MOREHEAD CITY — The Coast Guard medevaced two people Saturday from a grounded 34-foot boat near Spooner's Creek just off the Intracoastal Waterway.

A crewmember contacted Coast Guard Sector North Carolina watchstanders at approximately 9:30 a.m. reporting their 34-foot boat ran aground with four people, which resulted in one man sustaining a head injury and another man sustaining a back injury, according to a Coast Guard news release.

Sector watchstanders dispatched a crew aboard a 25-foot Response Boat from Coast Guard Station Fort Macon, while SeaTow and TowBoat U.S. also responded.

The Coast Guard arrived on scene, removed the two injured members from the grounded boat and transferred them to a Morehead City Fire Department crew at Spooner's Creek Marina who took them to Carteret General Hospital.

"Thanks to our close partnership with the Atlantic Beach Fire Department, we were able to embark emergency medical services personnel aboard our boat and provide more-timely medical attention to the injured crewmembers while en route to the marina," said Petty Officer 2nd Class Matt Nelson, the Coast Guard coxswain.

The Coast Guard boat crew returned to retrieve a third person on the boat and took him to Spooner's Creek Marina while the remaining person stayed behind to assist with salvage.

A TowBoat U.S. crew salvaged the grounded boat.


(earlier report)

MOREHEAD CITY — Three men were rescued mid-morning Saturday from Bogue Sound after running their boat aground near Spooner’s Creek west of Morehead City, according to rescue authorities.

They each sustained what appeared to be serious injuries. One has a spinal injury and two have serious lacerations and possible concussion, according to initial reports. No further information was available on their identities.

The men were transported to Carteret General Hospital by Morehead City Fire and EMS units. Authorities say the men were on a Rampage sportfisherman boat, about 30-feet in length, and doing sea trials. The boat sustained major hull damage when it hit a shoal at an estimated 25-30 knots.


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Big Fat Drunk Republican

Yikes! Sounds horrible. People hoping to buy a boat and end up in the hospital with serious injuries.

Prayers sent their way!


More and more boating accidents, and rescues every day. One day people will learn that the water is fun, but is y no means a game. You need to know what you are doing before going out in, or on it.

As much as I hate to say it...." It is time for a required boating license for all boat operators. ".........

( Including a special session on how to stay in the channel )



I see where the orginial word accident was rightfully removed from the headline. Accidents can be prevented even in this case. This bad error in judgement only scratches the surface of what local watermen and experienced boat operators witness all the time from the novice operating the super fast, go and do what you want boaters. I feel lucky as a Bouge Sound resident that the hull didn't split, fuel tanks rupture and spill in the sound then catch on fire? That is what usually happens on a boat when things start to go wrong, it in turn makes another wrong, real quick! Here comes another fast, furious and disrespectful boating summer, enjoy.

fish man

To all the idiots who have commented below don't make a comment about something you know nothing about . This was an accident and it happened in the exact same place that a 48 sport fish hit less than a week before . Both boats were ran by licensed captains that have vast knowledge of the area . The reports that came shortly after the accident were also completely wrong . They said the boat was severely damaged and had to be salvaged . The boat had absolutely no damage what so ever and was simply pulled of the bar then brought back to the marina where it was stored. One person was injured in the accident but was treated and released from the hospital the next day . I have lived on the crystal coast my whole life and it never ceases to surprise me how a story can get so turned around and people who have no knowledge of what they are talking about can get rumors spread


Is Clammerhead calling for more regulation? Don't let Raleigh hear or next thing we will all be required to carry liability insurance and be at the mercy of Insurance Industry. Imagine howw that would go over with the Commercial Fisherman?


Hey Mr. fish man, Have these licensed captains you speak of contacted the U.S.Coast Guard to issue a Notice to Mariners broadcast of this hot spot and to reduce speed when transiting that area? Was it due to shoaling? If they knew it was there why hit it again? or is the icw a little skinny there and one needs to be careful? Was the boat clearly in the channel when it did what it did, that remains unclear hitting a submerged object or grounding? If it was a grounding well I'm here to tell you running a boat that hard aground is no accident regardless of license and the vast knowledge of the area, flat out bad judgement.


Yes Osprey, as odd as it seems, I am.

Not all regulations are bad.

With the speed and power boats exhibit, and the lack of skill and concern some of their operators exhibit. We do need more control over who is at the controls.

Commercial fishermen will have no problem meeting the requirements, but the same might not be true for others.

Hence the need..............



There is a bigger story here!!!! This is not a owner operator incident!! I feel for the owner and prospect looking to purchase this boat. This boat was NOT in the channel and the captain is not apparently not that knowledgeable about where the channel runs in that area. The News Times are being snowed by this story because the "Broker in Charge" has much to lose!! Any of the long standing boat dealers in the area would have had their business's name in the headlines for an incident of the same nature. Let Grand Slam Yachts enjoy the same heat as the rest of her competition does. Prayers to the injured and karma to the rest of bootleggers in this 'business transaction"

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