarily make for the well being of our planet, the animals, and our health.


Fantastic editorial editor. Slow news day? Seems like you could find a little more subject matter to whine about rather then what someone eats.

Karen Dawn

Another reason to like Tulsi Gabbard. Thanks for that!


I have read some petty opinions pieces but this ranks in the top five on my list. So much of this snarky piece is incorrect and honestly what people eat (candidates included) are none of our/your concern, as I imagine your own eating habits are to your own liking. Just stop with the fear mongering too. There are not going to be "orders" from any Democratic president dictating what the country can or cannot eat and the traditional turkey pardoning ceremony will be spared. This is all very foolish and doesn't speak well for the editor.

David Collins

Wow ! “Sentient beings”. Your English teacher would be so proud. Studies show this, studies show that, studies can show practically any thing they are commissioned to show. Basically, a whole lot of folks out there just awaiting the next proposal to study something, just anything for a paycheck. How many studies have failed to stand the test of time and not to mention peer review? Studied to death , one could say. Most studies end up on a dusty shelf and then off to the dust bin. Sure, acquiring food can be a rather unpleasant process but then life can be as well. Survival of the fittest and all that. There are studies, you do love studies, don’t you, that claim to show plants having feelings, pain and anxiety when harvested. Doesn’t that bother you? Vegetarians, vegans and the rest of us, to some degree, are herbivores and therefore have a tendency toward flatulency, passing gas, farting, you know that. Don’t you. This gas is a component of what is called greenhouse gasses. Gasses that, studies show again, are blamed for all sorts of unpleasant things, that you mentioned, leading to the surmise that you just be part of the problem. Grasshopper.

David Collins

So you like Tulsi Gabbard. Heck, I like Tulsi, easy on the eyes as they say and a surfer gal with money to boot. Other than that, pretty much an empty box as they say, again. Really think that Hawaii needs her more than the lower 48 but then California might have a vacancy. Of course, California is pretty much totally vacant of any common sense and has been for many years. By the way, this opinion piece is a joke, a play on words , light hearted humor. Public school educated probably missed that so please do not get your knickers in a bunch. Yeah, if the worst happens, the thanksgiving turkey will probably be replaced by a Tofu Tree.


Of all the things you can get worked up over, who cares about what a person eats?

David Collins

No one cares, or should care, what the other person chooses to eat. As long as it is legal but even that is getting rather blurred in the liberal states. The article is far more about the outrageously silly decisions that the left comes up with, pretty much daily or at least weekly. Silly, stupid, totally nonsensical decisions that affect the daily lives of the affected citizenry. Yeah, it could easily happen, so look beyond the words. One only has to look at New York and California for clear evidence.


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who cares? just as long as they dont force it on us. its not of my business if the president is vegan.

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