Carteret County announces 20th COVID-19 death; cases up Wednesday

This map of Carteret County shows confirmed COVID-19 cases broken down by zip code, with deaths shown in parentheses. (Carteret County map)

CARTERET COUNTY — The Carteret County Health Department announced Wednesday it has confirmed the county’s 20th COVID-19-related death, as the number of confirmed cases continues to rise.

In a release announcing the latest death, the county said the individual died Wednesday and was in their 80s with preexisting health conditions. To protect the family’s privacy, the county will release no further information about the individual.

“The Health Department sends our condolences to the family and loved ones of this resident,” County Health Director Stephanie Cannon said. “Please continue to take the following precautions to assist in slowing the spread of this virus and protecting your loved ones this holiday season; keep gatherings small and outdoors, if possible; wear masks when around others; stay home when sick; and wash your hands often.”

Health officials confirmed 23 more COVID-19 cases in Carteret County Wednesday, which, combined with the 35 cases reported Tuesday, brings the overall total to 1,808 known cases since March.

Of those, the county reports 242 cases are considered active and 1,546 people are considered recovered.

Carteret Health Care in Morehead City reported six patients are hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms as of Wednesday afternoon.

The Carteret County public school system also reported an additional COVID-19 case, bringing the number of cases connected to schools up to 57. The newest case was reported Monday at West Carteret High School.

The health department noted there will not be another countywide COVID-19 update until Monday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

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What are the total number of cases in Carteret to date, vs. how many deaths to date. Thus the real morbidity can be seen. Most recover. There are more drunk driving injuries and deaths, than covid deaths.


Uh....20 deaths, 1808 confirmed cases. Mortality rate is 1.1% currently. All this is in the article. And aren’t we trying to reduce drunk driving and it’s mortalities? Your analogy is pretty about just wear a mask!


Mortality rate of 1.1%. Compare that to 98,000 deaths to medical mistakes every year. There are far more causes of death that exceed 1.1%, but get no hysteria. But then, it is about politics, isn't it.


Sand: The stats reported are only from March to present. Also, it reflects a 86% recovery rate. Death rate at slightly below 1.1%. Compared to other more common causes of deaths, it is miniscule. Certainly not a panic level event. Reducing drunk driving, yes, but that pales in comparison to the death numbers. Lastly, non-N95 masking is not effective with this virus. Only the N95 mask or positive pressure system as used in hospital settings are effective with a virus. My point is that if you want something to wet your pants over, Covid is very low on the list of mortality causes.


Year-to-date and year-over-year data for each cause of death would tell us too much. Body count distorts the crisis and this is Tho Governors tool to retain control. Reminiscent of Vietnam body count by President Johnson BUT IT WORKS!!!!


I suggest you look at stats......2018 deaths associated with auto accidents in Carteret county totaled 11. Only a portion of those deaths were associated w/ drunk driving. On average DUI related deaths are 4.2/year per 100k of population .

So with carteret county population that number is likely less than 4.2 deaths tied to DUI. COVID deaths in Carteret in 9 months are at 20......

David Collins

Deaths from the Covid virus only , no other factors involved would be even better . The word cases is another overused word . A case is when something adversely affects a person . Just because you pop positive on a test just means you have been exposed . When that exposure leads to actual illness that means you are a case , pick a number .

Cases bring in money from various sources and who does not like money ? Will go no further , don’t need to . Any functionally literate person can fill in the blanks . Just goes back to not letting a crisis go to waste ,from the Clinton years I believe and soon out in a re-mix 2.0 with Harris/Biden . Ahh , the good old years reborn .


Elfan: There are defects in the reporting data as well. Covid deaths are reported even when the death cause is remotely associated with Covid at all. Lastly, deaths from impaired driving exponentially exceed Covid deaths, as do murder, suicide, slips and falls, and others. Yet, we don't see the pants wetting like we see with Covid. Finally, non N95 masking is ineffective with a virus. Virologists recognize this fact; only the politically motivated believe otherwise, and the misinformed.


