On March 19, county commissioners in Brunswick County, one of North Carolina’s coastal counties, voted not to take a stance on offshore exploration and drilling. They also decided to strike an item from their agenda that opposed offshore exploration and drilling.

Saying they stand in solidarity with the state’s coastal communities which may be affected, and urging Gov. Roy Cooper and the General Assembly to oppose offshore petroleum production, Brunswick Commission Chairman Frank Williams said:

“We should focus our county’s resources on issues that are specific to county government. We need to get back to focusing on our budget, our water treatment processes. This is ultimately a federal issue. Our board is split on it, and we need to be very careful about issuing any sort of official agreement unless our board’s in unanimous agreement on it, and we’re not on this.”

The writer of a letter to the editor today requests that “every resident, business owner and even visitors” attend tomorrow night’s county commissioners’ meeting and ask (actually demand) that commissioners oppose seismic testing and offshore drilling off the Crystal Coast.

It’s a reasonable request. It’s also all milk toast and butter crème.

Offshore exploration, seismic testing and drilling, should it ever occur, is a federal issue. Pure and simple.

That hasn’t prevented, of course, untold county commission boards in counties up and down the nation’s East Coast from passing resolutions opposing it. To please or pacify their constituencies, the boards have been driven to say they oppose seismic testing and offshore drilling.

Does this stance they’ve taken really matter?

No, not really!

Those who oppose — adherents adamantly do — seismic testing and offshore drilling believe that because they have risen up in opposition neither offshore exploration nor drilling will occur.

As might be expected, or predicted, the announcement by the Brunswick County Commissioners angered the majority of Brunswick County citizens at the meeting, said Wilmington WECT-TV.

But Mr. Williams, their county commission chairman, was right. And courageous.

All the counties, and state governors, who have registered opposition to offshore drilling have done so believing they will have an impact on such a decision made at the federal level.

But while it’s a warm and fuzzy thing to do, county commissioners and citizens are better served focusing on specific county issues.

Like the Brunswick County Commission, but which didn’t so unanimously, we suggest Carteret County Commissioners unanimously declare they stand in solidarity with the state’s coastal communities who may be affected — because Carteret County might be — and that they urge Gov. Cooper and the General Assembly to oppose offshore petroleum production.

If they also choose to oppose offshore petroleum production, so be it. Do it and move on to items over which they really have jurisdiction.

Should the government decide that offshore petroleum production, oil or natural gas, is in the nation’s best interest, it will happen. Period. It’s not a North Carolina decision. It’s not a Carteret County decision. It will be a federal decision in the national interest.

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Correct article.


The amount of oil used just to defend America is astounding.

The book "Tanker Pilot" by Mark Hasara is awesome. An honorable man.

Those opposed to discovering our natural assets are misguided. It is what Mother Nature makes and we, as humans, use.


Wind energy is a resource we have in abundance and can export.

Livin in Paradise

"It's not our call" So we are just going to lie down and take what the Feds want to do along our pristine beaches.

For those who have never been along the Gulf of Mexico near Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, please look at pictures. It's not pretty. Those rigs are close and will disrupt our views and eventually will have an oil spill.

Wind, wind and more wind is readily available.


Yup Native, you have been exporting alot of 'wind' energy, how many bill are lower in your home with all that savings? [wink]

David Collins

All these towns signing a resolution against offshore exploration is just a smoke screen to give the impression of actually doing something without actually doing anything.


"'Earth Hour' should cekebrate engines and electricity" by Viv Forbes.


When a trumpie says “Correct article” it is evidence of several flaws.

It is your call. Local, county, state and federal governments have adjusted their course and priorities when people with good reasoning are objecting to government proposals, as they did in Florida.

Trumpies have gone on and on about the government being for the people and not the other way around. Reality is that when Bone Spur talks, they wag their tales and roll over. Just like lap dogs.


You'd better believe wherever the far left Ds are in power the people rule right? That being the case folks are moving out of places like CC and NC right? And, by golly that Hollywood and other lefties moved out of the country just like they said they would right?. BTW where are you commenting from? Let me guess. San Fran? Chicago? Bet folks are even moving out of the oil infested Gulf Coast to CA, IL and the like.


Did you read about the Gulf Stream weakening? Could cause "bone numbing" cold in parts of Europe.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Sad editorial is sad.

Sad that our local newspaper is basically telling the people to shut up a let the Gov, Gov. Seriously, you support citizens and local Gov's rolling over and not fighting for what they believe.

Sad and alarming.


Still waiting on those who oppose to list the comforts they live without to save our planet.


JFA, yoor not suggesting that the folks espousing all these 'environmental crisis' issues stop driving their huge SUV'S , and move to a 2500 sq ft home vs their 5000 sq ft home , as well as stop using air conditioner's , etc, are you?????

Surely you have gone mad ! [wink]


The truth on the environment by George Carlin.


And DeadBolt, why yes, yes I am. But these humans are as rare as hen's teeth.

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