Carteret school board to consider $15K superintendent salary increase

The Carteret County Board of Education will consider a salary increase for Superintendent Dr. Rob Jackson, pictured in this file photo, during its meeting Tuesday in the auditorium of Atlantic Elementary School. (Cheryl Burke photo)

ATLANTIC — The Carteret County Board of Education will consider increasing Superintendent Dr. Rob Jackson’s salary by $15,000 during its meeting Tuesday in the auditorium of Atlantic Elementary School.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and be broadcast live on the school system’s YouTube channel. Public comment will be received at the beginning of the meeting.

The issue of Dr. Jackson’s salary is listed under the board’s consent agenda. A letter from school board attorney Neil Whitford, included in the agenda packet, recommends Dr. Jackson’s annual base salary be increased from $160,000 to $175,000, effective Aug. 3, 2021.

In the letter, Mr. Whitford states the board conducted Dr. Jackson’s annual evaluation at its regular meeting Aug. 3. Personnel evaluations are held in closed session. Following, “the board was of a consensus that his salary should be increased to $175,000 per year. The increase must be approved in open session.”

Mr. Whitford goes on to state board members have been concerned for years the county’s superintendent salary was “relatively low” when compared to other systems with “our level of academic achievement.”

Mr. Whitford said the increase would make the school system more competitive in attracting or retaining “the best of the best.”

He cited superintendent salary examples of neighboring Craven and Onslow counties to make his point. He stated that Craven County, in 2018, reported a superintendent salary of $191,730, and Onslow County, in 2019, reported a superintendent salary of $181,348. Both school systems are larger than Carteret.

Other items listed on the regular agenda include:

  • Consider approval of resolution proclaiming October as National Principals Month.
  • Hear a presentation by Dr. Jackson on a Roadmap of Need Report for Carteret County, based on the N.C. Public School Forum’s Roadmap of Need annual report. The forum uses data on health, youth behavior, safety, education and economic development to assess what young people need to thrive in school and life.
  • Consider approval of second and first readings of several policy revisions recommended by the N.C. School Boards Association. The policy revisions reflect changes in federal and state laws, as well as mandates from the N.C. Department of Public Instruction.
  • Receive updates on capital and bond projects.

Under the consent agenda, the board will consider:

  • Face covering requirement for students. North Carolina school boards are required to address the issue of masks for students and employees each month at their meetings.
  • Fundraiser requests.
  • Student transfers.
  • Adjustment to superintendent’s salary.
  • School advisory council recommendations.
  • A recommendation to approve a contract with Maxim Healthcare Staff Services Inc. for student support staff. Maxim charges $55 per hour for licensed counselors and social workers, $85 per hour for school psychologists and $58 per hour for mental health therapists.
  • A request to change the middle school History Quiz Bowl supplement to a National Junior Honor Society/Beta adviser supplement. The middle school History Quiz Bowl supplement has not been used in a few years. The supplement amounts would remain the same.


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A few points of consideration, that are being overlooked.

Onslow and Carteret receive a massive amount of federal dollars due to Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune being in their respective Counties. Carteret does not have the same luxury.

Second what are other perks are being received? Cell phone and vehicle allowance, anything else?

Lastly an article posted on July 14, 2020 states that the Dr Jackson was looking for his forever home here in the County. He isn't going anywhere.

It would be way more beneficial to tie performance to additional increases in compensation (eg decreasing the drop out rate at ECHS, minimizing violent events at each school under a certain %, etc) more tangible quantifiable outcomes to justify these increases.

Its crazy that in a conservative area like this they are handing out $175k salaries + Bonus + Perks to a government employee.

I guess if you're a teacher and you want to make more money, just go into Administration and you too can make +$100k a year.

Its his forever home here, he is not going anywhere and unless there isn't going to be a renewal in his contract OR you're increasing it due to hitting performance goals, a raise isn't justified in my opinion.

Seems like there may be backloading here to cushion a retirement package.


I couldn’t agree more. Everyone should do some research and see just how much these administrators are making in Beaufort. You would be surprised.

Mr. Tom Slick

ARe you serious...………….


Considering the average cost of what parents are having to pay for school expenses and wages of the working class in this county.Its crazy to be paying up this kind of raise on a salary of this size.personally I think that it's what's wrong with the school system.Teachers are where the money should be going.

Always A Teacher

I'm sorry. If you already make $100+k, you do NOT need an additional $15000. Why not split that up among all the teachers and staff? Sure, it would only be about $10/person but it's a free pizza. Why does he NEED 1500 free pizzas?


My follks were teachers, it was an article of faith in the faculty room that the super's secretary ( now a days admin asst) could do his job as well or better and at 1/4 the cost. It was also known that once appointed, they were there for life. The various boards in this county seem to be throwing money around like it grows on trees. The average salary of county employees is what 35k?

Get Real.


Can the author include some real comparative figures when comparing Counties salaries based on student population, number of schools, number of employees in school system ,...a few minutes of research would tell a clearer story.


I resigned from CCPS a few months ago because of salary. I was told that there was no way I could get a pay raise. Apparently $$$ was found in a closet at central office when they were renovating it for the 100th time. My salary was not comparable to the other surrounding counties either, but that was not a valid argument. Well, at least he is shining the light.


I usually don't respond BUT, I'm sure parents would rather see the bus driver and caferteria workers shortage addressed first.

Citizen 69

What's going on with this board. He's already being paid $160,000. If he's not happy with that then move along. Why not consider the taxpayers in this county. They aren't experiencing pay increases like this. Apparently we need to change the school board. Maybe fewer Chawicks and Wheatleys and more common sense is needed.

David Collins

Pretty clear picture of what “ more money for education “ really amounts to . Fooled again and again .

You are correct about padding for future retirement . The high 3 or high 5 . Just the way the game is played .


Can we get an update to this article please?


It was approved, from what I saw, under the consent agenda, meaning no discussion.

A few questions still remain....

First why is the board attorney recommending the raise?

Why would you compare nearby counties with larger populations with the salary of our superintendent?

Why would you not provide qualifications of the surrounding counties superintendents as comparisons?

What about the turnover rate of employees under his leadership? Multiple career employees have left under his leadership.

Someone needs to just start a Facebook poll, I think you can do that and ask three questions....have you ever received a 15$k dollar raise without a promotion....would you consider a $15k dollar raise for a leadership position who has high turnover....and do you agree giving a $15k raise to the Carteret County Superintendent....pretty sure 95% of County Residents are going to answer NO

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