Also, deaths alone due to drunk driving don't reflect the true picture. The severe injuries must also be considered. Since we are so infatuated with Covid case number, we must also consider the morbidity rate in drunk or impaired driving along with mortality. This won't influence those bed wetters who are just terrified souls.

morehood city res

no use trying to explain. the type also feels the deaths don't count because it wasn't just covid that killed them it was covid plus something else. they drank some of djt's kool aid i guess

David Collins

All deaths count . Just tell the whole story for a change . Sadly , the whole story often lacks the shock factor of the headlines . Headlines that can be quite misleading , on purpose ? Why , they sell , that’s why .


This is probably the third time I have asked-what is the “whole story” that you keep teasing? The moderator of this section will allow you to elude that others are missing the big picture, but when you are pressed for ANY examples-all of a sudden you play coy and the moderator gets to censoring. So, “Paul Harvey”, please give us the rest of the story. What would the story have been if President Trump were to have been killed by the virus?

This is all the information that the Health Dept will give us. If you want to demand more then you should contact them.   -Web Editor

(Edited by staff.)


The moderator thinks I’m addressing them while asking David Collins for the rest of the story?

David Collins

I thought you were asking the presenter of the story . Total confusion throughout . A sure sign of Covid if there ever was one .

The rest of the story , basically , you are being hyped to death . If everyone that became exposed died , who would be left to tell the tale ? While Covid is a concern , it is not Ebola , the Black Death or our old friend AIDS . While it is not racially specific , blacks and Hispanics seem to be hardest hit . Either it is genetics or a lifestyle issue has not seen the light of day and probably won’t in the US due to the current politically correct climate . Denial is in fashion these days . Folks with life endangering health issues , like me , will usually succumb to a full blown case of Covid . The hale and hearty usually shrug it off and some never realize they had it .

So , is it catchy and easily spread , you bet . Does it instill fear and dread , you bet and the constant day and night harping of the media on this subject just makes things worse for everyone . You know , there is an immense amount of untruthful reporting due to the omission of the details . Details that do not meet certain requirements and that usually involves money . The noble medical community is not immune to the desire for more of it , money . The Sackler family , Perdue pharma , is a prime example of never enough money . Oxy drugs for one and all . There are others and they thrive in a panic driven pandemic environment . Money , and the best is yet to come . Just wait and see who gets the vaccine and in what order . Anyone think that vast amounts of cash will NOT change hands in the quest to be first ? Never , never let a crisis go to waste . OK ?

If you live long enough you will die , take that to the bank .


Experts never said that people wouldn't catch the virus even if we socially distance and wear masks.

The media does what the media has always done….sell product. Tragedies sell more than sweet tidings, plain and simple.

Speaking of Oxy: the marketing of OxyContin by Purdue Pharma-- the company acknowledged increasing manufacturing quotas and to paying kickbacks to incentivize doctors to write more prescriptions.


According to the DOT, in 2018 10,511 people died from drunk driving accidents. Also, if you are asymptomatic you still have it and can spread it. Pancreatic cancer tends to stay hidden until the end. That doesn’t mean you don’t have cancer.

We shouldn’t need mandates to do what’s right and protect others. Our ancestors who sacrificed so much and took care of one another in the hard times would be ashamed.

David Collins

Are you sure about the taking care part ? When a plague struck , the victims were often cast off , abandoned to their own devices , to combat any spreading . Funeral pyres and the like . Heck , Yellow Fever was used as a weapon . No , not much has changed .


I am quite sure. I didn’t say it happened in every instance, and there was a lack of scientific knowledge as well, so mistakes have been made and hatred has always been present. Sometimes who people helped was selective. My statement was more of a sum.

I’m a historian so am more than willing to discuss specific instances if you’d like. What I’m not willing to do is argue. People tend to stick to their inaccuracies no matter what side they’re on, facts be danged.

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